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Global Warming and Extreme Cold: How One Leads to the Other

welcome to the real news network I'm Gregory wilpert coming to you from Quito Ecuador it's official 2017 was the costliest year on record for weather and climate disasters in the u.s. exceeding 300 billion dollars this shatters the previous u.s. annual record cost of two hundred fourteen point eight billion established in 2005 due to the impacts of hurricanes Dennis Katrina Rita and Wilma this is according to a new report by the National ocean Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 2018 bang began with a bang as the Northeast was hit with a powerful blizzard and brutal dangers called gripped North America's East Coast from northern Florida up through New York City and into New England tens of millions of people were exposed to extreme wind chill and freeze warnings at least 18 people died as a result of the extreme weather states of emergency were in effect in Florida Georgia North Carolina and Virginia as the so called bomb cyclone snowstorm hit the East Coast with seventy miles per hour winds and more than 15 inches of snow in some areas and terrifying flooding hit Massachusetts in Tallahassee Florida residents are snow for the first time in more than three decades and frozen iguanas fell from the trees while many news meteorologists discussed the polar vortex and a cold front coming from the Atlantic from the Arctic actually few mentioned the impact that a warming Arctic due to climate change has to with us to discuss the recent extreme cold weather in the context of climate change is dr. Jennifer Francis she is an atmospheric scientist and professor at Rutgers University's Institute of marine and coastal studies she's the author of the groundbreaking study amplified Arctic warming and mid-latitude weather new perspectives on emerging connections thanks for joining us today dr. Francis happy to be here so we heard a lot of talk in weather reports about the polar vortex and the jet stream planes explained to us these phenomena and the role they are playing in the current deep freeze in the eastern United States sure well we probably need to do a little Jetstream 101 so people can understand why this affects their weather so much so everyone's seen TV weather forecasts and and probably seen the Jetstream shown on the map of the United States or at America and basically the jet stream is a river of fast-moving air high up over our heads at an altitude up where Jets fly and that's where why it gets its name the jet stream is there because the Arctic is so cold and it's much warmer to the south so this big temperature difference between the Arctic and down here where we all live is really what creates the jet stream in the first place so the jet stream actually exists at the boundary between that cold air and the warm air to the south so the jet stream travels around the northern hemisphere again this river of fast-moving wind and it has these big north-south waves in it by separating that cold air to the north from the warm air to the south if the jet stream is south of you then you'll be in the cold air and the opposite is true if it's north of you well those waves in the jet stream are actually what create the stormy weather and the nice weather that we experience from time to time so what you might surmise then is that whatever's going on with the jet stream around you is really what's controlling your weather so anything that affects the jet stream then is also going to affect your weather now what is the polar vortex well people have been using that term a little bit loosely lately it sounds really kind of bad you know if vortex kind of gets people thinking about getting sucked down a a hole or something like that but actually the real polar vortex exists much higher up in the atmosphere above the jet stream up and a part of the atmosphere we call the stratosphere and in the wintertime these two things do kind of communicate with each other so sometimes when the jet stream is very wavy when there are these big north-south swings in it it will say some of that wave energy up to the polar vortex and it will sometimes even disrupt it it'll break it down so if we think about the jet stream in relation to what we're observing in the Arctic then we know that the Arctic is warming at least twice as fast as anywhere else on the planet we know that the sea ice is disappearing rapidly in fact in the last 30 years alone we've lost half of the sea ice coverage in the Arctic Ocean that's a lot of ice lost in a very short time so this warming of the Arctic is a big deal because if you think back to what I described as what's forming the jet stream because the Arctic is warming so fast it's making that temperature difference between the Arctic and areas farther south smaller so this means that the winds and the jet stream which are driven by that temperature difference are actually getting weaker and this is something that we can measure we also know that by observing weather maps of the jet stream over the years we know that when the jet stream is weak it tends to take bigger swings to the north and bigger dips to the south so think about what we've been experiencing in North America in the United States for the last few weeks where we've had a big northward swing over the west coast and a big southward dip over the east this is the reason why we're seeing this big difference in weather conditions over the West which has been high and dry up until just a couple days ago and California's been dealing with an ongoing drought and at the same time a big southward dip in the jet stream in the east has allowed the cold arctic air to plunge very far south into Florida and as you described snow in Tallahassee and conditions like that that are very unusual so this big waviness this huge wave in the West northward and big southward dip in the East has been what's caused these unusual weather patterns that we've seen in the last few weeks and we think that this worming rapid warming in the Arctic is leading to this kind of a very wavy pattern the jet stream to happen more often so then can we say that this type of more extreme cold weather may be the new normal due to climate change well see the problem is that these wave and the jet stream don't always form in the same place so if we look back to 2012 for example we saw the exact opposite kind of winter where instead of there being a big northward swing in the West with warm dry conditions there in fact they had very wet and cool conditions whereas in the East we set all kinds of high temperature records so it really depends on where these waves set up across the continent but what we think is going to be the new normal is these big waves so big northward swings big southward dips and when those waves are very large they tend to move much more slowly from west to east which means that whatever weather you've got you're going to be stuck with for longer so really the the new normal we think because of the rapid Arctic warming is more persistent weather conditions whether it's hot cold dry or wet we think those probably going to last longer summers such as President Trump and infamously Senator Bob Inhofe a with his snowball chance and he'll stunts in the Senate floor say they say that this kind of extreme snowfall and weather disprove the idea of climate change what is your reaction to some – such comments or to put it another way what's the relationship between climate and the weather right so a statement like that is is what I would call myopic because it really only relates to the weather that they're experiencing their particular location which happens to be cold in the east right now and back when Senator Inhofe made his famous snowball throw into the middle of the Senate floor if you actually look around the world the East has been one of the very few places on the globe that has been colder than normal almost everywhere else on the globe has been warmer than normal so to make a statement like that is just plain silly and to just describe the difference between weather and climate weather is sort of the fluctuations that we experience from day to day whereas climate is the average over all of those weather conditions that you typically experience so you know weather is what you what you get and climate is what kind of you expect to have what kinds of temperatures did expect to have in January typically but of course it fluctuates a lot day to day because of those individual weather systems that come along to go back to your study were there any other major findings that will affect our weather in the long term and have other scientists found similar findings in terms of warming Arctic affect on weather patterns elsewhere yes in fact there are many issues that relate to the rapid Arctic warming and probably one of the most certain ones and that we that we know is happening it's going to affect literally billions of people is the fact that because the Arctic is warming so fast the ice not only on the ocean which we call sea ice is disappearing that I mentioned earlier but also the ice that exists on land so these would be glaciers the ice cap on top of Greenland which is a couple miles thick in places it's a very very thick ice cap those are all melting as well and they're contributing to the sea-level rise that we're experiencing around the world so there's a very clear connection between the warming Arctic and the melting land ice and sea level rise around the world that accounts for about half of the sea level rise that we've already measured those are the main ways that that we're seeing the Arctic affect weather patterns and and people's lives but beyond that it's also affecting the ecosystem so we're seeing for example bird migrations changing affecting you know there are many birds that that migrate up to the Arctic in the summertime and what's happening is that because the Arctic is warming so fast that insects are hatching earlier there and so the birds that fly up there are really taking their timing from the length of the day so what happens is they get up there and they find that the caterpillars that they went up there to eat had already hatched and already turned into butterflies or whatever and so their food is already gone similar things are happening in the ocean we're seeing new species of fish never seen up in Arctic waters being caught up there so there's a whole disruption going on to the ecosystem in the high latitudes as well and do you think there is a possibility to reverse this trend of extremes and often dangerous weather patterns and are we reaching a point of no return perhaps in terms of positive feedback loops well the climate system is a very complicated thing I have to say that I'm not optimistic that we are going to be able to reverse the course that we're on where we're headed towards at least several degrees of warming in globally speaking and the problem is that carbon dioxide which is the main human cause greenhouse gas that's contributing to the global warming lasts a really long time in the atmosphere on the order of hundreds of years so the carbon dioxide that we've already put in the atmosphere we really haven't seen there was the full response of the climate system to all that extra carbon dioxide yet so even if we were able to stop emitting greenhouse gases today we would still see a lot more warming and a lot more impacts of that warming including extreme weather continuing into the future so really what we need to get a grip on is the fact that this is going to happen we need to get a better understanding of what kinds of extreme weather we're going to see in different parts of the world in different seasons so that we can help decision makers in those local communities get ready for those changes things like droughts and heat waves and bad snowstorms and sea level rise and all these different kinds of effects that we know are going to happen but some of the details are still being worked out okay well we're going to have to leave it there for now I was speaking to dr. Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University's Institute of marine and coastal Sciences thanks again for having joined us today dr. Francis anytime you're welcome and thank you for joining the real news network

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  1. What kind of an expert is this? No mention of the the Sun activity level & electromagnetism, supporting the polar vortex the temperature differential is an after effect geniuses. Tell that sweet lady to get her money back from Rutgers University they didn’t teach her the 1st thing about real climate dynamics. Look up the data for your self guys EVERY-TIME there is a solar minimum the magnetisms on earth gets diminished, and the polar vortex gets droopy. Well this time it looks like we dropping into a Grand Solar Minimum

  2. The reason I won't believe you is because 5 years ago while everyone in the media kept trying to explain to me and why every Professor I ever had that believe in global warming kept trying to explain to me was that we would see no or reduced snowfall and increased temperatures climate change Skeptics and global cooling advocates said we would see decreased average temperatures an increase snowfall now all of a sudden is everything they predict came true and everything you predict didn't come true you come up with a half-assed explanation on why your model didn't work that's not how science works you create a model based on your explanation the if-then sequence is if my hypothesis is correct then y will happen when y did not happen you and none of your cohort examined whether or not your hypothesis was correct instead you made an exclamation for why your hypothesis was correct and it still failed that's fine but now you get to test again and I'm not going to believe you until you get results so far I see no evidence of global warming NOAA data shows did the ice sheets in the Atlantic are actually expanding in breath and in scope in the calving occurring in Antarctica is primarily caused by underwater volcanoes but but but the global warmest exclaim these undersea volcanoes are worsened by increase water pressure above because of more water in the oceans caused by global warming bulshit where's your proof citations or didn't happen instead we see a decrease or output and increase number of volcanoes admitting aerosols in the atmosphere reducing upper atmosphere temperatures known by most astrophysicist increase snowfall worldwide changing Cycles in the jet stream caused by atmospheric compression events resulting in high numbers of once in a thousand year rainfall and multi decade droughts NASA's numbers even admit that there is more snowfall occurring in Antarctica as of recent that more than makes up for year-to-year glacial calving again Everyone is always lecturing us with Concepts and never evidence all I have to say is Citation fucking needed

  3. What a pack of BS. What did you do with the effects of the solar wind- the growing ice in Greenland, (Denmark doesn't want your increased taxes, so their ice measurements are reliable) and the wandering pole.. I live in Canada and our icebreakers are sick of rescuing those people who listen to these people who bought the line that there's no ice.

  4. Funny how the global warmists who said the science was settled and the debate was over 20 yrs ago, yet they failed to predict whats going on now? So they are just trying to claim now that this was part of it all along? What happened to the science is settled? and all the 122 UN IPCC climate models showed only drastic warming? Al gore and others saying snow would be a thing of the past! Not one of them predicted record snow and cold we are seeing? Not one! And none of them stood up and said, if we keep burning fossil fuels its going to get cold and snowy? Not one ! Every prediction they made over the last 30 years has failed? Not one thing in al gores movie came to pass! Zero! Why would you continue to believe these people? Stop falling for political bullshit! The science is not settled!


  6. Still don't answer what the average for this time of ice age cycle….these are ice age cycles…with ice age cycle conditions… what comes after these conditions in an ice age cycle….the info here is not giving answers just repeating what has happened.

  7. It's the Mexicans. They come up here stealing all the best heat from Global Warming and just leave me with the cold bits. Build a wall along the Abbotsford ditch to keep out all the U.S. of American Mexicans. Canadian heat for Canadians !!!

  8. 25 seconds in and climate disaster is equated to money. 100 homes destroyed in a hurricane 200 years ago are worth less than 1 home destroyed today. Using money to compare storms is just more scare tactics.
    I still don't understand where all this cold air came from. We are told the arctic is warmer than ever and then we are told the extreme cold air came from the arctic. When I was a child, 50 years ago, we had -40C weather, so cold is nothing new. But still, if the arctic is warmer then where is the cold air coming from?
    In 30 years we lost half the sea ice in the arctic. I have heard reports that in the last 3 years there is more ice in the arctic and more snow in the antarctic.
    I live in Ontario where there was a 2km thick glacier. Since it melted I am sure there were many changes in the jet stream but human population also incresed exponentially.
    Record colds in Sasquatchewan. Where is the cold coming from if the arctic is so much warmer? The jet stream maybe goes further South, however it has gone to Southern Saskatchewan before, So when the arctic was colder then the record colds should have been observed.
    She used the word "silly" so I guess she is correct.
    Now we get into the climate and weather debate. She is explaining current events and ascribing them to climate change, however when someone says it is cold out there she is saying that is weather and they don't understand.
    They show an animation of April 2017 to September 2017 of ice disappearing in the arctic. I do believe that snow begins to melt in March and heating continues till about September. The problem is if these scientsts want to promote global warming they really need to do a better job. Present proof, not something that is natural.
    Quite frankly I don't care much about sea level rising. There are towns around the world that have been inundated because of glaciers melting for tens of thousands of years. This is nothing new and 95% of people did not go extinct. In fact it allowed for more land to be used for agriculture.
    What has affected the ecosystem is environmental degradation, not climate change. We have seen overfishing and hunting, extinctions, an increase in ADHD, asthma, and senility, more male sterility, insect, bee, and bird loses… These are all environmental degradation, not climate change.

  9. Very good report, but how much CO2 has this video emitted into atmosphere in the making and/or watching this? 🙂

  10. Worst than liars…, I'm not certain what Professor Guy Mcpherson meant…, but if she doesn't mention that you should all be dead before 2030…, see Guy Mcpherson…

  11. VERY VERY VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB , every day coming 200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can burn it with the rest of this planet

  12. Nothing will be done until something dramatic happens. 30 years of inaction since Rio/Kyoto proves that. Unfortunately it's going to take prolonged drought, famine, 120 degree heat waves, category 6 hurricanes, collapse of the marine food chain, or something of that magnitude before humans even start seriously thinking about getting their act together. By then it's too late, if it isn't already.

  13. We can no longer talk about this without discussing what role geo-engineering is playing? Why do we ignore this aspect? This Government is spraying the shit out of our skies. So what affect is that having? To ignore that piece is disgusting.

  14. I only glanced at the 1st 33 seconds of this and as soon as I saw that global warming only fucks up U.S. of America and doesn't fuck up any other part of Earth at all (especially not my home Canada) I moved on. Thank goodness.

  15. I am so glad that she said that the US East coast has been getting cooler as most of the rest of the world has been getting warmer. Not that it means anything in the big picture, it just explains why some people in some places are not seeing the same changes.

  16. there has never been a polar vortex in the history of weather only since the aerosols spraying of our atmosphere and HAARP arrays been installed all over north america and russia europe and australia .. has the weather been manipulated by world militaries .. a joint project to increase the severity of weather earth wide this is an eugenics program to depopulate the worlds peoples and animal kingdoms .. they are thinning the herds you might say and anyone including this bozo lady trying to snuff you all full of bullshit is involved in verbal diarrhea as excuses for the dummies out there to swallow

  17. Wilpert – Please quit saying 'climate change'. 'Global warming' is a better way to induce a sense of urgency.

  18. Very good interview! Why don't they broadcast it on regular networks? Oh, I understand, they are only interested in short-term sensational events.

  19. I needed this. A real scientist talking about real science. God, it reminds of the old days. Give me science or give me death. well, not really. I don't want to die… anyhow, am I still talking? sorry! ok, well, uhm, that's it.

  20. How much money do you think she makes to promote this bullshit. The SUN controls the climate. Most of the warming of the last century occurred before the industrial age really took off in the 1950's 60's and 70's. John Christy has made it clear that the warming is occurring on the surface , but not in the stratosphere. Professor Valentina Zharkova confirms that a Grand Solar Minimum is imminent. Willie Soon and colleagues have funded their own research for their papers on climate change relative to Sunspots. Christy testified before congress that CO2 increases lag behind warming by no less than 300 years during cyclical warming and cooling.

  21. This academic hack is pathetic beyond words. She literally said, no matter what the weather is, dry, wet hot or cold it's down to global warming. Does anyone apart from me understand how stupid a comment that is?

  22. Damn horrid explanation of the jet stream and how it works. Come on RNN I know you can find better people who can explain these moderately complex concepts to the idiot class in a way where anyone can understand how these systems function and how AGW is fking up atmospheric set-up that has allowed human life (mold) to thrive over the years since Jesus rode over to Betsy Ross' house to sew flags

  23. Prof Francis is an undoubted expert but when she started to explain the interaction between the winter occurring stratospheric Polar Vortex & the year-round tropospheric Jetstream she digressed & ended up just concentrating on the jetstream. The mechanics of the PV vortex interaction does need explaining because it brings much colder Arctic weather down into the Jetstream troughs.

  24. This is bs propaganda. Extreme weather events are not on the increase. Why use a dollar figure as a marker for extreme weather events? Because it is misleading. The cost is up because of inflation and not because of increases in extreme weather events. Why do they not show a graph plotting an increase in extreme weather events? Because if they did it would not support the narrative of their propaganda.

    The Arctic is not warming up twice as fast as the rest of the globe. In fact, neither is the rest of the globe warming up with a mean temperature of only 0.25*C above baseline ~ ~ And even if it were allegedly warming twice as fast, it is still well below freezing and Arctic ice is not melting. In fact, it is on the increase over last year ~ ~ as for her claims regarding Arctic ice in the last thirty years, it is not disappearing as clearly revealed by this video called "The Ebb and FLow of Arctic Ice" ~
    Her explanation of the "jet stream" and the "polar vortex" reveals her lack of understanding of how "space weather" affects global weather. The polar vortex is an electromagnetic effect as is wind. Wind is ionic and to ignore this electrical nature of climate is to be ignorant of reality. And I am only at the five-minute mark. I wonder if she will next reveal her lack of understanding of the laws of thermodynamics?
    The extreme differences due to the meridional jet stream is similar to what was seen in the 1600s during the Maunder Minimum-that is a grand solar minimum which according to Dr Zharkova et al( is comparable to the grand solar minimum we are presently in and is being forecasted to bring in another little ice age just like what was experienced a few hundred years ago. ( Take note that she used the phrase "we think" in relation to the jet stream, clearly indicating she is guessing because there is no mechanism to explain this within the AGW narrative. Where-as, I have already indicated that there is a relationship between solar output and the polar vortex/jet stream. Again she "thinks" and insists on Arctic Warming but lacks a reasonable mechanism to explain how temperature close to the earth is affecting electric structures high in the atmosphere such as the polar vortex especially when it is clearly a top-down structure. The temperature on earth is a signal of things happening in the upper atmosphere.
    At 13:50 she is outright lying or ignoring the reality of the extreme cold being experienced in Europe or the colder than normal temperatures in nortern Africa, again this year or how in the southern hemisphere their winter was brutal and lasted longer than normal. And everywhere that is experiencing warmer than normal temperatures is also experiencing drought and it is the drought that exacerbates the temperatures and while they can be described as heatwaves, they are not the hottest ever, unlike the cold temperature records being broken winter after winter.
    Again she misrepresent the reality related to glacial growth and snow cover. Is she not aware of Rutgers University snow cover report ~ ~ which clearly refutes her claim.

    At this point with three minutes left to the video I am done with her unsubstantiated claims of "we know" when clearly she doesn't know. Though I will leave you with a couple of other points you should consider before you put faith in her educated ignorance. One has to do with the weakening magnetosphere, as is symptomized by the wandering magnetic north pole as this will play havoc with migratory creatures, but more importantly, allows more cosmic rays to penetrate the atmosphere and these cosmic rays have been strongly corelated to increases in rain nucleation(cloud cover) as well excites the muons in siliceous lava resulting in the increased volatility of volcanoes and presently there are nearly twice as many volcanoes erupting than what has been considered the norm and their contribution to the global climate will be one of cooling(as with the increased cloud cover) as has been seen with the Maunder Min and the Little Ice age. Also, Langely came out with a report revealing the thermosphere shrinking and cooling by ten times from 330 billion watts to 33 billion watts.
    Do not accept what she says based on her alleged authority. She does not offer any proofof what she claims. Think for yourself. Unlike her, I do not get paid to speak this narrative of mine. I am also not a right-wing ideologue. Know that whatever the mainstrem media harps on repeatedly is a lie. AGW is a climatic false flag.

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