Importance of Natural Resources

From Idea to Impact | DesignLab University of Twente, 2014-2019

A group of researchers, students and staff
wanted to look beyond disciplines… and join forces to tackle real-world problems. So we imagined an experimental environment,
a lab… where brainpower and creativity meet. So we started sketching. Over the years we dreamt.
We built. And we learned. Through play. Through making. Here’s where we are today. DesignLab is a vibrant ecosystem
at University of Twente. We develop and facilitate research-driven
projects, education and events. And we have a bit of fun in the meantime, too. Through design thinking principles
and our extensive network… we want to get to the bottom of societal challenges. We want to empower people and make them
aware of the impact that they can create. Because it’s not just about having great ideas.
It’s about making them happen, too. That’s a challenge we can face together. So connect with our community
and explore new creative collaborations. Let’s turn ideas into impact. Together.

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