Importance of Natural Resources

Food environment research: An introduction

People interact with their food
environments on a daily basis to acquire and consume food. Food Environment
research has been developed in high-income countries in response to the
high prevalence of obesity and non- communicable diseases. New insights on food security and malnutrition in all its forms may be
gained by addressing food environments in low and middle income countries.
Focusing on the who, the what, the when, the where and the why of food acquisition.
New concepts are needed to capture complex and dynamic food environments
that include formal and informal markets, own production and gifts. Our approach
outlines external and personal food environment domains. The external food
environment includes the world of opportunities and constraints that are
out there. The personal food environment features dimensions relative to
individuals’ complex interactions between these domains influence what people eat.
Mixed methods and novel research designs are key to improving knowledge and
understanding about how people interact with their food environment to acquire
foods. The Food Environment Working Group: Bringing together experts to accelerate
food environment research in low and middle income countries

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