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Florida 2018 – Dag 7 – Animal Kingdom, Rainforest Cafe, Pandora and more (English Subtitles)

Day 2 of Disney, we are going to Animal Kingdom! We saw that Rainforest Cafe was near the entrance of the park Everyone is heading to Pandora Not us, we are either dumb or smart because we are having breakfast in the park first thing in the morning There’s thunder The poor elephant! Don’t worry elephant, I’m also afraid of thunder 😛 Waffle to share! You don’t get a small waffle, you get a huge one Sharing is caring! This is the common duck Here we see A shy little deer Hidden behind the plants Lazy Friday It works, whistle again! So fluffy Duck Central A Wallaby, aww cute Elephant.. Next stop: Dinoland USA With a kiddy coaster and a darkride.. No tigers Wish I could spend all day in the water There they are In one day we were able to visit America, Asia, Africa We are going to Pandora as well I’m tired of all that world traveling Time to sit down and have lunch There’s the restaurant (Tusker House) We just spent 120 dollar on lunch.. Well I’m pretty full now.. Mark, get yourself another piece of cake 😉 There we go!
Where are we going? We are going to Rafiki’s Planet Watch To the petting zoo!
Ah, the petting zoo, of course! Highlight of the day 😉 Brigitte wants to pet chickens so.. there we go! Byeeee! The most remote part of Disney with of course a gift shop! Knabbel en Babbel (Chip and Dale) There’s a donkey as well! I want to pet the pig Return to Africa Show us your secret handshake that they taught you! I don’t remember exactly how it went.. Brigitte is looking for our next destination: food! Food? Dole whip! Dole whip, number 2! Nice and fresh In this heat Your hair xD Why are you still filming me?
I’ll eat it all by myself if you do! Such long tails It’s Fast! It’s a Blast! It’s in the Past! We are going on a secret mission!
Don’t tell anyone! We need to destroy this footage.. I was terrified! They are all tired Bump bump.. I’m overheated Let’s sit down, my back hurts How was the Safari? Fun, we saw hippopotamus, giraffes Elephants That was it basically Well here we are at Pandora Finally With.. The floor is bio-luminescent Flying rock formations! Only one moon so that’s fake.. Very impressive How do you like Pandora? Nice and warm here At least we can breathe This is a real Pandorian drink Of course I had to get my alcohol fix after all these meltdown hours A real alien Beautiful colored flowers

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