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FISHMASTER® – New concept for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

this is the fish master the latest product from Kongsberg maritime and sim rod that unites and combine any system you need on a fishing boat for the first time think in history we are able to provide the market for a few Peaks resolution dissolution debuted at new shipping in Trondheim and he got a sitting ovation by potential users when you put someone in that chair over there they they just there they're sold it's it's a matter of convincing them to get into the chair but once they were there they realize the the benefits and the different let's say features that we have and nobody else is having they they feel the quality they feel that the response in an old operation is good and they definitely want to include this in their new buildings so we looking forward to a busy here next year and with new designs so what makes the fish master so unique compared with today's systems most importantly you have operational of all the integrated systems together in one one screen one unit and you have radar automation propulsion trusted sonar echosounder everything can be controlled from one unit and this is this is quite unique you might wonder how they came up with a full picture solution for vessels like these and the answer is quite easy after years of experience with a lot of systems it was time to integrate it all started we say with the came Austin where we started to integrate a lot of different standalone products into one one system so we're really trying to to build upon that that development and you know very integrated a lot of products from many different areas in the maritime we have fishing near vessels we see it they have a lot of monitors and they have a lot of different vendors for the equipment we thought that a new concept with the bigger screens and they integrate all the Kongsberg equipment will benefit the owner and of course also Kongsberg I would say there is nobody in the market today that can deliver such an integrated system for a fishing vessel

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