Importance of Natural Resources

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  1. This breaks my heart but doesn’t surprise me. 10 people have been questioned in Australia regarding fires. I hope karma gets those responsible. R.I.P. Lewis, 1 billion animals and all the people who died.

  2. And yet there was talk of culling koalas and kangaroos in some of our areas, due to 'over-population'….thank goodness we are now protecting them, in the coming weeks, months and years, they'll need all the 'human' help they can get….

  3. God bless you lads.I can’t stop crying…..!God bless Australia and his brave people and deep respect for all the Australian heroes saving the precious animals despite of their personal disaster.Respect from Munich.Cant stop …..

  4. All these fires in Australia were started by Arsonist criminals. Everyone of these criminals who started these fires needs to get 20 years in jails.
    This will be Prime Minister Morrison's, legacy, to make sure these criminals who started these fires go to jail for a very long time. I want 20 years each for every one of them.
    Then they will realize the consequences.

  5. These animals are totally reliant on humans.There are great people doing their very best to save them and the firemen of course. It's a shame the government didn't listen to warnings given, I would like to think they will wake up, watching your leaders response,it was like it was just a shed fire in someone's garden. Unbelievable!

  6. En vez de estar pensando en la guerra señor trump y compañia….utilicen los aviones y toda su fuerza para salvar a esos animalitos…..dejen de estar boludeando…….

  7. I wonder if Philippines can help, perhaps opening our country for letting these creatures grow with us and multiply their numbers under governments protection.

  8. The fires were caused by many reasons, lightning, arsonists and Looney green climate change policies who banned humans going into forests and getting dead logs known as fuel and winter back burning which is aboriginal tradition. Also u.n. Looney Greens made farmers and councils build fences alongside creeks to keep the water pristine but problem is not even the animals can get a drink.

  9. Why is everyone shocked about 1 billion animals dying. Millions get slaughtered every day by humans for meat and dairy after living horrible lives. But since humans are raised thinking cute animals are better they have compassion for Koalas but not for a cow.
    They should all be loved and protected by us.
    Even if you won’t give up meat. Eat it less and from places where they can live on a green field with their loved ones.

  10. It is very disappointed disaster of the world , for this disaster only human is responsible.
    Everyone should work towards koalas and wildlife because nature🌿🍃 is our mother which gives the home🏡 all different creatures of the world, every one go against climate change

  11. Le persone che hanno fatto tutto questo disastro dovrebbero essere eliminati perché uccidono anche le persone innocenti. Il 70% erano minorenni e bisogna eliminare fisicamente anche loro!

  12. nz is talking about moving these koalas to nz as they also have eucalyptus leaves (native to nz) but of course they would have to be the right kind as koalas only eat a certain type – but nz has habitats that koalas could possibly live in – hopefully this a possibility as koala habitats have been destroyed and they are unlikely to be rehabilitated back into those destroyed areas

  13. Poor darling animals . If they are in too much pain let them die so they won't have to endure the horrible pains of burns. It's the humane thing to do.

  14. Australia needs all the wealthy people .they have visited Australia.
    Now please help Australia to safe our friends animals.
    Australia needs our help now .

  15. As an Aussie, it's good to see the knowledge being spread. We definitely require more vets to fly over and volunteer. If only for 1 or 2 weeks. Every extra pair of hands helps. We also need people who can knit. The koalas and joeys need knitted outfits to help cover their burns. If there are any knitting circles in America, now is the time activate.

  16. A warning: Please Repent and go back to Jesus! God only can stop the wildfire. Poor innocent animals are suffering because of sinful humans!!

  17. If anyone in Australia needs help with supplies for the animals or for human needs please send me your information! I want to help in any way possible! I dont have enough money for a flight over but I'm willing to help!

  18. 🙏🏼god bless Australia
    I don’t know what to say but my heart feels so crushed I’m so sorry and wish I could help from Scotland. I want to save all of the amazing innocent wildlife with you all it’s so devastating🐨💕🌸🙏🏼I’ve never really said a real prayer but I’m praying for beautiful Australia and the lives of humans and animals alike🙏🏼for everything 🌲 🌱 🌳 please give them lots of rain to put the evil fires out. Sending my love and praying for Australia💕xoxoxox

  19. HELP SAVE THE ANIMALS IN Australia please visit to purchase a koala bear paw printed bracelet where partial proceeds are donated to help our furry friends! Thank you:) follow on insta @blossombeadsbyhira

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