Importance of Natural Resources

Farmers Protect the Environment

Every time you raise a crop, you’re
taking nutrients out of the soil. When we go to apply the manure to our fields, we’re really careful as far as what the soil tests are, what the need is for
nutrients. You try to spread manure back where those places are lacking in nutrients so that you can produce a crop. We soil sample constantly. I don’t apply
any more than I have to and I don’t want to apply less than I need. There is a benefit that we get from the manure, the biological aspect of it. Not only do you
get the certain amount of nutrients; nitrogen phosphorus potassium, but you
also get that microbial activity that makes the soil respond. It comes alive. You know, it’s not a commercial granular fertilizer that gets thrown out there
and has to blend in and break down, it’s already in that decomposing form, it’s
breaking down it gets attached to the soils very quickly. And with that you get a yield benefit that you would not get with just commercial fertilizer. There’s nothing that makes ground better than manure in our mind. When it’s actually the way God created it, I feel not only are we producing corn and soybeans, but
we’re taking that corn and soybeans and literally feeding it back to the animals,
and it’s just a natural cycle. We’re not doing this because it’s economically
beneficial to us right now, but it will be, and the science has proved that it’s
going to be an advantage to my kids, our grandkids, that the earth is going to be
in better shape, the soil when I say earth, the microbe activity in the soil and the
fact that the soil’s still there and the organic matter is growing. It only does me good to keep the water in the environment clean because I have three
little kids who are hopefully going to work into this farm someday, and if they
do, I don’t want to have it in a condition that they can’t or it makes it
hard for them. I want to be able to leave it to my kids better than I found it.

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