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facts about the Russian military (Military)

hello guys welcome to mr. Ochim military
rooms channel on this occasion mr. Ochim will thoroughly explore the facts about
the Russian military speaking of the strongest military of course we will
immediately think of the name of America there is nothing wrong with that
considering that this land of Uncle Sam is indeed ranked first in the world in
military terms however despite having prestige and rank that his country Trump
is not absolutely superior yes the reason is none other than because there
is one other country that is set to also have fierce military power the course we
already know who the country in question is yes he is Russia
the winner of World War two military matters it cannot be denied that Russia
is truly extraordinary in each of its lines Russia has the best strength with
a massive amount whether it’s the army until the defense equipment even this
power is still supported by financials that are so crazy.. ok guys before we
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the first person to get the next video from me Russia has quite a large number of
troops talking about the number of troops Russia is arguably the country
with the most active soldiers according to data compiled by global firepower to
date they have at least 766.000 troops this
number may not be the most but it is still in the top four in the world after
India America and China the number of Russian troops is indeed not as much as
the US or China however don’t ask about quality of these the average is a member
of elite forces including the famous Spetsnaz by considering the quantity and
quality it can be said that this Russian army is the best Russia is the best land defense
equipment owner regarding the army Russia is indeed outnumbered by several
countries but it is different if the realm is the defense equipment
especially the land yes this country is the owner of the best and most powerful
land forces in the world this can be seen from the collection of land toys
that make the amount of his shape for example tank Russia currently has
around 15.398 units this number is
the most in the world even the American champion only has eight thousand 8000 units not only has a large number of tank Russia still has several
other collections namely 31.298 armored fighting vehicles in around 3.793 missile launching cars Really crazy Russian airpower like a monster Russia
is not only known as the country with the best land strength but also the most
capable layer of space toughness this is evidenced by the large number of their
air defense equipment collections which are really many for example is a fighter
plane they have around 751 units while for Russian attackers have 1438 units
not only that Russia also has nearly 500 combat helicopters and thousands of
other types of aircraft actually when it comes to numbers it is not a problem for
Russia at all because as you know they can always make their own planes once
were out a few hundred is just a matter of time if you feel you need it Russia
will do it Rush’s seapower is deadly speaking of
seapower russia is also certainly very scary this can be seen again from the
large number of their Navy fleets according to global firepower Russia has
quite a number of warships in various types for example 81 for red units 15
destroyers and 4 frigates don’t forget they also have one giant aircraft
carrier unit not ending up there Russia also still holds about 60 units of
submarines each of which has a large destructive power concerning the number
again Russia is actually very able to add to its marine defense equipment
considering the day of produces so maybe it’s just a matter of situation and
condition when they feel the need to multiply they will do it without having
to think about many things supported by Russia’s extraordinary
buying ability not only defense equipment in the number of troops a
country’s military strength must also be seen from the strength of their money
and speaking of funds Russia is one of the most powerful countries it is known
Russia has budgeted about 46.6 dollars for the
military each year the 46.6 billion dollars that Russia has
pulled out is certainly not the only financial power they have under certain
conditions Russia can empower all the strength of its wealth in a state of
compulsion Russia was able to budget around 3.5 trillion dollars with this
much money they can realize anything either add a few thousand tanks or
double the number of their fighter planes Russia today may still write
second but it is predicted that they will be champions in the next few years
the reasons are many some of which are military capabilities which are getting
more powerful and falling in America for that second reason it seems like the
first step has been started some time ago okay guys those are some facts about Russia’s military strength if you think
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