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Everything Amazon announced at IFA 2019

– Amazon really wants to
get into your living room. But it kind of knows that just
offering streaming services, or offering a little box that can turn your dumb
TV into a Smart TV, eventually isn’t gonna
be enough to gain entry into the most sociable room in your house. So, to enter that space they know they need to be more convenient, need to offer your TV an upgrade, or they need to do
something else entirely. They need to offer something that can control your
entire media ecosystem. And today at IFA 2019, we got our clearest look
yet at Amazon’s grand plan to invade your living room. So, Amazon announced
one new product today, one slightly upgraded product, and it greatly expanded an initiative that’s been exclusive to
North America until now. Our first of these are
the fire edition TVs. We’ve already seen some of
these come to North America, but the big news here is they’re
launching internationally. Amazon is partnered with Currys in the UK, where it’s manufacturing
a TV alongside JVC and it’s also releasing
some TVs in Germany. The most interesting of these
is a Grundig TV that’s OLED. Now obviously its OLED, so it’s probably gonna
look pretty amazing, but it’s also the first of Amazon’s TVs that will offer actual far-field
hands-free voice control. So, basically you won’t
have to use a remote to speak to Alexa, you can just talk to the TV directly. So, the idea here is convenience. If someone who owns a Smart TV is less likely to buy
an external set-top box. Then why not just build your platform into the Smart TV in the first place? I mean it’s such a good idea that Amazon isn’t even the
only one who’s trying this. Roku in the States has partnered with a number of TV manufacturers to build Roku TV into TVs and Amazon’s just doing the same thing. And not only is it convenient for you, but well it’s also pretty
convenient for Amazon. You’re probably going
to hold on to that TV for a really long time, which means your gonna have
a Fire TV in your house for a really long time. Now the second of these is the Nebula. Which is basically a soundbar
with a Fire TV stick built-in, you plug it into your TV and it’s as though you
bought a set-top box. And the idea is that it’s
given you an upgrade. Someone with a Smart TV might not buy an external streaming box. But anyone with a flat screen TV probably needs a sound upgrade. Amazon knows, if it can
offer you the upgrade, pretty much anyone will consider it, even if they’ve already got all the streaming services they might need built right into their TV. And again, it’s not an
entirely unique idea. I mean, just this week we saw Roku produce a soundbar of its own that offers you Roku TV. And in the past Google
also partnered with JBL to build Android TV into
one of JBL’s sound bars. Now the last of these is something
a little bit more unique, but it’s also something we’ve
seen from Amazon before. It’s called the Fire TV Cube. And Amazon released the first
generation of this device last year. This is more of an incremental
upgrade in terms of hardware, but in terms of Amazon’s
release, it’s pretty major. It’s got a faster processor, it’s twice as powerful, Amazon says. And it can also process some of your more frequent
voice commands locally, to try to make them faster. Four times faster according to Amazon. It now supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, in addition to good old HDR10, which provides a kind
of marginal improvement to video quality when it’s available from streaming services. But probably the bigger news is that it’s launching internationally. Which means that it’s not just a domestic experiment anymore. It’s now a flagship Amazon product. Now ostensibly, the Fire TV Cube is just
another streaming box. But in truth, it’s a lot more than that and Amazon has ambitions for it to be the one
device to rule them all. And to control your entire
home entertainment system via HDMI-CEC and IR blasters. It’s like a universal remote, if that universal remote was packing Amazon’s
streaming platform and Alexa. So, finding a way into your
living room at the moment is fairly easy for Amazon. It can offer a nice,
cheap streaming device that has a good interface and access to all the
streaming services you want. But in the future every single Smart TV is gonna be able to do exactly that. And so the barrier to entry
has got that much higher. So, what we’ve seen here at IFA is Amazon’s grand
ambition for what happens when that future comes to pass. Where, in the future you’ll
buy a product that you need and it just so happens
to have Amazon’s services attached to it. And Amazon wants to get
into your living room, but it also wants you to
get into it’s ecosystem. It wants you to get comfortable there and ultimately it wants you to
keep on coming back for more. So, what’s your streaming
platform of choice? Are you already involved in Amazon’s OS? Or, are you using one of
it’s competitors like Roku? Or, do you just rely on your Smart TV’s built-in streaming apps? Let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos from IFA. I’m so hungry, I’m gonna go. I’ll see you guys later.

Reader Comments

  1. As an Aussie this is a problem I won't have to face. Amazons' local website is like double everyone elses' price on basically everything. It's not even a thing here

  2. Amazon is unadulterated evil. Worse than Microsoft in the 90s, or even Standard Oil. I don't understand how anybody could use their services beyond the online store and AWS

  3. I am using a 2017 4k uhd, Sony Android TV with Chromecast. I have a Netflix end Amazon video subscription. So why I need a new Amazon TV??

  4. ‘Amazon wants you in their ecosystem’ is just another way of saying they want to imprison you in their corporate monopolistic police state. Today’s Pied Piper is convenience. I hope all that convenience is worth the final real cost.

  5. I would say this TV that listens to us is straight out of the novel, 1984, but the victims of Big Brother weren’t racing to Costco to buy the surveillance apparatus to give to the family for Christmas!

    Will the dumming down never cease?

  6. nice,then they can listen to every thing you say via your television,what if you mention (vocally) your credit card pasword to someone (spous) in the room
    there goes your privacy, it's already hard enough to stay private, i'll stick to my remote

  7. I bought a lil smart tv and sometimes it will turn on by itself especially late at night .. and I disabled Alexa yet it will still recommend me to give her a command.

  8. Hello, Humans.
    “People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them.”
    -Tony Robbins


  9. Amazon just throws money at everything but does nothing new, if it becomes leader of certain markets it makes sure no new inventions are permitted

  10. Big Brother is here. His name is Amazon. I reject the whole idea of an single entity dominating my life and, in effect, reading my mind, not to say reprogramming my mind to suit its dark purposes.

  11. good thing i dont even allow the internet in my home, let alone cell phones or camera's or devices with cia spyware… its the small things we can do to keep our privacy but for most, they cant live without constant social feedback, EVEN if it is digitized lmao

  12. Behold, the Amazon wireless vacuum cleaner, which drives around by itself cleaning your house, but also has a tiny camera in it and can see every detail of every room in your home!

  13. So a bunch of roku clones? I'd rather keep my roku boxes than risk losing YouTube access the next time amazing and Google have a corporate dispute.

  14. I use no streaming services, I watch old fashioned TV. The only thing I miss is not being able to watch the UK commercial channels here in Holland and no streaming service offers those……… as long as they don't, I won't be using any.

  15. My gut feeling says they want to be everything everywhere because they want to install microphones everywhere.
    Amazon has shown that they are not the most ethical company, so theres no way I would want their microphones in my house. my car. or any of my devices.

  16. We use apple tv because even my mom can use it, and it’s so easy to show something on your iphone/ipad/mac into the big screen. (+ the control center remote widget is really convenient)

    (though tbh, it’s a bit limited, and I’m basically sideloading open source apps on it)

  17. No need to be hungry for long just tell your food to come to you telepathically, that's the next thing they are going to come up with. Smart food, lol !!

  18. I have a Samsung Smart TV with Tizen OS and a Xiaomi Mi Box S with Android TV.
    And I gotta say that, the Android TV with it's extensive app support, with the Google Assistant, is the complete package!

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