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European parliament declares climate emergency: ‘do we want to leave our children a world?’

The vote is closed and the resolution is adopted. [applause] We have to follow up, and that’s the crucial
point. We can declare climate emergencies,
but the people on the streets are not asking us for declarations, they are asking
us for actions. Now we want to raise the bar. This is problematic because we as
the European Parliament have the moral duty to explain to EU citizens how we intend
to get to the goals and how to we intend to do this without killing their livelihood
and the economy. If there’s one area, the world needs our leadership,
it is on protecting our climate. This is an an existential issue for Europe
and for the world. How can it not be existential when 85% of
people in extreme poverty live in the 20 countries most vulnerable to climate change?

Reader Comments

  1. It’s the chem trails. Trillions of tons of metal particulates sprayed over the Earth for decades. There’s no tax that will save the Earth.

  2. Well done demanding to pay even more extortionate taxes to fix the cold winter weather. The Chinese are right to laugh at you

  3. They all declare emergency around the world by words, they have to prove that they are serious and committed to doing everything about it. 2050 for zero emissions is too late.

  4. 2050 is WAAAY FAR. ARCTIC WILL NOT GIVE US SO LONG TIME TILL IT MELTS. Worldwide population has not reacted yet as they should be. Governments should spend their money and efforts EDUCATING POPULATION HOW TO CUT ENERGY, WATER, MATTER, CONSUMPTION. Please people, plant some trees.

  5. The evidence that climate change, is down to humans, has not been proven. Climate scientists are dvided on the issue with more sceptics than believers. Internationall globalists like EU and UN seeking global control though green tax?

  6. And so what happens now more meetings to discuss meetings maybe invite India China and Russia to the table and a few others who still use coal etc otherwise it has no meaning

  7. If countries are serious at all about climate change we need to have zero tolerance for cutting down anymore FORESTS.

    Reforestation needs to be the single word that is on everyone’s lips, and our actions must fall in line. Not that they probably will, but it is what is needed. 2050 is way too late 2025 is closer to the truth. Denying the truth will mean destruction for our planet. People may think what can I do as an individual but the power has always been in our hands.

    If you look at the cumulative greenhouse gas, not to mention the destruction from it animal-based agriculture must end.

    And as individuals we can end it today some of us have ended it years ago. Retooling and re-educating society is fundamental for life on earth to survive at all. We can start today by giving thanks and leaving tortured dead animals off our plate. How we are living reflects what we can expect in the future. We must learn to support life and stop taking it whenever possible. This is the challenge, but it is also the opportunity.

  8. So they are happy that they can identify a problem but only solution is to take other people’s money. Power hungry demons and Epstein didn’t kill him self.
    Trump 2020

  9. France, Germany and other countries that build new pipelines into russia should be sanctioned and punished for destroying the Earth just to fill their pockets!

  10. Sadly the EU is already the only part of the world that is actually reducing its emissions…. With much disparity according to the country ofc. Going to be impossible to reach the Paris' objectives, not without proper enforcement mechanisms, and it won't get easier as time goes by….

  11. There is a time to cry and a time to laugh and dance. In these times it might seem like every moment is a time to cry, but that is not true- this moment right here is a time for us to smile because a small step was taken in the right direction and that is a start

  12. What is the carbon footprint of moving this entire circus from Brussels to Strasbourg and back EVERY MONTH.
    What is the carbon footprint of the fleets of vehicles used to shunt these people around.
    What is the carbon footprint of all the flights taken by these people in one year.
    Before they start preaching to the world they need to get their own house in order…… chance of that.

  13. The human race is designed to be greedy we will never stop we keep having children just to increase the greed for wanting more ?

  14. This is about climate change, so we need to cripple our economies, redistribute wealth to cultures that cannot even sustain themselves. Places where they've never thought about using a condom.

  15. Let's spend billions and billions for no reason whatsoever. They don't even have a plan to hit these crazy targets. No cars, no planes, no jobs…thats the future they shouldn't leave for kids

  16. 'Our house is on fire': EU parliament declares climate emergency ►

    one thing we can be sure of guys – regardless of who, what or why…we are having a global problem in many areas, sometimes wires get crossed about the science due to more than one single fault in our climate…we can be sure of multiple effects from this bubbling coldren of issues. i fear that an excelleration in the damage we have done is being missed by many in terms of how long governments can ignore the issues. i believe now that an exponential rate of excelleration is upon us and that our 'calculations' of timing of change are seriously miscalculated due to lack of looking at the 'mix', we can no longer measure the time left on each fault in a 'separate' sense. multiple domino effects and the human inability to work as one are bringing about more chaos than can truly be measured. a bit like looking at a bowl of sphagetti and trying to count the individual pieces whilst throwing more into the bowl every second. the banks that store the cash, need to release funds against the billionaire 'owners' of that cash in order to flow that cash into all projects that are aimed at tackling this climate chaos as the 'owners' will never release it all in time. this is in my mind our only hope. it is crazy to keep drawing money off the poor by way of taxes, when the real money is stored by just a few people.

  18. "Hey, some guy vants to plant trees on YouTube" ."Hell, ve do not want to look stupid und lazy, ve must be seen to do sumvink,"

  19. Hey everyone just stop breathing out, end of Co2 emissions plus eat your babies, do you think the great unwashed will buy this gumph

  20. I disagree with this 0 emissions…
    will you make airplanes electronic to?
    I like some 5-6 litre cars and they don’t have the same emissions as privet jets….. so it makes no sense…!

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