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Emissions: Coronavirus & Climate Change

It has been a couple of weeks
since my last video and about a month since
I made a video about the Coronavirus and in 2020 time that means it feels
like it’s been about a hundred years since I last made a video,
or spoke about anything. And in that time I’ve been working on
a few videos about climate change that I’ve been thinking about for some time. But I’ve been finding it really hard
to work on them because – I guess like everyone else – it’s hard to really think or do
anything which isn’t flavoured, isn’t affected by thoughts of the Coronavirus
outbreak and what that means for our lives and for the future of the planet. But I know that climate change
and Coronavirus, they’re not unrelated. I spoke in that last video about why
our responses to them are so different, but I do think there are important things
we can learn by looking at these two problems. And one thing a lot of people have been saying on social media and in conversation
with me is that because of the shut downs
that we’re having because of Coronavirus we’re seeing a fall in emissions potentially and we’re seeing in some ways the natural world
be able to restore itself. And what I’ve seen, which I find quite worrying is some people almost celebrating this, saying that the virus is somehow a good thing because of its impact on
our impact on the climate. Now for me this is just so
the opposite of how I think we should think about this and how I think most people
*do* think about this. The reason we care about climate change is because we care about people, we care about the suffering of people. And so any solution to climate change,
which just means more suffering for people is not a solution to climate change. Now couple that with the fact that we’re not
all going to be affected by Coronavirus equally and we’re also not all going to be affected
by climate change equally. Some of the people who are responsible
for the least climate change are the people most at risk from Coronavirus: people who don’t have homes
they can easily stay in, who don’t have straightforward access to healthcare, just for two examples. So absolutely I think that when we look at
the impact Coronavirus is having on our emissions and on the climate, I don’t think there’s any way to spin
this as a positive. But on a more positive note, we can’t just think about how
we’re responding now to the virus. For climate change,
for Coronavirus, whatever it is… … it’s important we think about
what we’re trying to stop, but it’s also important we think about
what comes next and what we’re hopeful for. And I think, I hope I’ll make a video
about exactly that pretty soon. But in the meantime, it’s important that
you keep some distance between yourself and your friends
and your family. But at the same time, try and stay as close
to them as you possibly can. Until next time, bye.

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