Importance of Natural Resources

Ecosystem Narrator – Saving Wetlands

Our greatest national treasures are those
that we often overlook until it is too late. But from the American Wetland Coastals and
around the world it is not too late if we embrace this window of opportunity.
Wetlands and a river’s eco system are known as REPARIAN CORRIDORS and are nature’s built
in flood control. As water levels rise, wetlands accommodate
the rising water, spread and store the influx, and reduce the velocity of downstream flows.
They are home to countless plants and animals, and are rapidly disappearing.
But for these natural estuaries…….it is not too late.
Now is the time to make a difference. From the islands of Borneo in Malaysia to sanctuaries
in New Zealand come heartwarming stories of how government and private sectors are working
together to bring new hope for the world’s wetlands.
This is the story of Wetland Sanctuaries around the globe.

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