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EcoStruxure Power assure un avenir fiable à UCB Farchim | Schneider Electric

Bulle is a town in French-speaking Switzerland. We produce about two billion pills a year here using state-of-the-art equipment. This enables us to improve the lives of people with neurological and immunological disorders. For biotechnological manufacturing processes, it is important to ensure a continuous power supply. Even a brief power outage would cost us millions. My name is Roland Francey and I am responsible for the power supply installations at UCB’s site in Bulle. We have fully digitized our power supply – both the medium and the low voltage levels. This allows us to investigate electrical disturbances and anticipate possible outages on the site. EcoStruxure Power from Schneider Electric helped us to achieve this goal. For this project, the new Schneider Electric equipment is fully connected at the time of delivery and even the existing equipment has now been modernized and connected on site. Wireless sensors measure temperature and humidity at critical spots in the installations. As soon as they identify deviations from the norm, we are alerted. This way we can guarantee a continuous power supply. EcoStruxure Power saves us time and money on the maintenance and operation of our installations amounting to around 30 to 35%. In this way, we meet the high-quality standards set by the health authorities in Switzerland and around the world.

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