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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – UCSC Majors

thanks for your interest in the
Department of ecology and evolutionary biology or EEB here at UC Santa Cruz I’m
Diana and I’m a marine biology major and peer advisor here in EEB in this
video I’ll be helping you get to know the department and our majors the EEB
department at UC Santa Cruz has four majors to choose from
the ecology and evolution BS marine biology BS Plant Sciences BS and the
biology BA as an EEB Department major you’ll have your own special campus
we’re located on the UCSC coastal science campus a state-of-the-art
scientific facility for UCSC students on the California coast just a few minutes
from the main UCSC campus the newly opened coastal biology building houses
beautiful new classrooms and specialized seawater lab facilities along with
faculty staff and graduate students no matter which EEB Department major you
choose you’ll be diving headfirst into a program that will have you getting out
of the classroom and into real hands-on learning with world-class instructors
your EEP department major will provide you with an academically rigorous
program designed to provide ample opportunities for hands-on experience at
our incredible research facilities in the Santa Cruz Monterey Bay Area and
around the world as an EEP Department major you’ll be guided by an outstanding
group of faculty each with a vigorous internationally recognized research
program in EEB faculty are not just your teachers but also your mentors as
you prepare for life and careers after UCSC our courses and instructors focus
on subjects like plant biology animal behavior physiology evolution ecology
marine biology and more the ecology and evolution marine biology Plant Sciences
and biology ba majors all begin with a range of classes in introductory
biology chemistry calculus statistics and physics before branching off into
each of their specialized advanced classes this means that you can take the
same classes in your first two years at UCSC and still major in any EEB
Department major each of our majors is flexible and offers a wide range of
electives perfect for customizing the perfect programs for your interests UCSC
is unique in the UC system for providing amazing opportunities for undergraduate
research allowing you to interact one-on-one with faculty and other
researchers and help them with the real research you can even start a research
project of your own in your third and fourth year you’ll be able to work with
your faculty mentor in state-of-the-art genetics physiology and marine science
facilities for independent research your studies will take you to a variety of
habitats on land as well as the Monterey Bay and the open Pacific Ocean
terrestrial studies are supported by the UCSC reserve on campus an arboretum
greenhouse facility and vehicles transport students to field sites off
campus freshwater studies have an access to a number of coastal tributaries and
facilities along marine laboratory marine studies are sorted by the coastal
science campus with running sea water facilities a boating program and an AAUS accredited scuba diving program for underwater classes and research Ano Nuevo state park north of Santa Cruz is a site of extensive behavioral studies
of marine mammals like the famous northern elephant seal colony UC Santa
Cruz is special because of the many unique biology related majors we offer
as an EEB Department major you’ll get to spend your days doing things like whale
watching in the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary exploring the beautiful UCSC
redwood forests or traveling to places like Corsica or Alaska with your
classmates and professors but most importantly in EEB you’ll be gaining the
skills to change and protect our world if you’re curious about our natural
worlds and love to get outside explore new places and interact with a variety
of environments animals plants and people then we think you’ll love being a
member of the EEB community we encourage you to explore any courses that spark
your interest as you plan your transition to UC Santa Cruz the EEB
undergraduate website and friendly EEB advisers are here to help you make the
best choices and get the most out of your major at UC Santa Cruz you can make
the most out of your EEB Department major by getting involved in one of our field
based courses and programs your major will offer you valuable fields
experience with options that range from field courses to full emersion field
quarters or by participating in field based programs abroad you can find
yourself earning credits for your major around the world in locations like
Corsica Australia the Gulf of Baja Alaska and beyond
undergraduate research courses are another option for gaining valuable
research and field experience working alongside our enthusiastic and
supportive faculty members you’ll also have the opportunity to become a scuba
diver and join the UCSC scuba club participate in several of our
specialized diving fields courses or just explore the Monterey Bay Marine
Sanctuary you’ll be able to get scuba and scientific diving certified all at
UCSC and there’s no better campus for diving many of our students take
advantage of these exciting opportunities to apply the skills they
learn in their courses out in the real world and we hope you will too
majors in the Department of ecology and evolutionary biology are ideal for
preparing students for graduate school and fulfilling careers in research
conservation education and more graduates from our BS programs work at
colleges and universities research institutions and in private consulting
and industry for local state and federal government organizations like the
National Science Foundation National Institutes of Health Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention Food and Drug Administration Environmental Protection
Agency Department of Agriculture National Park Service and the Department
of the Interior as well as non governmental organizations and schools
the EEB community here at UC Santa Cruz is great because of enthusiastic curious
people like you we hope you’ll choose to join one of our majors and see where
life in EEB takes you

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