Importance of Natural Resources

Easter Eggs and the Tronçonnoeuf – MFF ACT NOW on Climate Change

Hey! Can I know what are you doing there? Bah! We regrow the trees that you are cutting! As the planet needs it right now…
Bah… We regrow behind you! And how are you going to do it? It is very simple! We plant seeds there where you cut the trees! And then we sprinkle the seed
with a chlorophyll concentrate. That allows the tree to grow in a record time! In fact, it’s like doping the root. Well, enough of your bullshit! You, you collect your seeds!
You, you pick up your chloro or I do not know what! And you get out of my forest! Hey! Get me down from here, assholes! Let’s continue. Yeah… We are not done yet man!
We have the whole Amazon to replant. So, let’s go! Bold heads! Get me down from here! EASTER EGGS

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