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Dutch Oven Cooking 3: Gourmet Meals – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[music] We had a great little 1 pot
meal for lunch. We’re going to try something that may seem difficult but
still easy to do for evening. We’re going to do some
roasting and some baking. One of the first courses is
going to be a quiche, quiche lorraine. And for all you cowboys out
there, it’s egg pie. So don’t worry about it. You start out with a little bit
of onion just finely chopped up. We put it in the bottom of a
frozen pie crust. And then we’ve got,
look at this, prepackaged shredded
swiss cheese. And I also use prepackaged bacon, real
bacon bits. Take our trusty old
mixing bowl out. Crack some eggs. And we’re going to beat
them up a little bit here We’re going to mix that about
the same amount of cream as eggs and then we’re going to pour it
over the top like so. We’re going to set it in
our dutch oven 400 degrees and it should
be ready in about 30 minutes. One of the other meats we’re
going to have is a cornish game hen.
I love to serve those. They’re very easy to do and people just think they’re
this fabulous, exotic meal. We’re going to take
those game hens and take some fresh herbs
chopped up and some softened butter and put that inside the skin
of the bird. Put a little stock in the
bottom to keep them moist and we’re going to roast
those also And finally, I’ve got a great
tenderloin of beef over here that’s been marinating in
fresh vegetables and a litle bit of red wine
vinegar and we’re going to roast
that also until it’s a great
medium rare slice it thin and
serve it to folks. Now we’ve got to do what
everybody loves, that dessert. That sweet tooth in ya’,
we’re going to get you right now We’re going to do a simple,
a basic peach cobbler that you can do at home and it’s really flavorful. First we’re going to start with
our dutch oven that’s ready to go and put a little bit of
butter in there, make it nice and creamy
when it cooks down. I like mine real peachy so we’re going to put in
a can of peaches, whole peaches in here, and get them all nice and
spread out in there. Put our cake mix in here, add a little bit of milk. Just let it come out there
all over the top. And that’s all there is to it. Put it in an oven at 350 degrees and you’ll have a great
peach cobbler cooked out of a dutch oven. Alright, this is what
it’s all about. Cooking on an open fire, sitting here with all
your good friends getting ready to have a
great, fabulous meal. You can do it also. Get yourself a dutch oven
and give it a try.

Reader Comments

  1. Sure looks good.I will get my dutch oven out an try it the next time we go camping.Hope mine turns out as good as your's looked.

  2. @gigi4u5 We sure do. For a list of upcoming classes, visit texasstatepark(dot)org, click on Featured Events and select Cooking. While you're on the Texas state parks website, you might also want to check out our Texas Outdoor Family workshops which feature outdoor cooking classes. Another good resource is the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society.

  3. i used yellow cake mix and it was good but the canned peaches were a little sweet for my taste. Next time i will use fresh peaches or "lite" canned peaches with less sugar.

    It was really easy.

  4. @gigi4u5 There are several Dutch Oven Cooking Groups in Houston. In NW Houston is the Saltgrass Chapter
    Anne Ackel & Sheree Horton are the Co-Advisors. They can be contacted at (281) 668-8254

  5. Great videos. Can you tell me what the item at the bottom of the oven is, visible at 1:14 ? Looks like just what I need to spread the heat and avoid burning.

    Keep on cookin'

  6. Good idea to use them! Thanks!
    I enjoy Your videos, but I can't do a 3 Oven stack,
    I only got two (10" 4,5 Qt and 12" 6 Qt) of them… jet… πŸ˜‰
    But I can do meat on the grill,
    so it's okay with just 2 DO's.

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