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Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration | NewcastleX on edX

will satisfy your love of drawing and fascination for the natural world. Natural History Illustration is
a bridge between art and science. ANDREW HOWELLS: Natural
History Illustration begins with observational
drawing and fill work. This is where seeing and accurately
depicting the natural world begins. The next stage is in the studio
with composition, form, proportion, the structure, and finally, rendering. BERNADETTE DRABSCH: You don’t
need to have a background in art to do this course. We have experts who will step
you through all the skills you will need to get started. ANDREW HOWELLS: Through
the discussion of artworks and the demonstrations
of practical tasks, you’ll develop the ability to see and
accurately depict the natural world subjects. BERNADETTE DRABSCH:
This course could help you bring a beautiful flower
or a tiny beetle to life, and enrich your personal
observations of the natural world. ANDREW HOWELLS: While
this course can simply help improve your drawing
skills, it could also lead to professional
illustration careers in both the sciences and humanities. BERNADETTE DRABSCH: We look
forward to you joining us as we explore the natural
world through art.

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  1. I am already enrolled but would like to know this week what materials I need to purchase as not many opportunities to visit an art shop

  2. Amazing. I enrolled in the course although I'm very busy for the moment. I'm happy to know that such a thing exists and I wish I can save up to come to Australia and graduate in it.

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