Importance of Natural Resources


You think that puny crate can protect you? EAT HELLFIRE NOOB” Carn did you take out the waste pile? Yeeees Hellkin What have we here? Still hungry? Hungry for more PAIN? Carn! You gave me your blood oath that you would take the refuse out of the fleshatorium!! Stop your incessant nagging. Are you my spawning wench? If so, then where are your rows of milking
teets? Argh, you got me killed! It serves you right. I’ve done everything on our scroll of lair
duties… and you are yet to attempt your only task! FINE! ANYTHING TO STOP YOUR WHINING! I CARN HELL KNIGHT, FIRST OF MY LINE, SCOURGE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, MASTER OF GORE…. WILL TAKE OUT THE TRASH! Just let me get to a save point… This is beneath me. Ooh! Why would anyone throw away a perfectly
good eyeball? Oh gross… all mushy on the inside. I hate that! Remember fingernails and toenails go in different
bins now. I hate you so much Veeg. Sort, sort, definitely doing this, sort. Oh Void Brother I forgot my organic hemp compost baggy needs
emptying…. Carn how could you? We may be demons. We kill people, torture souls even eat the
odd baby, but Not Recycling? That is going too far! It’s too complicated! Look at all of these Vessels! Then consult the manual. All the answers lie in it’s sacred pages. Don’t tell me you lost it! Ummm not exactly… We only have one underworld Carn, and we must do all we can to protect it. 10 of the hottest years since records began have been in the last 10 years. Of course they have! I don’t know if you have noticed my demonic
brethren but… EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE!!! Exactly! And we are responsible for all the fire because
we keep feeding it with waste. Think what the heat and fumes must be doing
to the ice-caps. The ice-caps melted eons ago when the fire lord Zaltarn was birthed in
the pit of screams. Everyone knows that! But scientists say that demonic emissions
may have caused the majority… I’ve got your demonic emissions right here! Please Brother think of the fish! All of the detritus is polluting their natural
environment! Natural Environment? For Fish? By which you mean a literal river of fire
in the depths of hell? No mere fish could survive here fool! But I assure you, the nightmarish undead trash-eating lava creature that lurks beneath the surface is more than
capable of swallowing a few bones and clumps of hair! But we had an agreement! Signed in kitten blood and everything! To tell the truth, worm, I have never used your puny ‘Recycling Vessels’. I always toss the lot in the lava and whatever
lives in there yums it up. It’s the circle of death. Told you. oh I give up. Ooo! Maybe I can start using plastic straws
again! Those paper ones are terrible. Who invented such a diabolical creation? Us of course. Carn, did you say you feed all of our waste to the trash eating lava monster? Uhh… yeah. So it’s probably grown to a gigantic size
correct? Maybe… I hate you so much Carn.

Reader Comments

  1. Idea: in doom eternal Carn model changed
    Maybe u should do a video on that? For example CARN meet new girlfriend on the earth and his Gf r new model from Doom Eternal

  2. It's bad enough Demons eat and consume the living soul of people
    But NOT RECYCLING ………..
    Doomguy had a lot of good reason to end these horrible creatures life

  3. Carn. Carn if ya were one of hell knights in Eternal… i'll let you live. I would adopt you The best possible pet.

  4. Hell knight should be upgraded to dread knight and he keeps messing everything up with his new cybotic powers.

  5. "Spitefullness, with notes of timidity, and…hmm…just a hint of self loathing" -Brother Carn
    So glad they appeared again man

  6. Finally veeg payed carn back what he always says in the ending sadly there was no i regret everything

  7. The thing that scares me the most in my life are Eyes I mean when someone is like putting contact lenses or scratching his eye

    Imo killer gouging eyes out are bitches

  8. I bet some cultist will reencarnate them as those flying fire skulls, lost sould i think their called? Whaterver

  9. Just a reminder that climate change is a manufactured crisis to keep you living in fear and to strip you of your money. Greatest scam since the fed and NASA

  10. This is why we should be more responsible for our world or else when one day, where all killed by demons and they copy us like throwing trash that's out of no where
    We would all want our world clean even when we're dead right?
    Blah I didn't mean this 😉

  11. Imp: we may be demon,we may kill human , torture their soul and even eat their baby
    Not recycling
    That's a horrible act!!!
    Me: huh no wonder why there's no thrash and pile of bone and flash (except from the wall) while play through doom eternal

  12. What if Carn was Noobmaster69 The whole time? Thor is gonna have to pay their bones a visit after this.

  13. 2:39 – This is everyone problems. The corona has hit DOOM city quite hard and now there is not enough toilet paper for anyone

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