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Does Seafood Really Work As Aphrodisiacs? 🔥🔥🔥

OK. We can do it this way. Super. Yes? Yes. You just have to tell me when to do it. After hours long deliberations we are leaving Mayreau, but we still don’t know where we’re going 🙂 Chill. We gonna round the cape, and then we’ll feel which way to go. As Bartek says we’ll feel where the wind wants to take us. I got scared you started quoting your own husband … Isn’t you that feel into the wind which way to go? Honey, I feel the wind for where to go my hole life. OK. Let’s go to the helm. The brother-in-law is already working hard at the anchor. Ok. If he’s working hard at it Let’s check if his not breaking anything We’ll check your new set up at the same time. Let’s pull up. It blows. Oh, oh, it blows. You’re right. About 10 cm higher. OK. I understand. We’ll have to improve it. Tell me what happened here. So it’s falling off the roler?
Here … This edge should be made into a triangle. Look how it falls off the roller. OK. We have to remain straight the whole time. No. It’s gonna fall out anyway. Just remain straight. It’s getting crowded here. OK. First let’s check which way … Which way are we going to exit out of here? OK. We just have to take it in while the chain is slacking. For now. And later we’ll modify it, to raise the front roller. The front must go up this much. At least. …. No problem. Go to the engine Say it nicely not just “Go to the engine” OK. I am with the engine. OK. No problem. OK. Cool. A bit forward? It fell off. OK. Go forward. Use your hand or foot. Go a bit backwards. Straight forward! Stop! Try to remain in position, cause we’re drifting onto the deep water. OK. Anchor is up. Exactly. We were supposed to leave this way. This way, this way. You see it on the right? OK You have plenty of space on both sides OK chill, it’s good. You can even go more left. Did it fall off? Yep. All of it is broken, bent … Luckily I kept the old parts for the original setup. OK. Where do you want me to go? We’re going left anyway, right? At least now I know that it is only the matter of proper roller. The steering wheel. I know. I’m just asking what is squeaking. OK. Honey go to the anchor. I wanna relax a moment. And get to the flat water in the first place. So you’re saying it’s a total failure with the roller? Yep. We are €200 in the hole. 170 for the roller and 30 for the boathook. We are on Union Island in Chatham Bay It’s a wonderful bay on Union Island and we have a nice restaurant here where they make awesome lobsters I’ll show you in a moment Yes? OK, I’ll be back. There’s the chef, … master Master of lobsters He’s the master The master of the kitchen. and the bar. The bar? Yeah, you do the drinks? Master of the bar. The bar. Yes, she’s the master of the bar … Mia. Mia? Nice to meet you. and the master of the grill. The famous potatoes. and lobsters with garlic. And the boss! And the boss! OK. One of two. They are twins. You twins yeah? No, no. You’re not twins? So who is the older? He’s older. So who is the boss? You or him? He is the boss. I mean I don’t like to, but I am. You don’t like ti but you are the boss. OK. Perfect. OK. Dinner is going to be served. Or late lunch. Yum, yum, yum, welcome. All’s good captain? It’s very good. Thank you! Yeah! Listen up. The lobsters are coming. Thank you for pinacolada! Who wants to try? Ouch it’s strong! That’s a pinacolada! We need to sit. Yes. Kids! There’s sun there. The captain is hungry I think. and unhappy because he lost his €200 anchor roller. Right? €170 euro anchor roller, €30 boathook and few hours worth of work installing and then uninstalling the whole thing And the dangling anchor on the bow threatening the integrity of our hull when we were leaving Mayreau. So, the education is very expensive. What can I say? But thanks to that I know how to build it properly. And this is conch. Meat from the big seashell In my opinion, the best prepared conch in the World! Ideally soft in coconut milk I’m hyngry How do you it this? You scrape the meat out. No more drinks for this guy. Why, why? Yep, you are right. Yep, you are right, that was your last drink dear brother-in-law. Magda Gessler [Polish TV celebrity chef] lately said that a man can’t eat too much, because he then becomes lazy, slow and heavy during sex. Another theory is that seafood is an aphrodisiac When you have kids next to you spitting into a tissue no aphrodisiac can be effective. Even if it’s effective then only for a second. Good, good, strong as hell, but good. This is actually good. No, it’s OK. You’d never believe that Ania is getting ready for wakeboard. After pinacolada, very strong one. Maybe Maybe, it’s gonna be easier. More fluid movements? How was it? [SONG] Clean up, clean up … everybody let’s clean up Clean the boat away

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