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DIY : Ecological laundry soap

Hi everyone today I’m gonna share with
you how to make your own laundry soap which respects the environment reduces a
lot of plastic and will make you save money Some of you are still thinking : why
should we do that ? Well did you know in Europe 98 millions washes are made every
day which equals to 1000 every second; So now imagine how we pollute the
environment… The soap from the washing machine goes into water treatment plants
then flows into rivers gets in the sea and finishes its course in the ocean. The
price of one three liters plastic jug of chemical
laundry soap is approximately 8 euros You after this Do It Yourself will
know how to make your own natural laundry soap totally clean for the
environment without needing a new plastic jug for only 3 euros which
will make you save more than fifty euros per year ! Firstly you’ll need 100 grams
of Marseille soap shavings already shredded or ready for use which at least
contains 72 percent of vegetable oil You will need as well 2 liters of hot water
and 1 liter of cold water, you’ll need 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 20 drops
of true lavender essential oils to perfume the laundry and finally you’ll
need an old plastic jug which you can recycle to put your future laundry soap
in. Now I’m going to show you what ustensils you will need through this
experiment. So you’ll need a wooden spoon a cheese grater or an electric one,
you’ll need a bowl, a funnel and a hand blender. I’ve already prepared everything.
I have the hot water here and the shavings right here so I decided to
shred the soap with the electric grater because it’s quicker and
because it shreds the the soap into thiner powder than the shavings
you can buy on the market. Firstly you’ll need to put the shavings into the bowl after you have to put the three
tablespoons of baking soda one, two, three then, you need to put the two liters of hot
water and finally you need to mix it ! now
all you need to do is let the laundry soap rest for 12 hours. See you tomorrow !
The laundry soap is ready and after 12 hours it might be compact. So for this
last part of the video as soon as you put the 1 liter of cold water into the
laundry soap you’ll need to mix it with the hand blender. So here we go ! Now I think that everything is alright. We
mixed everything now you’ll just need to put the laundry soap into the plastic
jug. I’m gonna try to do this cleanly For the end of the filling it has
to be more delicate because there is soap everywhere. Now to finish you’ll
just need to put the 20 drops of true lavender essential oil. You can put 20
drops or 50 if you like your laundry to smell strong. So by now you know how to
do your own laundry soap with this Do It Yourself so no more excuse to do the
laundry at home for all the family ! Bye guys !

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