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Diamond Network ico I DPT token sale

Dimond network is a complex long-term project which covers the whole diamond industry needs and services digitalizing them step-by-step the project will be executed in four phases and have two tokens for sale one utility token and one security token diamonds network provides a platform through which four services will be available one diamond origin verification service to digital diamond database three marketplace and for a CDC stable coin the utility token called DPT diamond platform token gives access to the platform and his services DPT will also be used to pay the fees for the services DPT is a subject of ICO the standardized security token called CDC which stands for certified diamond coin one CDC is equal to point zero four carats of diamond CDC is a hybrid token security token plus payment token fulfills the role of reserve currency and stable coin CDC is considered a derivative it underlies the financial market regulations and the anti Money Laundering Act diamond network will release the token only after acquiring the license charity trust fund will be established to invest in the development of the diamond origin countries like African countries and India transparency of all transactions is guaranteed by blockchain [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Дуальность токенов проекта зарождает новые обеспеченные деньги, и дает уникальную возможность прибыльно инвестировать обывателю

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