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DEADLY Sea Snake Encounter!

– Watch your footing,
this is really slippery. Oh, cool, check this out,
we got a little cove, this could be a perfect
spot to find creatures. Come on up. – [Voiceover] This is slippery. – You good? Yeah,
watch your footing. All right, going down in there. Oh, there’s an eel! – [Voiceover] Nice! – [Coyote] No, it’s a sea snake! – [Voiceover] Where? – Right there, right there! Got him, look at that! There’s no question about it, this is the most lethal snake
species I have ever handled. (dramatic music) As the tide recedes on the
Pacific Edge of Costa Rica, our journey beyond
the tide begins. Climbing over the washed-up
skeletons of trees, my feet hit the water and splash through the
shallow remains of the ocean, my eyes keenly locked
into every shadowy pool, and my mind racing
with excitement at the thought of the
creatures I may stumble upon. You never know what you’ll
find in a tide pool, and that it what
makes them a mystery. Today we’re exploring
Mogos Beach, located on the Golfo Dulce
on the Osa Peninsula. Okay, we’ve now
landed on Mogos Beach. Let’s head up the shoreline here and see what sort of cool
creatures we can find. This remote location can
only be reached by boat, and is very rarely
explored by humans. However, we have been
given special permission to walk its shoreline, where we will search
for tide pool residents. – [Voiceover] Coyote, so
do you want to tell us what’s going on with this net? – I guess you guys aren’t used
to seeing me work with a net, and that’s because in
an ocean tide pool, you never know what
you’re gonna come across, and some of these
little creatures could be poisonous or venomous, and if you have to catch
something really quick it’s easier to scoop
it up with a net, get it in a controlled
situation to analyze it, determine what it is before
you actually get hands on. Worst thing you could
possibly do is get bitten or stung by something
that can kill you. (dramatic music) The crystal clear waters
were swimming with fish, and the surrounding rocks were
crawling with hermit crabs. Right away we were seeing
all sorts of creatures, including a baby puffer fish. Look at that, I’ve just got him
cupped in my hand right now, can you see that? Look at his little fins going. And one slippery little octopus. That is so creepy-feeling. Tide pools are the perfect place to come across
small ocean animals that have become stranded
when the tide goes out. However, navigating the
remaining slippery rocks as a human is rather difficult. This beach sure is
making it difficult. This terrain is full of all
kinds of these huge rocks. That’s what I call an
ankle-breaker right there. Let’s keep moving
up this direction, and hopefully come
across some terrain that’s a little bit
easier to navigate. As we made our way north
along the craggy terrain, we went up and over a
large rock formation. This is where we encountered one of the rarest animals you
will ever find in a tide pool. Watch your footing,
this is really slippery. Oh, cool, check this out,
we’ve got a little cove, this could be a perfect
spot to find creatures. Come on up. – [Voiceover] It’s slippery. – You good? Yeah,
watch your footing. All right, going down in there. Oh, there’s an eel! – [Voiceover] Where? – Right there, right
there, right there! I got it! – [Voiceover] Nice! No, it’s a sea snake! I got it, look at that! – [Voiceover] Are you all right? – Jeez, yeah, I’m okay. Obviously it’s pretty
slippery, but look at that! Holy cow, that is a
yellow-bellied sea snake! All right, be careful because
they are incredibly venomous. Hold on, let me get
him out of the net. Okay, I got him. Come here, buddy. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. He’s trying to bite me. I got him, there we go. Wow, look at that! I see all those little
tiny teeth in there. This snake is
incredibly venomous, so I need to be as
careful as possible. And, wow, he feels
like a fishing lure! How cool is that? These guys are usually
far out at sea, and he was just in
this little cove here, must have gotten stuck when
the tide was going out. All right, let’s
take him back up over the top of the
rocks here onto the beach and get a closer look. Oh, man, this is so cool. – [Voiceover] I cannot believe
you found that sea snake. – Watch your footing
headed back here. Let’s go up here onto the sand. Check this out. That is the yellow phase of
the yellow-bellied sea snake. Hold on, I gotta
get him outta there. Come here, buddy. Now, normally you wouldn’t
find a snake like this so close to shore. I’m suspecting that because
it’s low tide right now, he got marooned
in that tide pool. Normally you’d find them about 200 to 300 yards
out into the ocean. I have never held a sea snake
before, this is so cool! Now, you’ll notice the
shape of this snake’s body is very flattened,
can you see that? And the tail almost
looks like an oar. This allows them to easily
move through the water. If I were to just
put this snake down on the shore right here,
they are not adapted to land. He would kinda just lay there and be like, “I’m a dead snake.” But out in the ocean, this
guy is quick and stealthy. Now, they are not aggressive, but I can’t take my
attention away from my fingers being gently
positioned behind its neck here. One bite from this snake with as far away as we
are some civilization, and I would be in
some serious trouble. – [Voiceover] What
would happen to you? – I could potentially die, depending on how
my body reacted. There’s no question about it, this is the most lethal snake
species I have ever handled. Now, these snakes
are piscivores, which means that
they hunt for fish. They have an incredibly
potent neurotoxin. All it needs to do is tag a fish with the small, fixed
fangs inside of its mouth, and immediately the
fish becomes paralyzed, and then the snake is
capable of having its meal. And one interesting fact
that you may not know is that the sea snake has
an incredibly large lung that runs along the
left side of its body. This allows these snakes
to hold their breath for a long time when
they’re underwater hunting. It also works like the
bladder of a submarine, allowing these snakes
to become buoyant, and they will float all
the way up to the surface. Finding a sea snake near
shore is incredibly rare, and this one was
likely stranded. So we decided to release
it further out in the ocean to assure that it found a
safe return to the wild. How epic was that? Getting up close with the
yellow-belled sea snake on our first episode
of Beyond the Tide. I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild, we’ll
see you on the next adventure. These reptiles are a fragile
part of the ecosystem that can be greatly affected
by changing weather patterns. To swim alongside one in
its natural environment was incredible, and I hope their species
will continue to thrive beneath the ocean’s surface, so that future animal
enthusiasts like myself can appreciate just
how beautiful these
snakes truly are. (dramatic music) The tide pools of the world are filled with
mysterious creatures, and if you enjoyed this first
episode of Beyond the Tide, make sure to subscribe to
the Brave Wilderness channel so you can join me and the
crew on our next big adventure.

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