Importance of Natural Resources

David – Social Ecology at Western Sydney University

So I’m David Wright. I’m the Academic Course Advisor
for the Social Ecology program. People come through word
of mouth. They come also because they read
the little blurb in the UAC guide and say, “Look,
I’ve been looking for something in education, but education is pretty conservative
and pretty traditional. I’m of an age and a level
of maturity where I want to think more broadly about what
I do in life and what my values are and how I want to take my
career, but I really don’t want to do more curriculum studies,
I really don’t want to study behaviour management more. My priority is not to climb
the tree in the school, it’s actually to be more rewarded and informed and lead
a richer life.” So this program attracts people
on that basis that they’re looking for a way
of understanding their own experience that enables them
to think more deeply about what they do, and I guess that’s
the sort of orientation. It’s not to say to someone,
“Okay, we’ll give you this unit and this course and this
will run you up the tree” or “this will give you this new
job.” It’s to say, okay, this
will enable you to do what you’re doing better. If you can do what you’re doing
better, that will provide all sorts of rewards. It might actually lead you to leave this job, go somewhere
else. It might lead you to ask bigger
questions about what you want to do in your life.

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