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CyberArk Securing The Cloud Environment

When our customers expand their solution
to the cloud our recommendation is to take a look at
the privileged accounts and what’s involved in managing and
protecting privileged accounts across their cloud environment. Not only
the infrastructure as a service this includes also the software as a service, the platform as a service and also the hybrid cloud and the internal cloud and private cloud. When choosing cloud computing for your
environment there are actually new attack vectors. The first one is the cloud administrators. Administrator cloud console, you have
access to thousands of systems which means that the potential damage you can make is enormous. Cloud introduces a lot of automation, a lot of elasticity
and therefore the number of privileged
accounts can grow or decrease automatically very
significantly. So our customers need a solution that scales; that can automatically manage
them and support the automation and elasticity that cloud technologies introduced. CyberArk provides an end to end solution for securing privileged accounts in the cloud. First of all, it helps you to discover these
accounts and to find them amongst the guest account as well as
the private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Then it helps you to secure them to store them in the vault and make sure that they are managed and protected properly. In addition to that, we provide continues monitoring on privileged account access and the last piece is detecting threats
when these privileged accounts are not being used properly. So many customers are first protecting the consoles because they are a lot of the most riskiest places you must
protect and adding monitoring
capabilities in making sure that only authorized administrators can
access the cloud consoles. In addition to that we are
involved in a lot of provisioning processes. Whenever you add a new guest machine, we are helping the customer to provision the privileged account and the credentials into the vault system and make sure that they are securely managed. We’ve seen a lot of a scripting and automation tools that customers are using to connect a provisioned system to the cloud and we have integrated with these systems
and allowing customers to use our APIs to securely retrieve credentials from the password vault in order to securely connect to the cloud services. So we’re definitely seeing that our customers are looking to adopt more cloud
technologies. It could be the hybrid cloud where they
extend their data centers to leverage cloud infrastructure. There’s a lot more
software as a service. All these systems and platforms have
privileged accounts that need to be monitored, need to be
controlled, need to be managed. And we’re helping our customers expand
to the cloud in a secure way.

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