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Cultural Competency Seminar – Introduction

>>Hello, I’m Dr. Jarvis Watson, Interim Chief
Diversity Officer here at Stony Brook University. I’m here in the UNITI Cultural Center located
in the Student Activity Center, a wonderful space that promotes diversity and inclusion
within the Stony Brook community. In October 2018, at the request from our students,
staff, and faculty, Stony Brook held its first all-campus seminar focusing on implicit bias
and issues related to harassment and sexual misconduct. This required seminar was a first in a planned
series of cultural competency seminars for all faculty, staff, and hospital employees. It provided tools and practical advice for
student and colleague interactions and reinforced Stony Brook’s commitment to the prevention
and elimination of all forms of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct. I invite you to experience the seminar’s several
short videos. In this video, you will hear from President
Samuel L. Stanley about his vision regarding this seminar.>>I’m Sam Stanley and I want to thank everyone
for attending today. We’ve organized this inaugural all-campus
seminar in response to requests from our students, staff, and faculty. It will focus on implicit bias and issues
and procedures related to harassment and sexual misconduct. A planning committee comprised of faculty,
staff, and administrators have worked diligently for these past few months in collaboration
with various offices and experts to develop the content and format of this seminar. Our goal is to give you the tools and practical
advice while making clear our policies and procedures and the value we place on respectful
and meaningful interactions for all of us. Today’s presenters are from our Stony Brook
community and they are experts in addressing issues of power dynamics, maintaining inclusive
classrooms and learning spaces, as well as reinforcing our commitment to non-discrimination
and eliminating sexual misconduct. We are excited to have Vernon Wall serve as
our facilitator for today. Vernon is an accomplished social justice and
diversity expert and we look forward to learning from him and our presenters. We are also pleased to include student voices,
both undergraduate and graduate, in our seminar today. These students will share some of their experiences
at Stony Brook. And this is just the beginning. We will be offering a series of seminars over
the course of the year that will allow you to strengthen and enhance your work with your
colleagues and students. Again, I want to thank you for your active
participation in addressing these important issues, and I will now turn the stage over
to Dr. Lee Bitsoi, our Chief Diversity Officer, to give you an overview for the day. Thank you again. [ Applause ]>>Thank you for being here. I want to echo President Stanley’s welcome
and remind everyone that diversity is a journey. It’s not a destination. It’s an interdependent, evolving ecosystem
that requires everyone’s participation, so I’m glad to see everyone here. A few housekeeping items. Please silence your cell phones. However, keep them out because we want to
show you how to log in, if you’ve not done so already. So if you go to, enter the session
ID, you’ll join the session, enter your first name, enter your last name, enter your email
and then join, and we’ll have polling questions later on in the presentation. And I’d now like to acknowledge the planning
committee. It is comprised of faculty, staff, administrators,
many departments, marketing and communications, our audio/visual department, and also our
conferences and events team. So you see this list, and I want to take a
moment to acknowledge three individuals who went above and beyond the call of duty in
making this event happen today and they are Lauren La Magna who is our Executive Fellow. [ Applause and cheering ] Marisa DiOrio. [ Applause ] And Christina Cabral from the Conferences
and Events team. Thank you so much.>>Please take a moment to watch the various
videos on the Chief Diversity Officer website at and feel free
to share your feedback about what you learn on this site. Thank you.

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