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Critical Thinking Tools: “How to manufacture and spread Fake News?”

how to manufacture and spread fake news manufacturing and spreading fake news is similar to creating and propagating virus the most successful fake news agents are able to get their message across to their target public they master the skills of composing viral content that spreads like an epidemic through communication channels worldwide that was the case of teenagers from Velas in Macedonia who quickly understood that the most popular and most profitable fake news they published were related to the 2016 US presidential election more precisely the most popular fake news stories were play trump but the role played by Russian disinformation agents may have influenced more American voters the so-called troll Factory internet research agency based in Saint Petersburg was charged with criminal offences by the US officials for interfering in the 2016 presidential campaign also to be fully understood is the impact of illicit practices of collecting personal data to micro-target voters during the last US presidential election the political consulting company Cambridge and Elizabeth illicitly obtained 87 million Facebook user profiles allowing the Trump campaign to target these people with political messages and disinformation these different agents are focused on one or more of the three phases of information disorder creation production distribution the motivations and objectives of these agents can be very different for instance the mastermind who creates a disinformation campaign has different purposes from the trolls who actually produce fake news in short here are the essential steps in the fake news creation production and distribution process step one create a fake new site step two steel content step three sell advertising step four spread via social media step 5 repeat if fake news is a virus who is more vulnerable to infection which group of people is most likely to believe in fake news older people or younger people men or women close minded or open-minded people researchers are seeking to reply to this question such as a team headed by Michael Bronstein from Yale University who found that belief in fake news is associated with delusion allottee dogmatism religious fundamentalism and reduced analytic thinking in simple words those who fall for fake news are mostly closed-minded delusional and lazy be conscious be critical and be autonomous about everything you read write and share open your mind and don’t be lazy think rethink you you you

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