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This place is looking so cool Look, they’ve got the birds flying around Geez, look at this place Here you’ve got a rainforest on the inside Completely climate controlled And then just 180-degrees outside – it’s complete desert. Jack, where’s the porcupine bro? I haven’t seen a porcupine They’re probably not up in the trees, though So these guys are the porcupines Don’t know if you can see them They have these long tails So they can hang off the branches They’re the only porcupines that do that And they don’t shoot their quills Which is probably a good thing Considering how many children are walking around This is the guy that Sam wanted to see This place is looking so, so cool I’ve spotted Xav up there Let’s see what he’s trying to take a photo of So many cool birds in The Green Planet Birds, snakes, lizards… I think we’re gonna go try and find the rest of the guys See what they’ve found down in the lower levels Look how pretty I am They should put me in a box and exhibit me The Atlas beetle is one of the largest beetle species we have in the world This is an adult male The female does not have the middle horn And it does not bite – it’s not poisonous And it’s pretty strong They say it can carry up to 850 times its own weight It’s like a human being carrying a truck Trying to meet the sloth He’s just getting coaxed out of the trees Why can’t we do that man? Apparently they only come down once a week to poop And that’s when they get eaten They only get eaten when they poop For 19 hours they’re asleep during the day I thought you said a 19 hour poop! Yeah I’m wanted I, I feel like Neytiri [Avatar] is going to jump out of the trees And just… Attach her hair to mine, and… It was 90 per cent good but I didn’t get to see the god-damn green tree python Which is like, the only reason that I came It wasn’t… It wasn’t a python Well, the green tree something… I just wanted to see the green snake Guess we’re just gonna cruise around Citywalk Find a spot to get a drink… It’s boiling out here Must be like, 45 degrees at least It was so nice inside the biodome Lots of rain splattering around, nice and cool As soon as you step outside – back to the heat again If you haven’t been to Green Planet yet You should definitely go Just Citywalk in general, actually It was Dhs95

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