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Continuing The Legacy – Asgard Fencing Club (Full Interview) | Coursaver® By Tueetor®

David Chan’s fencing journey began in
2001 when he was a student at raffles Junior College he went on to win
numerous national championships and international events such as in Hong
Kong open Malaysian Open and Australian Open
David also ranked as the top men’s sabre fencer in Singapore retiring from
the competitive scene together with the best national fencers in Singapore David
founded asgard fencing club and took on the role as head coach and continues to
contribute to the growth of the sport in Singapore so I think I like to think
myself as someone who can motivate well because at the end of the day one of my main objective
is always to like come help them discover the passion of the sport not
just you know trying to get purely a result but also to who enjoyed the
entire process of it so in that sense I have to make sure that they you know
they they appreciate every single aspect of the sport be like historical facts or
you know like or current trends in the war interesting things which are seen
like around the world but to just be immersed in the entire ecosystem
or the entire environment rather than just thinking of it as just a way to get a
good score or good result but at the same time I have some non-negotiables
which I’m very strict about things like discipline sportsmanship training
attitude so my friend does know a lot my students know that if they cross those
lines then I turn really nasty but other than that I’m at the end quite easy going
I think the difference is that probably here um we try to aspire to a really
high level of ability we we are not satisfied with just winning locally or
even like regional but we want to help the fencers to believe that
they can be world class we’ve proven that a couple of times with
for quite a number of results in the past couple years and we wanted to be
actually part of like the DNA of everybody here that yeah it’s just
because we’re from a small country or we have we don’t have a ready develop
fencing um ecosystem but it’s possible to actually be up there with the best of
the best around the world and I think that helps to also boost the confidence
of the students once you can believe that you can do that then I mean it
later on in life you can actually do anything I think that’s uh that’s me the
main thing I trying to show is that to help the students or all our students here
to believe themselves and believe that each one of them can really go far so they are their thing for all the
aspiring athletes or young athletes out there like I mean I hope that they will
push themselves to the limit in your sport and at the same time discovering their
passion and realizing that you know that sport is about the fun of it and and the
enjoyment of it and not simply just chasing and chasing the result and at
the end of the day I think that the sport for them can be a life-changing experience
and yeah it’s something that you will never regret being part of

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