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COMPETITION : Tournoi amical de Nogent-sur-Seine 2019

This week-end was the friendly tournament of Nogent sur Seine (France) for the last few years this tournament is a season start for the present players This year 11 teams were there to play and prepare the season teams of all levels were present from the vice champion of France, Fontenay Tresigny, to some brand new clubs like Strasbourg or Troyes “I’m surprised and even positively surprised because some teams coming here like Fontenay because some teams coming here like Fontenay in which World Champions & European Champions play this tournament of Nogent we are very happy with this and some brand new clubs such as Troyes or Strasbourg and some brand new clubs such as Troyes or Strasbourg which have been for max 2 years they are only starting underwater hockey it is not a matter of competition, we are here to support underwater hockey and if we may help teams to grow, it is great, our main goal” This year the tournament were playing during 2 days but still the atmosphere was very nice and relaxed in particular during the party on Saturday night, sharing a barbecue and even play overnight in this beautiful outdoor swimming pool “the ambiance is great very relaxed yesterday with the barbecue we can sleep here on site, it is very friendly” It doesn’t really matter but the winner is Fontenay Tresigny winning 3 to 0 the final against Neuilly You win the tournament but it was not really a goal you were mostly here to start the season, get back to play “Yes exactly, it was mainly to clean ourselves from the summer break get back into the water, friendly” The team of Belgium gets the 3rd place winning Sedan during the little final Epernay is 5th, Nogent – the host – 6th and then come Neuilly 2, Diderot the two teams of Strasbourg and at the end, Troyes. Most of the players were happy with the tournament and will be back “It is very nice, the pool, the water, everything is perfect we’ll be back !” We are now looking forward to seeing this tournament happening again next year.

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