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Combatting Political Corruption Combats Climate Change

If we don’t deal with climate change we
and certainly our children are in for a very rough time. We’re already seeing heat waves
and extreme weather and droughts and wildfires as a consequence. That’s extremely clear.
I come from California and you don’t need scientists to tell you about climate change
if you come from California. It’s all over the place. It really is. It’s very obvious
just wandering around the state. Spring comes a month earlier than it used to. It’s much
hotter in the summer. There’s much less rain. So there are those kinds of consequences
but if we let this problem continue to worsen then 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now our children
are going to suffer a lot. About half of the world’s largest cities are on coastlines
and if the Greenland ice melts then the sea is going to rise by over 20 feet. And half
of the world’s cities will be underwater literally. And weather will be far more extreme.
The last time that the world was as hot as it will get this century if we don’t fix
climate change was about 100,000 years ago and scientists have found evidence of extremely
destructive storms. Storms that were strong enough to lift very large boulders from the
bottom of the ocean and put them on top of mountains. So Hurricane Sandy is very, very
minor trouble compared to what we’ll face if we don’t handle this problem. But in the last decade there’s been remarkable
progress in renewable energy technology, in electric cars, in sustainable agriculture.
And now we know how to solve this problem. And in fact we could solve this problem in
a way that would make the world more prosperous and healthier and happier. Renewable energy
is becoming quite competitive economically with energy from fossil fuels. Within five
years electric cars will be fully competitive with gasoline powered cars and they’re much
less expensive to operate and maintain. They’re also quieter. They also accelerate faster
by the way. In most regards we could have very useful, happy, productive, prosperous,
healthy lives by dealing with this problem. The countries in the world that are the most
prosperous and have the most equal distribution of income and wealth and also the longest
life expectancies are in general the countries that are dealing best with climate change.
Germany, Scandinavia, Japan, a number of European countries. And the countries that are behaving
the worst are countries that are very corrupt and that have a great deal of poverty and
inequality. It’s not a coincidence that countries like Venezuela and Indonesia and
Russia and Saudi Arabia are the countries with the worst records with regard to this
problem and are also countries that are dependent on fossil fuels or on industrial agriculture
controlled by a very small number of people very politically corrupt. And so I came to
realize that if we deal with political corruption we’ll also be dealing with climate change.
And conversely if we deal with climate change we’ll also help the world a lot with regard
to corruption and inequality.

Reader Comments

  1. This guy's personal experience is meaningless. When you say that you don't need a scientist to tell you something, anything that follows is meaningless.

  2. I just don't get why is Putin in the thumbnail? What about US with that 16.5 tons of CO2 emission per capita? We all know that after the Soviet Union collapse, corruption exploded in Russia, but Putin has the balls to fight against the oligarchs. I'm being honest, I really respect him as a leader and I'm not even Russian.

  3. To many people in this comment sectin focus on him talking about that climat change is true and that he argued so.
    That was only his premise to get to the argument that fighting corruption will also fight global warming.
    If you don't think global warming is real than this was not really directed at you.

  4. Facts, numbers, evidence. Essentials required to support an argument.

    This is anecdotal evidence plain and simple.


  5. and batteries for electric cars are made out of rainbows! no pollution there. Let me make a prediction, if electric cars go popular, we will have a massive battery problem, massive. Except if we develop some kind of miracle pollution free batteries

  6. Climate change is real but this guy is biased. US and Canada have much higher per capita emission rates than Russia. Australia has a higher per capita emission rate than Saudi Arabia. Venezuela's per capita emission rate is lower than the EU average. What's your agenda Big Think?

  7. The idea that we can do anything to change the course of the climate seems to me to be a huge delusion. This was going to happen the moment humans discovered fire. All we can do is to learn to live with it.

  8. Sea level rise, megastorms … why is it that glacier melt is so rarely mentioned?

  9. Climate changes period.
    Last hundred years have been extremely stable through recorded history.
    This guy is asshole of the month and of course living off the taxpayers,
    Take responsibility for your self… Government will make it worse – history.

  10. the earths climate has been changing like FOREVER! the question is how much of an impact does human pollution effects it.
    Unless the whole world 'fixes' the pollution problem, what we do in the US wont matter at all.

  11. If you do your own research and not listen to government propaganda it is quite clear there is no man made problems. The sun is in a grand solar minimum, the earths poles are shifting, Obama has put a gagging order on NOAA to hide these facts. There is nothing humans can do to change these things. You first need world peace to even coordinate such an effort. So stop wasting our money on War and put it into clean energy and stay out of our pockets. Yes climate changes, it always has. We need to adapt to the earths ebbs and flows and not try and control it with a giant air conditioner.

  12. But Trump says its a hoax made by the Chinese. Who am I supposed to believe the scientists or a glorified realtor?

  13. Don't worry everyone, scientists and ecologists are less reliable than YouTube commenters. Listen to the random dude with no credentials, climate change is a hoax after all. (I can't put more sarcasm into this comment)

  14. haarp….. climate change engineered by governments…. prosperous countries use poor countries as manufacturing hubs and leave the pollution there, or pollution dumped there. This guy is regurgitating feel good upper middle class junk..the majority of the co2 comes from volcanic activity, nit humans, and non polluting japan just screwed the world with radiation… perhaps they should have stuck with coal and not switched to uranium…

  15. If everybody don't start to adress the NR.1 cause of climate change, which is animal agriculture, we will see absolutely NO improvement. At all.

    Watch Cowspiracy if you don't believe me. It's serious.

    Stop eating animal products NOW. I'm not joking.
    I wish I was.

  16. this video was a waste of four minutes. he didnt even get to the topic until 3 minutes into the clip and he made a weak point at that. i like this channel but it seems to me like more and more bs is finding its way on here

  17. That's an interesting burden of proof ; the weather is changing so man must be doing it. I think that's must be how religions got started

  18. First things first:
    Climate Change is real.

    Human action probably (99% sure of this)

    The EPA is a political organization that shifts it narrative to align with whoever is paying- "donating" the most.

    What is needed is the raw data needs to be peer reviewed scientists who are not funded by same backers of the EPA so that we, the Human race, might be able to tell the difference between Correlation and Causation.
    Simply because the information with just the accusation of manipulation of the data it turns this a 3 ring circus we are seeing today.

  19. I like how there are only eastern leaders on the cover picture, Putin etc, as if Obama or any of the NATO allied countries leaders are squeaky clean right!? ūüėÄ

  20. I think you left America and England out the politically corrupt/planet fucking category. We are also very far from being even good on both of those fronts…… Just saying.

  21. I get that this youtube channel is quite left, but come on, the last couple weeks have been big left, rather than any cause for thought.

    Dial back the clock 4 decades, and lets go down this timeline: first it was a heading for a global iceage from then global cooling, then a cooling trend, then a warming trend, then it was the era of "blame it on el nino", then global warming, now it's climate change.

    Really, even if everyone agreed on it, all scientists everywhere were on board, what is the recourse? Taxes, fines, sanctions on countries out of compliance? It still doesn't remove the need for cheap, readily available energy.. The market will dictate fossil fuel's demise, adding bullshit to it to feel good about yourself just hurts those you purport to wish to help. I get the distinct impression though it's about saving it for themselves. Give me 90k for a tesla yourself, I'd love to have one, til then, if I'm to fend for myself, I'll probably go with the means to power/heat/cool/travel that's most cost effective without any artificial meddling because someone's in love with their own self-righteousness. I also don't want to dick anyone else over that wishes to do the same.

  22. This is government funded propaganda brought to you by the same assholes installing a carbon extortion near you

  23. Lol "Spring comes a month earlier than it used to." No wonder climate change deniers exist when people say stupid shit like this.

  24. lol our children are not in danger climate change is not affecting us that fast and Mr dumbass speaking in this video is so stuoid

  25. nonesense and rubbish, the climate fluctuates quite often and has for hundreds of years, governments are corrupt but climate change is just another way to control people.

  26. The two religions of the left. Climate change (as a way of pushing crazy political policies on people), and income inequality.

  27. People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks. Funny he mentioned Japan considering the whole nuclear melt down. The US has nuclear waste polluting from Washington state. Drilling for natural gas is radioactive and people are being poisoned in several ways. Especially during the flares. Then they are cheated in numerous ways. Gas and oil drilling are the number one contributors to nuclear waterways. Climate one article said that it is more cost effective to reduce the population than use solar or wind. Saying that people need predators. Climate one had a picture of a persistent contrail cloud on their you tube channel before they changed it to a windmill. Contrail clouds must be important to the group that calls for population reduction because it's more cost effective. Aluminum is cheap. Then we have all the persistent contrails bombarding us. The aerosols are blatantly obvious and that is what is most likely killing the bats and bees that work around miniscule particles. Persistent contrail clouds also cause droughts and warms the earth because the heat can't escape the earth at night. Also may be causing the more recent increase in deaths from Alzheimer. But he chooses to point the finger at other countries to keep the agenda going.

  28. what a load of shit. IPCC themselves admit in their 2012 report, that there's NO INCREASE IN EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS, and no link between extreme weather events and human activity can even be made.

    If the globe warms, as predicted by the (grossly exaggerating) models, there will be LESS EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS, because they are driven by the temperature difference between equator and the poles, and this difference will be LOWER.

    where are you getting this idiotic bullshit from, may I ask? mainstream press releases?

  29. I'm confused why if climate change is factually present then why people still have to convince us (as in this video 35 seconds in).

  30. I mean, he COULD be correct but he didnt really explain why? he just pointed out that countries with higher emissions also have higher levels of corruption, but no evidence that they are causally linked.

  31. Actually, Russia is one of the world leaders in reduction of CO2 emission. Unlike the US for example. Just so you know.

  32. Earth Climate is in the state of constant change everybody intelligent knows that,ever heard of an IceAge, you NWO psyopp mtf…

  33. Funny he mentions Venezuela, Indonesia and Russia but skips the US, the #1 contributor to climate change and the #1 most corrupt country by far.

  34. Stop eating beef. Cows are the number one cause of climate change. No, I'm not a vegan, but they are right about the cows.

  35. haha this title is just taking the piss
    it should read combatting political corruption will end the man made climate change scam

  36. Climate change is reality… AGW is not. Man-made global warming is still a theory and nothing is fact.

    "hottest days in history" means the last 150 years.

    That being said, re-use, stop being a big consumer, recycle, be a better human.

  37. Never mind that California was settled during a historic wet period, and the return to a norm is who's fault?!

  38. I wish Big Think would include citations to readable references that support this persons argument instead of just letting this guy ramble on without citing his sources.

  39. For a moment you had me convinced of the argument, but then you didn't mention the U.S. in your corruption list. And so I'm left wondering what is the actual agenda.

  40. You did a video on preventing climate change and didn't mention animal agriculture once. That's the leading cause of it.

  41. I'm neither a believer nor a denier of global warming, but I have to say that almost every point in this video is completely pointless.

  42. Well there is a double moral on that… G8 countries are doing bigger efforts to prevent climate change but in the other hand they push the undeveloped countries to sell them cheaper materials, cheaper force labor and also prevent them to have eco laws. For example radioactive wastes… they cant dump it on their country so they go to a undeveloped country to dump that shit…

  43. correlation does not mean causation… Shit i could show you that the rate of gun murders in Chicago has gone up this year at the same rate that Armani suit sales have gone up (no idea if that is true). They could perfectly correlate but it doesn't have to mean shit. Climate change is a bad thing sure but dont go saying stupid stuff buddy

  44. This video is super awkward.

    The idea that 'Climate change is ignored because rich people make money off of fossil fuels/etc' is not wrong, though. :v

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