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Climate Denier Style Music Video

The only polar bears left will be the ones in zoos And you keep sayin’ no to jobs and growth To keep us all in crude
Teach pseudoscience to our kids in the hopes they’ll be dumber, and won’t notice record heat fall winter spring and summer of course you’re making record profits amid heat waves and droughts according to you the scientists studying this for decades have no clout You’re sending prayers to storm victims
in New York and New Jersey The superheated ocean that fueled Sandy
gets none of your worry. Hey Heartland baby,
you talk a lot of game,
but you sound insane.
(The Unabomber, really?) Ignoring it really won’t make it go away and
Ignoring it just means there’ll be ~gasp~ to pay Ignoring it is the best and only way
to make good and sure that we all burn someday you know what i’m saying News flash – for all you Kochs, Inhofes, and Perrys Sticking your heads in the sand won’t work when the sand is all eroding As the sea levels rise, we’ve got no time to waste but you’re worried that your energy supremacy soon will be erased With your propaganda and millions in campaign funds you think you’re clever But we want a different path and it’s still better late than never. We tried it
your way now it’s time for cleaner fuels and better laws – Oh and also you should keep in mind that polar bears have claws. And what about the trees? I speak for the trees! Yes we need the trees to turn climate pollution into oxygen -which we need- so plant some trees! and while we’re at it build a wind turbine or two or even threeeeeeeeeeee! Climate Denier Style! Exxon baby

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  1. One the largest causes of man-made climate change is animal agriculture. Rather than waiting on government and industry to do their part, how about asking people to stop eating animal products? They don't need anyone's permission for that and it is not expensive like solar panels and electric cars.

  2. first off, I do not deny the climate change, but think about this your electric car into the wall where's the electricity coming from.

  3. Thanks for your comment and good question – we actually covered it in our 3rd video, on Fuel Efficiency (find it on our channel page, just click the name in this post) — the short answer is that even with fossil fuel generated electricity, an electric car gets about 100 mpg equivalent, so way better (and waaaay cheaper). And, you can buy green power for your house, so a solar- or wind-powered car is totally possible today! (We have the options, we just have to use them.) Thanks for asking.

  4. the greenhouse gas from animal agriculture is from chemicals that were already in the biosphere before the animal consumed them. The danger is caused by release of chemicals that were locked out of the biosphere for eons. If we would keep fossil fuel unused in the ground, animal agriculture would not be inherently harmful to climate.

  5. 1.) Plant-matter eaten by animals is converted to methane and nitrous oxides by them. Methane is 20 times more potent at trapping heat in the atmosphere while nitrous oxide is 300 times more effective. They last 10 and 100 years in the atmosphere, respectively. Animal ag takes carbon dioxide that is part of the natural cycle of plants and converts them into methane and the nitrogen that is fixed into soil and turns into nitrous oxide. They convert less dangerous chemicals into more harmful ones.

  6. 2.) Huge amount of fossil fuels are used to raise animals for food. Majority of the grains grown in the U.S. is fed to animals (enough to feed 800,000,000 million people if it were fed to people directly). Farming all that food, transportation of that food to animals, transportation of animals to slaughterhouses, transportation of their carcasses to food processing planets, etc. take a lot of fossil fuels.

  7. 3.) The biggest reason for the destruction of rainforests is for grazing animals. Second biggest reason it to grow food for them for export. Destroying rainforests not only removes a carbon sink but adds huge amounts of carbon to the atmosphere.

    Bottom line, raising animals for food is NOT GHG neutral. As I have shown, they are a net producer of GHG, which contribute to climate change. Therefore animal agriculture is inherently harmful to the climate.

  8. It's a sad day when this waste of valuable internet space comes up as an advertisement in the middle of a video.

  9. Sad day when a waste of valuable air and space comes up in comments on an amusing video informing people of the problems of the world.

  10. The biggest causes of climate change is ancient rainforest destruction and coal burning. Ancient rainforest trees contain all the CO2 they collect, so thousands of years worth of CO2 is released at once when cut down.. At the size of Los Angeles every day in just 'one' rainforest, not counting the others occurring. All the cars, trains, planes, etc in the world couldn't even compare to a single days worth of damage in removal of ancient rainforest. Coal is also an ugly, scary truth…

  11. I work on wind turbines, and I can honestly say, that they are a lost cause. Too expensive, very unreliable, and I know without government paying into their creation, they would never be a good practice for energy companies.

  12. Hm, well, not sure what your experience has been, but turbine prices have been dropping in recent years as manufacturing increases… We do need better transmission infrastructure. But considering the benefits, that doesn't seem like a good reason to give up on the technology. Instead, let's invest in the necessary infrastructure. Honestly, we're much more okay with subsidizing wind for a while than we are with government continuing to subsidize fossil fuels (which get way more in handouts).

  13. yeah and my father has had to work on like 60 of them that have blown up so he had to go and take them down and try to help repair them he said there not really any good

  14. Captions should be there – just click on the CC button at the bottom right of the frame – thanks!

  15. #tbt to the first DJST music video. Get excited for the premier of a new one at #FutureFest15! #climate

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