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Climate Change Resilience: Preparing For Power Loss

yes and II was huh it was one of those things you never want to do again our business was hit hard by the storm or right here in Rockaway and just searching on the internet I came across the rides contest run by the New York City Economic Development Corporation and the purpose was to find new technologies that would make businesses that were affected by superstorm standing more resilient sola tube is a daylighting device that's installed on the roof the dome captures the light the light is transferred down through a highly reflective tube and the diffuser spreads the light out evenly in the room my proposal was that I could take 40 local businesses daylight them thereby saving them electricity less strain on the power grid and providing a safety factor for them in case of future blackouts the way the tubes are designed they fit right through the roof rafters there's different sizes and used all over the world we do get a lot of blackouts in this area the grid here in Rockaway and popping a lot of there is in the city they're old and they're overtaxed so if we do have a blackout the businesses can operate and not worry about the lighting it's simple you put a dome up you capture the light it sends it into the building I've had many people say oh I had that idea 10 years ago and you know the best things are simple you

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  1. Ideas are a dine a dozen, any lazy person can think. Making a profit from them is the hard part and lazy people won't do the work.

  2. Global warming has been definitively determined NOT to increase the number nor the intensity of storms … Or fires.  I would expect better from an alleged Museum of Natural History.  Its really a shame.  I expect better.

  3. LoL, don't you watch your own posts ??
    The guy even says ""we get many blackouts here because as the grid is old and overtaxed"
    Has nothing to do with Climate Change ..

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