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Climate Change Rap 🎵

For the first time in human history, carbon
dioxide levels reached an average of 400 parts per million. This is not acceptable. Put the
chair back. Cool. Cool. Queens, New York, USA, Planet Earth, Milky
Way It’s where I live, it’s where I stay
And the last time I checked It’s the only place where life can play This pale blue dot, that’s our home
Lonely neighborhood we’re forever alone It’s where us humans live, on this single
planet However, we managed, to take it, for granted
Abusing fuel, pollution in the air Insane amounts of carbon in the atmosphere
The fragile fabric that supports all the life here
Ask me it seems like we just don’t care Whether we affect the weather, or not We’ve got to get our act together, or not Climate change happens every day Human Beings, act responsibly
Whether we affect the weather, or not We’ve got to get our act together, or not Climate change happens every day Human Beings, act responsibly Climate Change? What’s that go to do with
me? Our actions affect the entire species
We share our planet with plants and animals Fish reptiles amphibians insects and mammals We have the power to preserve our planet And mitigate any future damage But Who’s in charge of making these decisions?
Is it the scientists or is it politicians? Is it individuals or corporate businesses?
All of these above, going green is what the mission is There’s so much denial about Climate Change
Earth is getting warmer and there’s no one else to blame
The ozone layer is like a coat piece It’s what keeps our planet nice and cozy But the Carbon Dioxide that’s in the Atmosphere
Traps extra heat making it hotter every year Whether we affect the weather, or not We’ve got to get our act together, or not Climate change happens every day Human Beings, act responsibly
Whether we affect the weather, or not We’ve got to get our act together, or not Climate change happens every day Human Beings, act responsibly I don’t know about you but I like nice weather
That may be a thing of the past unless we get our act together
Or not Sometimes I sit back
And I think about reality Is everything what it is
Or what it seems to be If a tree falls And there’s no one near it Does that tree make a sound
If no one hears it? Is sound sound?
Or is it what I hear Vibrations in the air
That enter in my ear And hit my ear drum…

Reader Comments

  1. This is now my favorite song/video of yours!! All it takes is for more of us to act responsibly. Each action counts!

  2. I think the majority of people right now don't care because it won't effect them but when everyone relies that it matters it'll be to late another great coma niddy thanks! 🙂

  3. There is no limit to the amount of talent that exudes from this rapping scientist! Mike AKA Coma Niddy tackles the most important issues, clad with facts and rhymes! LOOOOOOVE THIS!!!!

  4. it affects them now. We are already starting to see some changes. We are going to experience more extreme weather. Recycling and reducing emissions won't be enough. We have to better prepare ourselves for the adverse effects of the weather.

  5. Well if we don't stop suppressing helpful inventions due to corporate greed, maybe our Co2 emissions would reduce. For example, Henry Ford invented the Hemp powered car. It's made and powered by hemp. Look it up. Hemp is from marijuana. Note that, that is the reason weed is illegal in America. What, did you think the government cares about your health?

  6. we humans are not as smart as we think that is why I'm feeling the heat of global warming that is why we have had two World Wars that is why we have the power to fix every thing but don't.

  7. Additionally, climate change happens naturally. Natural climate change is slow and gentle. What we've created is a monster.

  8. I love the hook. The truth is, that it is happening, and we can slow it down. Even if you don't believe humans are the cause, (Which 97 out of 100 believe it's humans causing it) then you must understand that humans can change the outcome. We are smart enough to slow,and stop this from killing us… And as always, Read Books, Idiots!

  9. Coma Niddy, You are Definitely Not comatose! Thanks for raising human consciousness and with a cooling beat.

  10. Well there are multiple things we can do, flee Earth, kill Earth, stop using technology that makes global warming, or make that technology better.

  11. Climate Change – Citizens For Climate Lobby
    Atmospheric Science coming out of our National Labs treats our Sun as an invariable. The Sun is the main driver of Climate Change. Our Sun is not an invariable.

    MINORITY OPINION REPORT: As a member of Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) I continue to do independent climate research. CCL focuses on shortsighted CO2 levels in our atmosphere. CO2 data, reviewed through CCL's political lens for shortened time frame, creates the wrong conclusions, and is leading CCL lock-step in the wrong direction. We must prepare for a rapid onset of an ice-age instead. Global Warming appears to be a temporary luxury. The current CCL lobby stance position is based on false science. Clean Air must regain its original understanding. Clear air is breathable atmospheric gas levels that support human life and lush biologic diversity. Clean air does not require the removal of CO2. CO2 is insignificant in global warming! The earth has cycled through much higher levels of CO2 many times before, providing lush living environments through a beneficial heating cycle tempered by 10,000-year ocean memory, in temperature ranges in which humans and biodiversity thrive. More than being shortsighted in their focus CCL members default in being persuaded in scientific matters ONLY by "consensus opinion politics." They remain unaware that the balance of scientific opinion has now changed substantially away from the notorious settled science of Sen. Al Gore's personal convenient reality. We are facing another ice-age occurrence that is far more important to prepare for than global warming. Research into the actual long term scientific data, shows Carbon Dividend Tax is based on false science.


    Let's take a look at the ice-age alternative outcome. What science is there to support such a prediction? The sad, great irony in which we find ourselves is a political, myopic focus on global warming during a period when we might otherwise be preparing for onset of the next ice age.


    The significance of David LaPoint's 3 videos @-xGI when combined with Rolf Witzsche's follow-on reporting (see link below) illustrates a strong scientifically based hypothesis by Witzsche and well cited each step of the way with long term, ice-core drillings covering ice samples over many tens of thousands of years. These long term charts clearly demonstrate climate change is tracking to an ice-age and that ice-age onset can occur in one day (a change that seems to also be support by still frozen animals with undigested food found emerging from thawing tundra, and additionally supported by ice core samples showing very rapid changes in atmospheric temperatures.)


    This RAPID COOLING phenomenon occurs when there is insufficient electric current about our Sun, to sustain the Sun's plasma field. These magnetic plasma fields (Primer Fields named by David LaPoint in the above referenced videos) turn on and off instantly, and not over long periods of time. The Sun has many different intensity of cycles.

    The Sun is mistakenly considered an invariable in today's politicized, public atmospheric false-science. The sun is not an invariable. @wTVc

    Unless our Atmospheric Science Department at LLNL, the current politicized wing of the Deep State input to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, can be de-politicized, they should be closed down. There is too much they have to account for to the public as a declassified agency, and can not be trusted.

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