Importance of Natural Resources

Climate Change Is Real, People

-We’re barely into the new year,
but researchers are already saying that
we’ve lived through the hottest decade on record,
says facts. And it’s only going to get worse
because of climate of change, a.k.a. for you all you Boomers
and Gen-Xers out there, global warming. a.k.a. for all you Millennials, yo, the polar ice caps
are totally ghosting us, a.k.a., for my Gen-Z viewers,
I would do a TikTok, but I have no idea
what the hell a TikTok is. I’ll be real. I don’t know.
I don’t get it. Now, for the longest time, I didn’t realize how
important climate change was. You know, it’s like sunscreen
or turning off your phone’s AirDrop
when you’re in public. You know, if you don’t already
do that, you should, because the next time you’re
at the airport, yeah, planes aren’t
the only thing you’re going to see take off,
if you know what I mean. Mm-hmm! He knows what I’m talking about.
He sends them. I see you over there. Kidding! It’s such a big issue,
and you really understand it when you talk to your
friends with kids, because they’re so focused
on the future. It feels like climate change
is this huge disaster that everyone can see coming,
but no one can stop, like a 70-year-old white guy
getting elected president. And it’s frustrating,
because there are still people who don’t even believe
it’s happening. Italy recently became
the first country to require their schools to teach climate change
and global warming. [ Cheers and applause ]
Yeah. Amazing. Meanwhile, in America, we still
have people who are like, “Well, if global warming
is real, how did ‘Frozen’ get a sequel?” I mean, it has to be tough
to be a climate scientist. Think about it. You spent decades warning people about this oncoming disaster,
and nothing. And then “The Walking Dead”
comes out, and everyone runs out
and buys zombie apocalypse kits. Like, what’s happening? But if we can’t agree
on the facts, we can’t solve the problem. And I’m sick of hearing that
this is all just a hoax from conspiracy theorists. Like, you idiots, can’t you see
what’s happening on our big, flat Earth? So, I’ve been trying to
reduce my carbon footprint, and because enough people have
harassed me online about it, I’ve stopped using
plastic straws. Now, I understand that
plastic straws are dangerous to wildlife and we
should all stop using them, but here’s the thing. It’s important not to focus on
bullying people for using them, because then we lose sight
of the bigger picture. And did you know this? Cigarette butts and balloons
have actually been proven to have more of a negative
impact on the environment. So before you leave a mean
comment on Instagram of someone drinking from
a straw, make sure you take down that
picture of all those balloons at little Timmy’s
5th birthday party. Mm-hmm. Also, take down
that picture of Timmy with all those cigarette butts. What is you doing?! And the next time you feel good
about refusing a straw while you’re on a date
at Chili’s, think long and hard about
the fact about that the meat in your bacon cheeseburger
contributes to 25% of greenhouse-gas emissions. Facts! And then think long and hard
about the fact that you took your date to Chili’s. Sir! Right now, not enough people
care about climate change, and, honestly if even
Leonardo DiCaprio can’t make us care,
then we’re doomed. I mean, he fought
an iceberg and lost and still wants to save them. Though I guess he has to think
of the world his 22-year-old girlfriends will
have to grow up in.

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