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Climate Change is Devastating India With Heat Waves and Water Shortages

It’s The Real News Network and I’m Greg
Wilpert in Baltimore. A massive heat wave and drought are devastating
India at the moment. Chennai, the country’s sixth largest city,
whose greater metropolitan area is home to nearly 10 million people, has almost run out
of water. The city’s drought is so intense that it
can be seen from satellites in space. This water crisis has been accompanied by
India’s second longest heatwave on record, and according to the government, has killed
at least 36 people. Other sources say that nearly 200 have died
from the heat so far. Joining me now to talk about this heatwave
and what India can do to address these issues is Shouvik Chakraborty. He is an Assistant Research Professor at the
Political Economy Research Institute at UMass-Amherst. Thanks for joining us today. Thanks for having me. So, let’s talk about the water crisis first. Last year, a government think tank found that
21 major cities in India will run out of groundwater as soon as 2020. This includes the capital, New Delhi. It would affect some 100 million people and
there is general agreement that this crisis is being fueled by climate change. Monsoon seasons are later, weaker and shorter
than usual, and there’s been decreased rainfall in general. And Indians are also protesting in Chennai
and elsewhere, saying that the crisis is also a result of government mismanagement. How much of this water crisis was preventable
would you say? This water crisis is actually related with
climate change and the heatwaves, which have been ongoing now in India. Some recent studies done by Columbia University
shows that it’s not only the groundwater, which is running dry, but the glaciers are
melting at an unprecedented rate since the beginning of 2000. The rate at which the glaciers were to melt
was at around 22 centimeters from 1975 to 2000, and that pace has almost doubled to
around 43 centimeters annually from 2000 to 2008. Now this, as we all know, is related to climate
change and which now scientific evidence shows is actually related to human nature and human
behavior. Now what the government could have done in
India to prevent this was actually to reduce its carbon emissions, which we are experiencing
it’s increasing at a rapid pace. The Indian government, we know, has been burning
coal. From 2000 to 2008, it has increased the consumption
of coal from almost 9.5 quarts to 18 quarts over this period. The number of oils which is being used has
increased from 2,200 barrels per day to 5,500 barrels per day. The increase in fossil fuel consumption has
gone up tremendously in India. Along with that, there has been massive mismanagement
by the local government. The state governments wanted to help them
out. Now they have finally accepted the help, especially
I’m talking about Chennai. Like the Kerala government is sending trains
filled with water now and the government has finally agreed to accept help from the other
state governments. But this crisis is a bigger part, or is a
bigger problem. It should not be seen as a sporadic incident
that the lakes are drying up. This is eventually related to the intense
heatwave experience and the delayed monsoons due to the climate change, which we are experiencing
overall. And so, my suggestion or, I think, what the
government of India needs to do and also the local state government, is that they have
to do everything possible under the radar or under their policy structure to reduce
these global greenhouse emissions and also to take charge of the environment so that
climate change and the impacts of it can be reduced. Now, I want to turn to the issue of carbon
emissions in a moment. But first, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has
pledged to end the water crisis. His government created a new water ministry
and said that it will “improve our coverage of clean drinking water from 18 percent currently
to 100 percent by 2024.” Now, what are your thoughts on this water
initiative of the Modi government? See, it’s very unfortunate, but the Modi
government is more about rhetorics and ironics. And what happens is that given the advertisements
and the publicity this government dons, the actual schemes or the money spent within these
schemes are much less than what is actually being spent on the propagation and advertisement
of those schemes. In reality, what had happened is that this
government has delivered very less for the environment and for cleaning up the water
resources. The biggest project, which they took up in
their last government— this is their second term— in the last term, what they took up
was cleaning up Ganga, which is the project called Namami Gange. They were supposed to clean up Ganga, which
they considered as a holy river, that they will clean that river from all kinds of pollution,
and what? They completely failed to deliver on this
project, so this government under Narendra Modi is more about rhetorics. It’s more about making false promises to
the people rather than actually delivering. And our experience from the last government,
and if you rely on the statistics, which this government itself has provided, that it has
completely failed to deliver. So, to be honest with you, it’s really given
our past experience of the government from India—I am not so hopeful that he will be
able to do this promises of a 100% clean water by 2024. Here are the two facts. One, like its own government report shows,
which you just cited a moment earlier that 21 mega cities will run out of ground water
by 2020. Then, what is the plan to replace this ground
water? And the other source, like I was mentioning
to you, are the Himalayan glaciers. There, the study from Columbia University
shows that the glaciers are melting and there is a huge problem with this water being running
out of the rivers, especially in the Ganges region. I am not sure what alternative plans the government
does. Until and unless it really proposes some concrete
proposals to replace this depleting groundwater and the melting glaciers, I don’t think
it really does have anything to deliver by 2040. It’s mainly rhetorics. Now, I want to turn to the heatwave which
also has resulted in widespread devastation. Temperatures hit 50 degrees Celsius in the
western state of Rajasthan. That’s 122 degrees Fahrenheit. And heat waves, of course, are becoming worse
and more frequent as the climate crisis worsens, but climate change is a global issue. Can India really enact any meaningful change
on its own through better climate policy? I think it can. One of the most important things, which is
related to climate change, is the use of fossil fuels and the emission of carbons. We have to tax carbon. Period. Of course, that would have some regressive
effects, like poorer people will be more effected. What needs to be done is the redistribution
of these taxes in two ways. One, is to provide energy to the poorer people
who don’t have any form of access to energy and second, to replace these fossil fuels
with greener renewable forms of energy. Now, earlier there used to be an excuse that
solar and wind are more expensive. Today that excuse doesn’t even exist because
actually, they’re more cost compatible. In fact, some of those resources like solar
is cheaper than using coal, and these are from the statistics from the US EIA, which
has shown that the labeled of cost of electricity now has gone down tremendously for solar and
wind. Now, there is no reason for the Indian government
not to expand those uses of resources like solar. In fact, they’re doing it, and that’s
a welcome gesture, but at the same time, unfortunately, they are also increasing their use of coal
and other fossil fuels like petroleum and gas. That doesn’t help and that actually is deteriorating
the condition in India. Also having said that, I think, because this
is a global problem, the responsibility does not only lie with the poorer country like
India. It also equally lies with the richer countries—
the United States of America, Europe— to take care of this problem. If these countries—Like in the United States,
we see an increasing use of coal day by day, despite the facts assuring that solar and
wind is more cost compatible, and even better in terms of cost than coal. But if this thing has to be dealt at a global
level, India definitely can be a partner to it in reducing these emission levels— along
with other developing countries like China, Brazil, and others. Now, you already touched on the issue of inequality,
which is very stark in India. And the climate change-induced crisis basically
exacerbate that, which you already mentioned. I mean, one other example of that is how,
of course, those with more money can afford to buy more water from deliveries. Also, those who must work outside and don’t
have air conditioning are, of course, at a higher risk when these temperatures hit. Now, you were the author of a recent study
from the Political Economy Research Institute called “Green Growth and the Right to Energy
in India” in which you propose a plan for officials to address inequities while also
fighting climate change. Can you give us a brief summary of that proposal,
and is there a chance that this kind of proposal could be enacted in India? So what we found in that study was striking. It was like, it is mainly the top 10%, which
we call the richest of the Indian population, who are the main polluters. Their pollution levels—The top 10% pollutes
almost ten times more than the bottom 10%. This is remarkable. And what we are saying is tax carbon. Tax those who drive a BMW, or have private
jet planes, and use carbon at an extensive level. These resources, like I was telling you, can
be redistributed in two ways. One, the revenue which is generated from the
carbon tax can actually pay for the energy access to the poorer people who actually burn,
like, [inaudible] or some dirty forms of fuel like coal or any other for cooking. The government can provide them with free
energy and that free energy can be clean, renewable energy which will A— which will
reduce from the demand side, the richer people polluting their environment. And from the other side, it will give access
to clean energy to the poorer people who don’t have access to those resources. Just to add to this point, see, the impact
of climate change or the impact of pollution is more on the poorer people who cannot shield
themselves, like you were mentioning, from the impacts of this heatwave. And like a recent study done by the Public
Health Foundation in India found, that in the city Ahmedabad, what actually happened
was there was a massive heatwave in 2015 in which more than 2,000 people died. It was found that that year recorded 43% more
mortality than the previous year. These things usually happen because the poorer
people cannot shield themselves from these heatwaves, from this pollution level, and
this was also evident in the last year when there was massive air pollution during Diwali,
during this season of October and November. Delhi—I was there. You could see that poorer people, walking—There
were no masks because the masks were so expensive that they were almost breathing this poisonous
air every day and, of course, this would have a long-term health impact. Now, unfortunately, what we need today from
the government of India is to enact these policies rather than doing, honestly, rather
than doing this rhetoric that we’ll take care, because as scientific evidence shows
based on the PNNL studies and others, that time is really running out, and we need to
act now. Just now, and we cannot delay it any further. We are seeing the effects of climate change
today. It’s not like—I think, I sometimes jokingly
tell my friends, like, the scientists have in fact gone wrong. Things are happening much faster than what
they were saying would happen in the end of this 21st century, but it’s happening right
now. It’s happening just in front of our eyes,
and we need to act. Okay. Well, unfortunately, we’re going to leave
it there for now, but I’m sure we’ll come back to you again very soon. I was speaking to Shouvik Chakraborty, Assistant
Research Professor at the Political Economy Research Institute at UMass-Amherst. Thanks again, Shouvik, for having joined us
today. Thanks for having me. Thank you very much. And thank you for joining The Real News Network.

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  1. India is running out of water. The government is burning twice as much coal, and gas, and now their down to 18% water than they had when burning half the fossil fuels they are burning today! Still think global warming has nothing to do with human behavior??

  2. Anthropogenic overuse of POLLUTANT SULFATE AEROSOLS, is "devastating India" and our planet!!!

    Human deposition of SULFURIC ACID via stratospheric GEOENGINEERING with SULFATE AEROSOLS, PERTURBATED (ie. heated) in our atmosphere, resulting in Secondary Organic AEROSOLS (SOAs), and combining with carbonaceous (PFOS) AEROSOLS…both, major components of our FINE-PARTICLE-POLLUTION, and the most likely contributing factor to CLIMATE CHANGE!!!

  3. Water desalinization , water filters, better water catchment, solar panels, highly efficient air conditioning,

  4. This is an ever changing universe, nothing remains the same. There are, however, patterns that can help us predict what comes next. There is no sense in fighting it, but to plan correctly and accordingly to survive the changes.

  5. AGW hysteria is a con. We've had decades of false predictions and wildly inaccurate climate models. You're being conned, people.

  6. Open your ears/mind people. One can travel around the entire planet and see signs
    on the ground that there has been severe weather changes for thousands of years.
    The Earth, AND OTHER PLANETS go through cycles. WTF up..stop being sucked into the propaganda
    feed. Use common sense, NOT CORPORATE GREED 'sense' that is filled with agendas and scams. TRUTH!

  7. An intelligent Species would have the women dressed in two piece bikinis, and the men dressed in a Man's Speedo Bathing Suit; therefore, your body can cool off faster and only a little water is required to wash your clothing so that you stay fresh throughout the day and the night, but the Human Being Species is not known for intelligence, and this is the result of Religions and Governments overriding common sense, and to prove my point notice that this documentary is about a heat wave, and look at the people's clothing, and you would think the documentary was about severe cold. Silly Human Race. Point Made! EYE 5

  8. Unless there is a revolution to end capitalism and create a new system, the human race is going to become extinct.

  9. India has itself to blame. No climate can sustain unconstrained growth of population. Even without the current global warming, with the rate of population growth, India will still run out of water in a few decades.

  10. Throwing the mass of people under the bus in favor of economic growth is not only unsustainable, but unprofitable in the long run. When the economy collapses, there is no infrastructure to help rebuild; there will be only devastation. This is happening all over the globe, but I find solace in the conviction that nature will rebound after we are long gone.

  11. Indians deserve this in a way i am sad to say, they destroyed their forrest, killed their tigers, the country is literally a shithole, plastic everywhere, burned or thrown in the sea, an ecological nightmare, i know i lived there for years and finally have the bad smell out my nose.

  12. This man brings very little to the discussion. Carbon taxes? Carbon emissions? This is simpleton commentary. Military scale climate engineering (USA/NATO) is what has forced our climate system into exponential implosion and superheating. Zero hour for remaining wildlife on this planet is projected at 2026-2027.

  13. 9:19 I don't really think that China is a developing country, from what I know it is the major pollutant and therefore should lead others by lowering emissions. As for India- tackle your overpopulation and quality of life will rise.

  14. This is not simply climate change. This is also mismanagement of resources. Last year, Chennai had floods; if they had been able to store all that excess water, they would not have problems now. Not to mention the fact that they also have 3 rivers over there that are currently being used as sewers; plus the man-made Buckingham Canal, which is also being used as a sewer.

  15. Dear luke maxwell, I find it difficult to deny evidence like a heat wave in europe, folks dying in india. Something IS happening. Climate refugees from africa/ middle east are moving to wetter climes. To say that there is NO evidence is as stupid as saying the sky id falling.

  16. This is old news, in the sense that we know there is a huge problem. What I would like to know is when are we going to talk about the massive geo engineering that is being practiced daily? Where I live, they spray and the temperature seems to spike as well as the uv index. Does anyone else feel the effects of this where they are at? This is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is happening and we need to get it into the open before it is glossed over. In case it needs to be said I know the human race is accelerating the demise of the climate.

  17. Thank you. I am so sorry for what is happening.

    I would yell "FIRE!' but our theater has no exit. The positive feedback loops have started. It is too late to do anything. The Exxon scientist saw this during the 1980's. If I was the CEO of Exxon at that time I would have done just what he did. The best we can do is to maintain social stability as long as possible.

    The forces of nature are in place and beyond our control. Just three too hot and or too wet or too dry springs and food for billions of people disappears.

    We humans have enjoyed @ 10,000 years of stable weather. That window for agriculture is closing.

    Soon, world food production will fail. When do we plant our corps? Any culture is three months of hunger from disintegration.

    There is no place to migrate to. Where are you going to go?

    Scientist are not politicians, theologians, philosophers, or poets. Their knowledge of or use of rhetoric to warn of our situation is at best poor.

    It is now clear that homo-hubris-sapiens are about to disappear. Our society is just another about to disappear. Nothing new here, this is quite natural. We humans are just part of a natural cycle. Any scientist can tell you this. But no politician will or can tell you the truth. Dictator or democrat; no politician can, will, or should tell us these obvious facts regarding our habitat.

    The human response to climate change seems like the human response on Easter Island as they were cutting down their last tree.They thought their gods were more important than their trees. Then they learned that their god's could not create trees.

    We think that profit and financial growth are more important than the environment. To the economist the environment is extraneous to our economy. We are about to learn that profit and financial growth can not create living organisms. The gods of profit and financial growth have made us blind to the absurdity of cutting down the last trees on our island.

    I have passed through a morning period. I am embracing my death. I try to love all I see. In my view it is too late to "do" anything. Our day has passed.

    Just for the record, I have spent most of the last 25 years wandering about in the wildernesses of the Colorado Rockies, the highlands of Northern California, Maui, and my beloved Central California Coast. I could do this because to get food all I had to do was go to town. When there is plenty of wild life, living off the land is very difficult. My hat is off to our ancestors. We are looking at the collapse of habitat for all manuals as well as fish, birds, and vegetation. There will be no "living off the land."

    I have been hungry in the wilderness. Lethargy and weakness take over. Every action takes great effort. It appears to me to be a hard death. But no more difficult a death than those who have gone before us.

    The specter of death has appeared at our party. Everyone at the party sees it. No one admits it at first. A few whispers, that's about it. A rumor of the specter begins to spread. A rumor that everyone at the party can see and does see. It is clear that death has not come for a particular person but has come for everyone at the party; including our pets.

    As the last grocery store closes I plan to be wandering up a unnamed stream.

    "And the band played on." Is the attitude I am taking. Acts of beauty and kindness as we pass. In an odd way it is a great honor and responsibility to be the last human actors on this stage. How shall we finish this play? Let's make our last days our best. The most important thing we can do is to be true to our self. May we let mercy, acceptance, and forgiveness be born anew with each breath. This is our duty.

    Into the unknown I go as we all must.



  18. Its called JUDGEMENT not Climate Change…ITs HOT AF and the Glaciers Melted should have aided in Cloud Production. Yet ITs Called Judgement. You DONT SPEAK on Chemtrail Ionizing the Atmosphere…Thats Called Neanderthals Ruling.

  19. It's very much due to geo-engineering reflecting back rays via nano particles, changing natural weather currents; aerosols, etc. causing rainfall elsewhere. See

  20. The state of Kerala India is a socialist model culture. It comes to the rescue of the mismanaged drought victims in the neolibral caste system of the rest of India, the world's biggest democracy in theory only.

  21. Churchill wrote "Those who control transportation (energy) rule the world. " And now they destroy it. It's why Gandhi preferred to walk and did mostly.

  22. devastated by climate change and burning coal (saying that climate change is a hoax maybe?), same USA

  23. This is a propaganda channel. Global climate change is a hoax. Science has only been taking temperature measurements for the last one-hundred years or less. Old people can tell you that the weather is the same today as it was fifty years ago. People who support climate change formed their belief on hearsay and consensus. The real scientists do not support climate change. NASA’s latest global temperature measurements show that the Earth has slightly cooled over the last year. Something else to think about; the more CO2 that is in the air, the greener the planet will become – because all plants thrive in higher CO2 levels. The more plants, the more oxygen and lush greenery that will exist, and the more moisture that those plants will put into the atmosphere; it’s called the hydrological cycle. Society is being misinformed for nefarious reasons.

    Most YouTube channels that have large audiences are sleeper propagandists. Propagandist give you a lot of accurate information to build their credibility and gain your trust. When needed, they use that trust to inject a false narrative such as supporting war or political candidates. The American government is spending billions of dollars towards funding these propaganda networks across all mainstream media outlets including YouTube, Twitter, Face Book, etcetera. Keeping people confused and divided keeps them in a state of conceptual limbo. The American government passed a law called the Smith-Mundt Act making propaganda legal in America. When people are kept in a constant state of fear and confusion, they are easily led into emotional despair, which keeps them from using their natural critical thinking skills. All the world is a stage and people are both the actors and audience in an endless drama of misinformation and confusion. Those who direct the scripts are misanthropic. Your only hope to escape their nefarious programming is developing and using your own critical thinking skills to question everything you see and hear…

  24. India just spend a huge amount on weapons, Yet there's no money for development of renewable s, this the story the all around the world, we would rather prepare to fight for the last resources than spend money on managing them.

  25. Communists view the world as a hall of mirrors and they see tyrants everywhere, when it is they themselves who are tyrants.

  26. Tho the glaciers fall around us and the sun's rays become as daggers we shall continue to war and destroy all that is natural and good. Man has always been a voracious, violent beast. The difference now is that there is no longer any place to escape to.

  27. Why didn’t they build desalination plants 10 years ago? They have known about the water shortage for many years.

  28. It's WAY too late for India. They are going to get hit fast and hard by climate change, and it doesn't matter what any of us do now. If they wanted to prevent this, 20 to 30 years ago they could have, if in concert with the entire world, made a difference. Now, though, India is toast. Get out of there if you want to live because soon it'll be a blood bath there the likes of which we have never seen.

  29. Jeebus, the same climate change as we have had for 4 plus billion years…and the current conditions were predicted by the global warming is a scam folks, not the manmaid global climate change folks. So, what happens if we get the cold half of climate change?

  30. This crisis could be due to climate change or it could equally be due to geoengineering or both.
    Carbon taxes won't do a dam thing except make rich people richer and poor people poorer. Thereby giveing poor people's less chance of survival.
    In any case, IF humans make it in the future it will be SO SHIITE that future generations will HATE us ! !

  31. I am all with him, I just doubt that a carbon tax will solve the problem by itself. There need to be rules amd limits.

  32. India has known for 20 years it should get farms to change to drip feeding water systems, but they only just started "suggesting" farms do this last year! Every government in the world has known for 20 years as well, and they have barely done anything either, so India shouldn't be singled out.

  33. No One Can Buy Money When The Water Runs Out And No Money Can Buy Water When The Water Runs Out: FACT

  34. The problem is this; The economy runs on energy – that energy must come from something. If you want all electrical and no fossil fuels, then the vehicles will need to be electric. Heating of homes will need to be electric. But also, to keep growing the economy more energy has to be added. It's a not so easy. Meanwhile we tighten our own noose.

  35. The IPCC and other mainstream science bodies have reported no increase in frequency or intensity of flood, drought and hurricane. Find another explanation for your perceptions, and solutions that relate to the actual causes. These events are not anomalies.

  36. As USUAL, no mention of how OVERPOPULATION is forcing the burning of more & more carbon as our excessive numbers GROW!

    Soon the increase in the burning of carbon will go into reverse as those resources decline, then the real trouble will begin. As our air pollution declines so will global dimming that has reduced the effects of the high CO2 levels.
    Heating will then go into overdrive causing increasing heat waves, crop failures & mass migration, border wars will grow & in time, billions of us will die until our numbers get back in ballence with our resources, about 500 million.
    They always avoid the CAUSE of our delema, too many HUMANS = TOO MUCH DEMAND on limited & declining resources.
    Forget "renewables" their TIED TO OIL but they are good for PROFITS & temporary JOBS.

  37. Climate change may be bad but pollution seems worse. In China 1.6 Million People die because of pollution every year.

  38. Plant more trees and vegetation. These clean the air and reduce carbon footprint. Too many developments with no trees or vegetation.

  39. Hi, i think the solution is one child politics until we have a solution to the climate change problem. Tks

  40. You are from India this person who is the scientist looking to a construction of scientists where you construct a massive amounts of homes surrounding a city where you convert pipework Into The Homes of self and refill a population with water

    This water supply which was supplying so far is working a treat but unfortunately need to go backwards and forward with it with trucks gallons and gallons of water

    What you need to do now it's build concrete structures of homes with pipework leading into a sink toiletry electricians building up Homes surrounding the city of India where India is having a connectable residue of water

    And electric which send you can engage on a social matter telling the people that they have to go into working or be on a socialized benefit scheme taptic

    Where you are not controlling him but pointing him in the right direction of living a celebration with food clean water where they can go out and get these essentials

    Free marketplaces and introduce them with vehicles then put down a foundation of work

    And massive amounts of roadworks should be developed as well which will stand out at a high cost as long as you get Europe involved with this and including the UK as well so do not structures of homes together

    Without a city that cannot be any homes without homes they cannot be a city without a concrete structure of your planning positions that cannot be a living Society

    Which time you can introduce them to network devices where you can control and monitor these potential areas with network grids which then you can bring an introduce TV electrical components such as communication levels to the invite City

    National constructing homes I believe solar panels should be introduced on every top of the roof as it is one of the most hottest countries of or which empowered massive amounts of grid including a city with home surrounding it with solar panels on top of homes

  41. The meaning of climate change is 'global warming', the original descriptor. Perhaps 'climate change' preferred by commercial media obscures the true object, its causes, & it's remedies. The euphemism is employed in deference to those who hold out a paycheck derived from ad sales, I guess.

  42. Science shows that it is CO2 causing climate change – OMG! Wonder if these guys know what the difference is between real science and politics? Most real scientist know very well that it's all politics and no science but nobody gives them a voice.

  43. The problem is too many people but no one wants to admit it. Until we stop population growth nothing else will matter.

  44. Climate Change is the greatest threat to mankind. The world is getting hotter than it has been in 30 years. Pretty soon, it will be too hot to grow & cultivate food & it will lead to famine. ?

  45. Just to let you know….Thumbs up doesn't mean you like the news, it means you like the network. Thumbs down means that you don't like the real news network.

  46. hey hey hey, decades of human mismanagement, cutting down trees, destroying nature, polluting air,land, oceans and rivers along with gazillions of tons of carbon emissions oh and not to forget destroying millions of species of all kind has led to the earth becoming a human garbage bin. And we look so …… surprised? Like, hey nature why are you doing this to us? But it's OUR FAULT, it's OUR FAULT that it's so hot, it's our fault we cannot breathe, it's our fault that the earth is dying. If we don't clean up the mess, and learn how to cooperate with nature instead of destroying it, humans will die en masse, so let's stop looking the other way and being lazy, and stick out our hands and fix this mess. Governments need to work under one world environmental political agency which needs to steer itself and the masses into a cooperative effort to clean this world, restore nature, and keep it clean by teaching younger generations the importance of a clean nature , otherwise, well burn to death i guess.

  47. You can't waste a gallon or two of water, just to give a drink to a puppy-dog; you can't have everybody with a water-hose running water freely. In the US, during dry-times, alerts go out to use water sparingly, and most people comply.

  48. Climate change doesn't get much coverage on the 'fake' news networks…the MSM. They're too busy trying to get another corporate president elected…who will, at most, give the usual lip service regarding this issue…while accepting campaign donations from his friends in the fossil fuel industry.

  49. How often must the message – STOP YOUR ENGINES! – BE REPEATED? THE IMPLICIT WARNING involved in "Life's Dusty Passing" (as found at ?  ?)
    told ALL, in 27 words (!!) in 1985!!!! what would happen. No one would listen, then. And no ONE is listening Now.

  50. Money does not make water, what idiots, no water is no water, end of. Global warming, and geoengineering are the main reasons. It's all too late, it will not and cannot be stopped, the entire world will be dead within 10 years, just wait and see!

  51. might help is there was a reward system to those who do not have children. kinder and cheaper. too many people.

  52. As long as the people of this world keep allowing the 10% wealthy to rape them, nothing will change! You must replace every leader of their position, in every country, or suffer the consequences… death!

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  54. California is in the same situation…and it is a world wide problem …unfortunately THE MOST FOOLISH PRESIDENT ON THIS 0LANET CALLED trump thinks climate change is a OAK!

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  56. He surely knows what he talks about but he’s a bit hard to understand and is long winded.
    It’s interesting though.

  57. If they don't build water desalinisation plants like Africa India will lose half its population and the half dying out will not be the black skinned people melanin will help them to survive!

  58. While India is the only major country that lives within the boundaries of Earth carrying capacity

  59. An interesting piece from the Times of India:

    Sanjeev Sabhlok: Why India Should Ignore Climate Alarmism

    Date: 29/06/19

    Sanjeev Sabhlok, Times of India

    The problem with climate “science” is that the data – which are telling us to relax – fly in the face of the strong tendency of its advocates to bully us into a panic.

  60. At least. Canada’s arctic is stable. The furthest northerly inhabited place on earth has had 28 days a year above freezing for 63 years in a row. The sea of Galilee has recovered after its 30 year drought. Some places are too hot and some places are too cold but some places are just right.’
    “The three bears “ event

  61. You need to start with population control not just India but worldwide this will never happen or clean renewable energy that’s cost-efficient but too late for all that now you would think our days are numbered stop making our lives miserable and scrap the tax stop wasting billions of tax dollars and do the right thing and stop putting the cart before the horse for once. We won’t need roads and infrastructure if we have no planet to put them on

  62. How many people are involved in this ordeal in total? Chenai = 10 mil. From what i hear there's 20 other Indian cities involved. I'm guessing 50 to 100 million people. What happens if they need to move? Where will they go and what will a move like that do to the stability of India? And this is only the start. I wouldn't be surprised if half of India is on the move in about 10 years. Thats 600/700 million people.Or 1/10th of the world population. Keep the development of climate change predictions vs climate change reality in mind (faster then expected). How will this impact the rest of the world population/economy? I feel like we are at the start of a major reduction in world population. Which would be a good thing to combat climate change but it's terrible if you are living in those area's.

    I ride my bike to work. I chose not to have children. I try not to eat beef and have more and more meat free days. I'm using water sparingly. I put the seeds of the fruit i eat into the ground. I try to buy locally grown foods as much as possible. I let the birds eat my raspberries. So they spread them. Follow my lead!

    Just to make this clear i don't do this for other people this is a purely egoistic motivation. I know what it feels like to be thirsty and hungry and tired as hell from marching and then find a clear mountain stream. At that moment you are really greatfull. Before that you think what a great luxury it is to have clear water in your home at all times. 3 days without it and you are dead. Water is our greatest resource! Stop monetizing it. Stop poluting it…and stop wasting it! It's a downright act of genocide. Right along side all the other acts of genocide we condone for capitalism.

  63. Lol.. India has doubled its fossil fuels consumption in the last few You climate change cult members need to start advocating nuclear power.. China is currently building 20 nuclear power plants.

  64. India is continuously chased by calamities due to climate change . If we discussed here about Chennai drought now it's flood in Assam and Bihar . 26 lakh people in Assam and 18 lakh in Bihar get affected . Still any proper actions frm gov to reduce climate change is on pending. It's all about our existence and people fails to understand that . don't know y

  65. when will people realise that this is the end result of homo sapiens' (wise ape not) greed, brutality…..and, it makes no sense to have infinite growth on a finite planet, what did the masses think was going to happen? and still the babies keep coming, 200,000 humans, births minus deaths, are added each and every day, we are killing the planet with this ridiculous growth paradigm, and now the planet's delicate systems are reacting, the planet has a very high fever and is sick and dying, and it is always, always about us, what about the millions, no billions of animals that are slaughtered every year for humans to eat, and all the non human life forms including the animals are going extinct in great numbers, it's criminal, and all these people ever talk about is the human cost and human suffering

  66. Unfortunately, Everything that the Professor spoke about Government here in India is true –
    Corruption has eaten up the best of India.There's doctored data (to project growth) and there's hell lot of crony capitalism.
    We have climate change, AI & Job Cuts, massive number of unemployed youth and an ever increasing population. And we don't seem to prepared for this at all.

    Its like a time bomb situation ticking in for India.
    Yes, Its a country with a lot of potential. But, If It doesn't fix the corruption & judiciary mess, Indians are doomed.

  67. Ha, crazy that people believe this garbage. Heat wave and water shortages in India – I've heard this nearly every year for decades. Maybe the more than 1,000,000,000 + people are contributing to their water shortages.

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