Importance of Natural Resources

Climate Change in Saskatoon

Hey Neighbor! Aren’t we fortunate to live in a beautiful city like Saskatoon? Our river, the trails, bridges, and historic buildings… Yep, we’ve got a great spot! Climate change is impacting Saskatoon and it’s something we should all be paying attention to. The air pollution we produce locally affects the climate not only globally, but also here in our community. Climate change is causing more intense and frequent storm events, leading to infrastructure damage and increased clean up costs. Whoooa! Join me for a paddle? Increased drought and flooding lead to degradation of the natural and man-made environment, including erosion of our riverbank Water water everywhere! Saskatoon’s storm water systems were not designed for a changing climate and are expected to be insufficient to manage extreme rainfall events caused by climate change, leading to water drainage management issues and… more snowfall in the winter means more snow clearing costs. More freeze-thaw cycles lead to more road repairs. Watch out for that pothole! You’ve probably noticed the smoke in the air too. In fact, Saskatoon’s average air quality has decreased consistently over the last decade – this worsens health issues such as asthma and other respiratory diseases. These weeds… Climate change can also affect the resilience of natural spaces, leading to erosion and invasive species. The good news is that the City of Saskatoon is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Let’s work together to keep Saskatoon healthy! Acting local has global and local effects.

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