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Climate Change damage to the U.S. Economy

– When we look at the U.S. economy and model how it will be affected by climate change in the future, the most interesting and
surprising finding of our work is that it will affect
different parts of the country in very different ways. So, in the south, where it’s
hot, and along the coast, we might see populations
losing the equivalent of 20% of their income. Whereas in the cooler
northern and western regions, we actually see that populations
might benefit a little. And because the north
tends to be wealthier and the south tends to be poorer, what we see is that, in the future, climate change is going to
increase economic inequality within the United States. So, we look at all different
aspects of the economy. We look at energy demand,
labor supply, crime, agriculture, coastal
impacts, human health. And what we see are some
of the biggest impacts, for example, are that
along the coastlines, sea level rise is gonna damage
a large amount of property and that that rising sea level exacerbates the damage that will occur with hurricanes along the coastline. We also see, in the Midwest for example, that agriculture will suffer
in a Dust Bowl-like scale. So, this is gonna
transform what agriculture looks like in that region. But then across all these sectors, the one that really jumps
out is human health. So, when we achieve
really high temperatures, especially in the southern
regions of the United States, we’re going to see many more
people exposed to heat stress and suffer mortality in ways that society really spends
a lot of money to avoid and that is gonna be probably the biggest impact for the United States. So, many studies have looked
at different economic impacts of climate change around
the world and over time. What’s really new about this study is that we’ve been looking
at very high granularity at the United States, looking
at individual counties, looking at how their economy
will evolve with time in many different sectors, so that we can see with all the richness how the U.S. economy will evolve and that lets us see how
different parts of the country will benefit and other parts
of the country will suffer. In the past, we’ve tended to
think of the United States as like a single entity that will all benefit or lose together. But, in fact, what we see
is this widening inequality as a result of climate change. This analysis of the U.S. economy looks at many different
parts of the economy and by doing so, it
allows us to figure out what parts of the economy
really are vulnerable and maybe which parts of the economy are a little more
resilient to climate change and that allows decision makers in different regions of the country to make informed decisions
about what they should focus on and how we should make investments to sort of protect our
population and our economy against the future climate change, because it is not a one
size fits all problem. If we’re gonna adapt, we need to know what parts of the economy are vulnerable in which region of the country.

Reader Comments

  1. Much of recent global warming has been fabricated by climate scientists to make it look more frightening, a study has found.

    The peer-reviewed study by two scientists and a veteran statistician looked at the global average temperature datasets (GAST) which are used by climate alarmists to argue that recent years have been “the hottest evah” and that the warming of the last 120 years has been dramatic and unprecedented.

    What they found is that these readings are “totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.”

    That is, the adjusted data used by alarmist organizations like NASA, NOAA, and the UK Met Office differs so markedly from the original raw data that it cannot be trusted.

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  4. Looks like you better go talk to China and India cause they are causing the climate change. So if we bankrupt our country the climate will still be destroyed. Sad but true. What would help the climate nucleus energy and natural gas which we shut down pretty sad

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