Importance of Natural Resources

Climate Change Causes and Effects (Road to Doha – QISS)

Hi in this video we’re going to discuss
climate change. Sixty years ago Qatar’s main resource of
income was pearl diving. Now the main resource of income is oil
industry. Which led to climate change. Climate change is also known as global
warming. But what is climate change? Climate change is a gradual increase
of the earth’s temperature. Attributed to the greenhouse effect
caused by the high concentrations of….. Greenhouse gases This environmental issues showed up in
the late nineteenth century. Just when the fossil fuels were
discovered. That discovery changed absolutely… Every thing Trees were cut for more architecture. Factories.. were opened. Cars were used more often and electricity was used excessively
and in an abusive way. But what harm does it make on our
environment? The earth’s temperature increase resulting the polar ice caps to melt; making the sea levels rise and
islands to get submerged. climate change ’caused other things like
wildfires. wildfires is when it’s too hot that the
trees barks are turned into fuel. What are the solutions? What can we do? Is it too late now?
it’s not too late. First unplug appliances when you’re
not using them. This will save a lot of electrical
energy. Plant more trees in your garden. Plants will use the carbon dioxide
for their Photosynthesis. Third limit your use of plastic. Plastic is a non biodegradable
material so use paper instead. Walk or bike to school. This will keep you fit and will improve
your cardiovascular system=) remember that you are a part of something big together we can live in a safer planet GO GREEN !! please publicize our video to let the
people who know more about climate change thanks for watching

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