Importance of Natural Resources

Climate Change and the World Food Crisis: A Solution

Smallholder farmers produce half the world’s
food. Most of them are women. Of all those affected by climate change, we
are the majority. Rich nations are historically responsible
for the climate crisis. Yet the burden is falling on developing countries. Within the next 10 years, African smallholder
farmers who depend on rainfall could see their harvests drop by as much as 50%. Leaders. Take action to meet the needs of
poor countries and smallholder farmers. Support women farmers. Let’s fight climate change and hunger together.

Reader Comments

  1. Beautiful video! Let's hope women farmers get the support they need next week in Durban! Everyone should share this video now!

  2. Women farmers can end world's hunger and global food crisis. No one should die of hunger or disease, it is time to stand up in support of the WOMEN FARMERS…

  3. Amazing that HALF the world's food is produced by small scale farming – that's sooo not what you'd think listening to world leaders! Hope they all see this 🙂

  4. About time that ppl understand the importance of putting real ppl first in policy making! The Durban party needs to shut up for a moment and listen to the point being made in this fantastic video!

  5. “Your mouthful of cool air-conditioned air is water stolen from our mountain stream, change your lifestyle and we will take care of the rest,”

    I heard a woman farmer say at a conference on climate change

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