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Climate change and political polarization | IN 60 SECONDS

Republicans and Democrats differ significantly about the causes of climate change, its seriousness, and what ought to be done about it. 85% of Democrats compared to 34% of
Republicans in an October CBS News poll say global warming is caused mostly by
human activity. In an NBC News/Wall Street Journal question from December,
71% of Democrats, but only 15% of Republicans said climate change has been
established ad serious and immediate action is necessary on it. In the Pew
Research Center’s survey on political priorities that inquired about 18
possible priorities for President Trump and Congress, partisans differed more
about climate change that any other issue. 67 percent of Democrats but only
21 percent of Republicans said it should be a top priority this year. Although
differences are deep, there is some agreement among partisans on producing
domestic energy from different sources. Majorities in both parties agree that
more emphasis should be put on solar and wind. A plurality of Democrats and a
majority of Republicans wanted to put more emphasis on natural. Gas can
Republicans and Democrats come together on climate change? Let us know in our
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Reader Comments

  1. Species that adapt to climate change, will win. Species that fight climate change, will lose. This is much bigger than who caused it, or which political side has ascendency.

  2. Man-made Climate Change is a hoax, Remember back in the 70's the "experts" warned us about the coming ice age in our lifetime? If you really really want to address so-called man-made global warming or climate change as i never know which one to call it since you propagandist use different words to suit the narrative your pushing. The 1st thing you need to address is the top 20% of rich humans to cut their lifestyles back to normal like the rest of us peasants live every day because just taxing the rich people will never get them to cut back on their carbon footprint. And corporations will only pass on the cost to the rest of us.

  3. And yet establishment Dems and Reps have done jack shit about it. We either mobilize to force immediate and decisive action or we will let the window of opportunity slip us by.

  4. Wind power is the most harmful form of energy to those around it. I lived on the Eastern Plains outside of Colo Spgs, CO. They installed hundreds of the Wind turbines just 10 miles away from where I lived. All of the livestock that were within 3 miles of the turbines, died or developed acute health problems. Many people living close to them experienced severe nausea and long term health problems. The bird population surrounding the areas that turbines were placed, died out. The whole solar/wind solution to pollution, is a farce.

  5. Leftists use climate change to get votes, they actually don't care about it and their policies are often counter productive. With their push to shut down nuclear plants in Germany, the Green party made that Germany now burns gas, and sends 20% more CO2 to the atmosphere.

  6. If the Greens were serious, they would promote nuclear power. That would be the most straightforward and effective way to stop burning fossil fuels to generate electricity.They aren’t serious, so they don’t.

    AGW, Anthropogenic Global Warming got renamed to Climate Change. Easier to say, harder to falsify.

  7. LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Regardless of time tables, Life seems pretty important, scientist crunch numbers and data regardless of there personal feelings, the one time they let it get in the way to inflame politicians to get off there asses, it backfires, and like good scientist they don't try it again (from my knowledge). The reasoning/intention was sound enough "maybe politicians needed it worded in political terms". I personally want Human-beings placed on the UN endangered species list, because we are endangering ourselves on a species wide scale to the point of extinction.

    Cant have Liberty nor the pursuit of happiness if there is no Life.

    The reality is humans are the greater majority cause, time tables are the guessing point. Basically, lets play Russian roulette until ether we fix the problem or bang.

    This isnt "oh no we spilt processed oil in the ocean" because we have the time to complain about that major ecological disaster that could take 1k years to fully resolve itself. No this is the "Pass the damn regulations or we all die in this Russian Roulette game your playing with our species, because dead is dead". There isn't a 100% reliable clock on when but we know its sooner rather than far in the future. So for the anti-climate change folks, I can say with 95% certainty that we did this and this is going to kill us, which gives your side the remaining 5% certainty that its not. HMMMM given how certainty works my money is on; we did this and its going to kill us. No Life, No Liberty, No pursuit of happiness, if our species is dead, that is the end. Then we don't get to bicker and debate about anything else.

    This isn't one of those subjects were debate is welcomed anymore, sure if there was more time debate is welcomed but that point is past. Gas is not a solution its a problem, if you want to properly kick the can down the road, try nuclear power. I recommend stage 2 thorium reactors. Prove to me that a democratic republic with a free market capitalism exists in the United States by getting to stage 2, in 25 years with a minimum 1/3rd of the US covered starting with the most power hungry.

    I'm tired of this "debate", this is LIFE and DEATH of a species nothing less. So yes, all politicians will face there career (atleast with my vote, my money) on "is this a debate or we need to get to work on this now". Time for debate has past, action is needed now. Screw your politics this is our species, we ether live to see tomorrow or we die bickering.

  8. 100% of the temperature "readings" that are in the "Climate change" charts are from models that are parameterized around an assumption of a 3x multiplier of CO2 concentration to temperature change. There's one major, glaring issue with this. Clouds. When temperature rises, water vaporizes. Those vapors climb up to the top of the troposphere and cool down due to the rapidly dissipating atmospheric pressure and condense into clouds. 40-60% of the radiation that they block is reflected back into space, providing a damping effect on the temperature. the ACTUAL amplifier of CO2 concentration to temperature increase, therefore, is 0.5x. 2019's global temperature is EXACTLY the same as it was in 1978 when they started measuring the temperature the most accurate way that we have devised thus far, via Satellite. prior to 1978, there were FAR warmer periods, and many other colder periods. 36 of the 37 models produced by the "scientists" use the parameterized inputs with the assumptions that were disproved by recent measurements taken by weather balloons in 2018. Arctic Sea Ice is increasing in thickness, but reducing in area. Antarctic sea ice is increasing in thickness AND area. the total net change in ice volume is 80 million tons/year increase. it has been steadily rising since 1931, where it was at a far lower volume than it is right now. The other hypothesis of the "pause" in "Global Warming" (hence the name change that same year) is that the ocean was "consuming the heat". that was also disproven when they sent sensors from buoys into the depths. there was observed a linear decrease in temperature relative to depth, as it was with the weather balloons' measurements when they hypothesized that there were "hot-spots" in the upper atmosphere, which were also disproven. The Earth's Atmosphere is a self-balancing system and bucks the universal truth of increased entropy because of the SUN injecting 15,000X the necessary energy to maintain a constant system.

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