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Chestnuts and snails, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 55

A little kitchen is in the middle of the shelter which is lined with leaves and soil These items in the last shelter There are so many small fishes Some chestnut and a lot of peel removed by squirrels to get the seeds It is Autumn now There aren’t any fruits on the trees These stream snails may be the perfect meal with chestnuts A chestnut worm fed the fishes

Reader Comments

  1. It's so delicious.chestnut is one if my favorite food.and also can cook the snail with coconut milk.put some chilli.

  2. 만약 무인도에 고립되고
    한 사람과 동행이 허락이 된다면
    이 분과 하고 싶네요… 대단하시네요 이분 국적이 어떻게 되나요? 영상 항시 보고있습니다 감사합니다

  3. Nice i love to see ur new shelter so cute. Good job… i hope u don't mined .maybe u should made a slipper to protect u from walking at the wilderness… just for ur safety….🐾🐕

  4. Yang mirip rambutan itu di jawabarat namanya Saninten 🌰 🌰 rasanya enak seperti kacang 🥜 🥜 berbuah 1 kali dalam setahun kalo ada musim kemarau…

  5. I have been watching all the videos of yours and it was fun to watch. You're doing a great job and this is the best survival Channel but i wanted you to wear shoes😋😋A snake 🐍or other poisonous insects 🦂may bite u…

  6. Dude, I think you have a metal plate or something under your fireplace, because there is no way that, that amount of dirt is going protect your flooring. It would burn straight through. It would be fair to show us all how the floor is being protected.

  7. Hello, can I testing this live in the wood with you? I will see if it's possible for me to live alone in the wood in the calm

  8. Wow nice dear… if you are the bloger on the video taking the trials as a forest survival that was great.. I admire you

  9. chestnut is a very nice food. by the latest academically research, in the ancient Japanese primitive society before the rice cultivation had transmitted from China, chestnuts were planted around the village as the main crop and the fruits were harvested. I might seem that steamed chestnuts are more delicious more than grilled!

  10. There are no monkeys in your area, but in the forest I live there are many monkeys. So ripe fruits are eaten by monkeys!

  11. 1. Where did you get the fucking electric power to charge your fucking camera's battery? OR my conclusion is this place where you making video is at outskirt of the jungle and near a village.

    2. In [email protected] off = you eat rice/kfc/mcdonald..etc.

    3. In video [email protected] on = you eat the basic foods that you get from the jungle source.


  12. I simply enjoy watching every task this guy performs,in his day after day surviving.He lives in a paradise.What for having a Walt-Mart next to you,if you can harvest the entire rain forest, without having to pay a single cent???.Something I observe is,this man does not use salt at all,in his diet.How can he replace the lack of Sodium-(NaCl)-, in his body??.

  13. 現實生活里食物無調過味淡謬謬邊好食嫁,仲有果d河鮮唔落野辟腥聞到陣腥味反胃都似

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