Importance of Natural Resources

Charlie Horn – Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Delaware

(upbeat music) – When I came back seven years ago to invest in entrepreneurship education, what I thought I knew was that there was a tremendous amount of assets in place in
Delaware, existing assets, whether they be infrastructure, talent, our location, our history,
all the universities. I travel a lot, and I’m involved in other entrepreneurial perspectives. And the truth is that here is one of the richest environments for economic prosperity in the country. For all the reasons I mentioned, and many more that I
probably don’t even know. We need to create the
conditions for success, nurture that garden, and
you will get the fruit that you’re expecting. And so we need to be intentional
around creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. The pieces, they exist, it just needs to be coordinated
and brought together. (gentle music)

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