Importance of Natural Resources

Changing the climate conversation in Arizona: Climate 2020 Summit

Heat, drought, wildfire, and snow have
been part of life for Arizonans for generations. But as the climate warms,
these conditions are changing life for many in the state. In cities, average
daytime highs and nighttime lows are on the rise, threatening people’s health and
increasing energy usage. Reduced snowpack in a prolonged drought in the Colorado River are putting water stress on both cities and farms.
Wildfires stoked by warmer, drier conditions threaten Arizona’s rural
communities and towns. But Arizona also has solutions. Tribal nations and cities
are making climate action plans. Communities are revisiting how they use
water. Solar panels and wind farms harness abundant renewable resources and
help reduce emissions. Let’s talk about our state’s future and how we can keep
Arizona healthy and habitable for the next seven generations.

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