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  1. No worries mate hope it gets you some on the bank. Yes if its 20's your after check out Pines lake on the Great Linford syndictae complex. Full of 20's and simple to fish. We have filmed a number of times on there and although only had fish to 27lb there are 30s.

  2. Thanks mate, going next week so thats a big help 😀 Good video by the way lads, keep it up 🙂 Can you suggest any other good lakes in the area? struggling to find good runs waters with a reasonable head of twenties?

  3. Hey mate, sorry for the dely in reply i have just got in from holiday. I hope im not to late for your session on Mallard. As you may have seen in the film we struggled on the surface fishing Mallard with the fish seeming to be very riggy (Clued up). However it was clear that there are a lot of carp in there and they were right up for a feed so if it was me fishing it again i'd fish running chod rigs and a scattering of boilies. Hope this helps you buddy.

  4. Hi gazzaarsenal we fished both lakes. Setting up on elsons, walking and stalking both lakes. The captures all came from elsons including the lost fish on the zig.

    Hope that helps

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