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Carnival Cruise Lines and Rainforest Adventures Open Up New Zip Line Park in St Maarten

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welcome to Friday’s show it’s Friday 80 G I everybody welcome to the show today
it’s a April 13th 2018 almost halfway through the month oh uh kind of a yucky
day here where I am Creston British Columbia uh it started gorgeous sunny
not a cloudless sky absolutely wonderful now as the day
wears on the clouds are building the careth clouds are building we’ve got
some intermittent showers forecast for later today hit a high of about 50 today
when the Sun was out for a while but you know what are you gonna do it’s spring
and it keeps the dust down washes the grit off the roadways because we have to
spray dirt on the road one that we get snow around here and so now the roads
are all covered with the stuff and the the street sweepers have started the
show on the main drags anyway and they’re picking up all that dirt and
piling it back up to use it next year and it’ll be yeah it’ll be our streets
turn eventually but I’m on a little little dead-end cul-de-sac here so not
much traffic to worry about here hope you’re having a great day hope you’re
gonna have a nice weekend this weekend it’s been a great week this week had a
lot of fun on last night’s shows we did trivia last night I’ve got a trivia
question for you guys today I put one together for today’s show we’ll do that
a little bit later and just talk about some other stuff cruisin whatever have
you if you’re new to the channel you’ve never been here before welcome to this
show traveling with Bruges I’m on I’m one year five days a week Monday to
Friday and Saturdays Monday to Friday five o’clock Eastern Time like right now
Tuesdays Thursdays I put in a second show I put in an 8 o’clock Eastern Time
show on Tuesdays and Thursdays Saturdays Tunney afternoon 2:00 in the afternoon
Eastern Time I’m on the air and that we talk about cruise ships cruise ship
vacations going on holidays deals news from the cruise industry events good
news bad news and everything in between what a week
this week we’ve been talking about the Norwegians son all week long what a
story that is getting more and more details out as time goes by also
following the MSC Harmonia a slow-motion crash into the fear in Roatan
unbelievable what was going on there apparently the ship is okay it’s in
Cozumel right now today the the ship continues on its journey but it’s
scuffed up on both sides of the hull and you know they’ll eventually paint it up
and print it up but it’s headed back to Havana when it finishes this particular
cruise because it’s based out of Havana because MSC is a swiss-based
private company and so their ships no problem coming in out of Havana and even
using Havana has a home port and so that’s why most Americans have never
heard of the armed Harmonia they’ve Emmis here money and what she was was
that yeah I didn’t even know that I didn’t know that name when I heard it
myself and did some digging and found out huh they’re running it out of my hut
of Havana for Caribbean cruises who know anyway so that news the week came out
there the Norwegians son keeps coming out it goes on its next cruise on the
19th of this month so that’s next week we’ll be watching that cruise very
closely when it goes from Seattle all the way down through the Panama Canal
back to Port Canaveral and we’ll just see what kind of a cruise that is are
there any construction workers gonna be on that cruise tell you what a story and
the compensation thing is last I’ve heard now is a hundred percent credit
towards a future cruise on Norwegian for the folks that were on the Panama Canal
cruise that was March 15 31 16 day cruise that was a real bad one um the
the passengers are saying we just want a cash refund just give us our money back
we want to go on another cruise line we don’t want to go on a free cruise with
Norwegian and it’s not a free cruise anyway the deal is a 100 percent credit
only on the base fare paid by the passenger
years of the cruise on the through the Panama Canal so if you paid $2,000 a
person for a balcony or 1,800 bucks or whatever you paid for it plus taxes and
fees and tipping and any other charges and your airfare to get to Miami and
your airfare to get home from LA and hotels before and after the none of
that’s included the only thing you get back you’re not even getting it back the
only thing you’re getting is a $2,000 credit towards the future cruise which
means you got to pay port charges on the next cruise you got to figure out how to
get their tax tips and everything will be additional and you know you’re not a
lot of money sometimes the fare is only like half to 60% of what you’re paying
for the whole package so someone coming up with two grand for a two thousand
dollar cruise they might be looking at a three thousand dollar expense or more
because it depends how far away from the ship you are whether you’re driving or
whether you’re flying not good these folks just want a refund you want their
money back if if Holland America follow murder had Norwegian just stepped up
right at the beginning said they’re Mia culpa said sorry and came up with a you
know something like a 50% cash refund plus a 100% credit towards another
cruise that might have mud that might have made it that might have done it but
now they just these folks are digging in now they’re digging in and they’re going
to go after these guys on the PR relations big time they’re now
contacting their members of Congress they’re going after and they started
with the media and they’re continuing on now the folks who were on the cruise
just before the panama cruise that would been a march 9th to 16th for that one
week that was a Western Caribbean cruise they’re being offered 50 percent cruise
credit so Norwegian is not offering a dime of cash to anyone for any of this
they want to only offer cruise credits against future cruises and deep down
they have to know that a third of them might take it maybe a quarter even if
half the passengers ultimately take the deal because that’s all they can get I
don’t even know if half of those will actually take a cruise so what’s the
skin off of Norwegian that’s why the folks are fighting because a contract
was really broken here a trust between passenger and and a cruise line and some
of these folks were talking about they’re not like taking a cruise for the
first time in their lives these were lifelong Norwegian fans Latta you know
latitude high members high-end members of the latitude Club and they’ve just
been betrayed badly by Norwegian it’s just it’s just pathetic the PR
department over there has just got to be shaking their heads going man it’s
getting so bad why can’t we make this go away I’ll I tell you why because you’re
trying to chintz your way out and the Norwegian people have been going to the
media saying we’re offering them a free cruise we’re being great we’re great
guys we’re giving them a free cruise they’re trying to win the public
relations battle by hoodwinking the rest of the public who doesn’t understand
there isn’t it isn’t just the fair it’s everything on top of the fair you have
to pay to really take a cruise and that’s why this channel exists because
if you’re new to cruising you should be watching us here talking to watching me
talk to my gang over here because we give you the straight guts on what it
really costs to take a cruise and what’s really involved but despite it all
cruising is a great bargain compared to any other form of vacation for what
you’re getting here but the cruise lines sometimes they have to step up and admit
they’ve screwed up and you know when when there’s a problem in Las Vegas at a
hotel there the hotel tries to make it right there’s a problem in you know in
Los Angeles with Disneyland they try to make it right if there’s a problem with
Universal Studios in Orlando they try to make it right Norwegian you gotta make
it right I mean just you’re just you’re not fooling these people and you just
made a mat and they’re suffering from health issues this isn’t like an
inconvenience factor that you guys have been trying to claim it is there’s
nothing inconvenient about having to go to a doctor and be prescribed pain
medication because the COFF you have is so bad and persistent that it is painful
now because if you cough for a week with a cold that’s one thing
but if you have an involuntary nasty cough it now affects your entire body
and it’s just debilitating and people are on pain medication because of the
coughing let alone the actual symptoms of the cop the region you got to make it
right okay that’s my little rent the rest of you welcome all my newbies
welcome when I went off the air last night with travel trivia oh and by the
way Debby manual way to go you nailed it with Tokyo you were right on it I love
it it’s fantastic I went out there last night we had 1728 subscribers but that
Tokyo thing is an inside joke just so you know right now 1047 subscribers
we’ve added 19 more subscribers since last night that’s more than 1% growth of
the channel not bad for 24 hours thank you all
new joiners I hope some of you were here watching if you are say hi to me just
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today if you’re a new Cruiser or or you’re an experienced Cruiser if you’re
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us what’s the name of the ship you’re going on and where you headed headed to
Caribbean earth going to med training doing a transatlantic the folks here
will give you all kinds of advice and you ask anything you want about going on
a cruise will be more happy to help you yeah 1747 can’t believe it’s just
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Peter’s saying hi Bruce while I was in Miami I took a ride down to the cruise
port and the new are Royal Caribbean terminal for a simply of the Seas is 80%
complete scheduled to open in September for symphonies first November sail
awesome stuff new ship new terminal it’s exciting
Peter also was saying only one ship in the port in Miami yesterday the Disney
Magic beautiful look and ship you saying Kathy Butler’s here I brainer hi Bruce
Peter saying hi to Kathy Peter hekima did you order your t-shirt Peter is
asking except if everyone else’s order dinner feature as our young hi everybody
and I said I’d everybody Jim Thomas hey guys see to in Henderson California they
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everyone 80 degrees Fahrenheit damp and windy we we might get some rain what the
heck is that I guess you’ve got too much dust and the rain has been ordered to
you know wash it away nice blue sky after that and we’ll enjoy the outdoors
and enjoy enjoying life itself man welcome back sir
Wendy Thompson this here 72 is the temperature in bland Missouri
thunderstorms later tonight happy Friday everybody hi I’m Wendy and welcome back
nice to have you here Charlie bomb it’s 80 in Alexandra I know Charlie you’re
going nuts it’s 80 now it’s time to pack for tomorrow’s cruise I know he’s going
crazy he’s packing he’s back and talk to you
two weeks Charlie this is awesome stuff if you get a chance to say hi when
you’re on the ship let us know otherwise you let me know when you get back and
you tell us how it went I’m dying to hear at this is fantastic
you got to be just jumping jump and ready to go
Scott factually hi everybody another day another nice day mnsure a 72 with a nice
breeze fantastic Scott Wendy’s saying Oh Charlie lucky you cam Wilson hey
everybody hey cam hi everybody welcome back
Debbie Emanuel hi Bruce and everyone lots of Sun 72 in Northern California
how are you Debbie how you doing good to have you here Tammy ray laughing out
loud every Calgary and four degrees Celsius
Bob Ohio 81 in Pelham Alabama go time welcome back Sir Francis Williams is
here hi Bruce 80 it’s humid and windy here in Beaumont Texas sailing Sunday on
the Carnival Breeze from Galveston to Key West Florida
Freeport and Nassau that’s gonna be great let me know how this works out for
you a fantastic tell us how it’s gonna go Jim Thomas to set us $5 on this Jim
thank you so much the green bar right there that’s Jim Thomas right there
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that is a snake loves to travel is here she is saying hi Bruce 78 here in Kansas
waiting for the snow tomorrow from 78 the snow not fair not right oh man
Pamela Jordan hi Bruce and everyone mostly sunny and 78 Fahrenheit here in
Iowa South Carolina familar welcome back great supporter of mine Jim Thomas Oh
Deb we’ll get a dolphin Oh dad’s gonna get a dolphin well we’re counting on it
you know we’re trying to come up with logos that everyone likes we’ll see what
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hi Charles how you doing Paul okay hi Bruce and all sunny sunny sunny 80-plus
in hanover pennsylvania fantastic quality a the lawnmowers have begun and
yet in kansas they got to put them away they got the lawn mowers up for a bit
put them away get the shovels out cuz snows coming to Kansas unbelievable
Scott Brody hi Bruce and everyone five five degrees Celsius but in a freezing
rain warning in effect st. Thomas Ontario not the Bahamas darn drunk town
but Darsh five Celsius but freezing rain warning I asked the F those rows Scott
they stay here those roads oh man not fun when it
to a skating rink you got a curling stone for a car and you don’t to be
playing that game Tammy ray I stopped over a foot of snow
still over unbelievable just you know so much melted is required Calgary just got
so much snow this year it’s unbelievable I’m worried about the flooding is there
gonna be flooding in late April and May this year like there was three four
years ago was devastating cross our fingers hopeful won’t be too bad
West Morrison high Francis we took the same cruise on the Carnival freedom love
Nassau and Key West right on silos here hey Bruce same weather and Seattle just
replace the snow with rain under 97 days until the bliss and the Haven Club in
Mexico fantastic man hi I was just thinking about the story of selling you
guys yesterday about how Vancouver just welcomed in their first cruise ship
that’s just north of Seattle about an hour by air they just announced they’re
doing a they’re launching a daily service four flights a day prop plane
with the floats so they’re taking off from the harbor in Vancouver landing in
the harbor in Seattle it’s a 1 hour 5 minute flight time by prop from one to
the other and they’re talking about doing it four times a day and then I was
thinking about Vancouver welcoming their first cruise ship of the season and the
difference between Vancouver and Seattle it’s just night and day Seattle is wide
open for business the city has poured money into their
port for their for a new pier a new a new terminal or for the cruise lines and
they’ve gone after the cruise lines to tell them you want to do Alaska do it
from here we’re the ones you want to go with us and they are kicking Vancouver’s
but now the environmentalists in Vancouver they don’t want any cruise
ships or they want fewer or whatever they’re you know viewers better it could
keep it green and then our business people in Vancouver going we got to
learn how to we got to get competing here if we want to have all the services
of life we’ve got to have people here to spend money get our share of that action
and Seattle stealing it like it’s just like taking candy from a baby it’s so
easy Seattle is just cleaning house they’re gonna have
over a million tourists this year I wouldn’t be surprised and down the road
there’ll be one and a half to two million tourists a year going through
Seattle tons of additional venues will open up in Seattle to handle all the
tourists people will go to Seattle two or three days early stay a couple days
after their Alaska cruise unbelievable I think it’s just it’s a win-win for
Seattle I think but Vancouver is just behind the eight ball on this one
they’re just so behind let’s see here Tammy ray I’m thinking lots of floods
that’s what I’m wondering Tammy in Calgary with all that snow gonna be
melting the the the snow to melt the snow melt out of the mountains the
foothills coming back to the east through Calgary through the Bow River
oh I’m just crossing my fingers for you guys see what happens fall okay I feel
for you Tammy not too much longer stay positive Scott Brody are the buffets the
same on all ships or is each ship different Scott Brody the buffets are
different and the same what’s the same while you grab a plate and go but some
ships some ships have like island type buffet stations where you walk around a
little island to take away at food and then you go to another one and another
one where others will have just one long long line that you go along we’re and
then there’s a few will they’ll have sort of a they’ll have the seating
around the outside of the ship okay the back and the outside the back say the
back half the ship maybe back third and in the middle is the state is a food
station because that’s where all the dummy elevators are to the kitchens
below that’s where stairwells are for the
staff to get down and up to the cooks and so on they’ll even have service
elevators back there for the cooks and the service staff that again where do
you take the dishes and all this sort of thing they’ll have they’ll have
different varieties of course I mean they each each Cruise Line has its own
unique style of presentation different quality levels as well
between lines but there’s no there’s no clear definition I mean I cannot tell
you that the buffet on one Cruise Line is absolutely better than another you
may find that you take a cruise with Carnival and you’ll come home and say
that Buffy it was fantastic we had great lunches great breakfasts great dinners
and then you may find a year or two later you take a cruise on you know
celebrity and you’ll find it’s not as good as the one in Carnival what’s the
deal with that it varies some will swear that the more
I paid the better the buffet was and others will say you know it varies from
meal to meal season the season territory to territory if you’re Carribean
cruising or you’re Mediterranean cruising or you’re Northern Europe
cruising might be you may feel it’s different I don’t know at a friend of
mine who was on the Norwegian Jade last year he went across the Atlantic Ocean
from Tampa to Southampton and he said that the buffet was average was it was
okay but he didn’t complain because he had such a good deal on this
repositioning cruise that he said to me if they’d have fed me bologna sandwiches
I would have been happy because I got such a deal on their cruise I was a
happy guy but I’m much more of a picky eater than
that I would I would have been up happy if I had just bologna sandwiches but in
my case I was on the same ship but earlier I was on the ship years ago with
my daughter doing a Mediterranean cruise loved the buffet loved it was great so
uh you know one person’s great buffet is another person soso buffet or they’ve
changed it and that wouldn’t surprise me because it was a few years between the
two of us taking these cruises on the same ship and time you know there’s
adjustments made all the time I’m worried when I read something like I
read this about a month with a half ago it was a report from Norwegian I was a
financial report excuse me for excuse me ah just yawning here I was a financial
report uh and they were kind of bragging about this and this bug the thing that bugged me about it was
they were talking about business was up we have more ships in the in the water
we have more staterooms that we can sell out we have more passengers take cruise
this year than last year at the same time we had more people spent with more
money spent on board the ships we had higher room rates as an overall average
they got more money for a night per person and so everything was up up up up
up and then they got all proud of themselves here’s what bugged me we
spent less on food I’m thinking what you spent less on food you had more
passengers more ships and overall you spend less money on food now I don’t
recall in the last year or two prices of food plummeting at the grocery store
where I shop I mean even at Costco they have price increases from time to time
so I don’t know where they’re getting their savings from but something tells
me that well maybe they’re quality purchases are lower they’re not buying
the good cuts of meat anymore they used to buy in the quantity they used to buy
it and that tipped me off to go ah okay I see what’s going on here they’re
they’re cheapening out they’re going on a lower lower quality level for food
than in the past was in the past we’ve we’ve we watched reruns of The Love Boat
and we all remember a lot of us remember cruising fifteen and twenty years ago
where the food is a lot better than it is now presentation was everything the
waiters had white gloves on it just seemed a better everything he used to be
able to get lobster tail in the main dining room without a premium restaurant
used to be able to get a porterhouse steak or you could get a t-bone steak or
you would get prime rib even on the buffet they’d have prime rib on the
buffet can’t get that anymore on most cruise lines on the buffets they don’t
have prime rib anymore they have roast beef they haven’t got prime rib and kind
of when I saw that little mmm think that kind of well yeah we’re
making all kinds of money for our shareholders and we’re spending less on
food even though we have more passengers that’s a sign that yeah the food on
cruise ships is heading downhill and have you folks noticed that you can now
get pizza on board almost any cruise ship you want almost anytime you want
and all you want have you noticed that by the pool deck on most cruise ships
now they’ve got the hotdog guy right over there making burgers and dogs and
fries how many hot dogs do you want as if you can if they can get you to take a
hot dog on a bun and then add all the toppings on top of that that’s how much
food less food you’re gonna eat later in the buffet because the body can take in
so much energy and so much food and there’s a limit but if you eat a couple
of dogs and a plate of fries out in the pool deck you’re not gonna eat quite as
much food in the main dining room or from the buffet and they’d rather serve
you hot dogs and fries or a burger on a bun with fries then serve you a slice of
prime rib with scalloped potatoes and you know some high-end desserts that
type of thing it’s it’s all planning and plotting it out trying to figure out how
to convince you or get you to steer you over here to cheaper food options if
they can produce pizzas by the pie you know at a time they’re constantly
cranking out a pepperoni pizza a cheese pizza maybe maybe a Hawaiian maybe not
and you just say yeah I can have a slice of that and then come back an hour later
to have a slice of that you’re gonna put off you might not have three big meals a
day you might only have two and pizza by the slice on a cruise ship $0.50 a slice
to make if that cheap and they’re laughing they’re laughing all the way to
the banker because they’re spending way less money than they would if you were
you know like the old days if you were eating like you did before let’s see
here Deb Emmanuel Scott they are all a bit different this the buffets
okay thanks he says Francis Williams hi Wes I can’t wait to get to Key West I
think I have watched every YouTube video about do
that’s the Demery ball okay I’m always positive right on hoping of all those
floods won’t be so bad Wendy Thompson Margaritaville at 5 o’clock right on
silo Steve attempting to talk to the wife attempting to talk the wife into
letting me go on the bliss for the inaugural Alaska run on May 5 to 12 I
would do the solo studio cabin just under $2,000 any guesses on my chances
of her letting me two grand for for a one-week cruise as a solo
yikes I don’t know I don’t know what it is why you’d want to do it other than I
can see the novelty of it but the dollars are just ridiculous but hey the
Bliss is the Bliss and the Naugle is an inaugural you know something unique and
if you cut the coin you got the coin but you know man that’s that’s serious money
that’s that for a single that’s a lot of money Randi Lucas greetings from all
from Cozumel Mexico he’s on the ship there I’m a sunning my my fat you know
what on the beach today already had animal rescue out here twice trying to
roll me back into the ocean just can’t figure out where the blowhole is I
suppose welcome Brandi thank you for the photos today
awesome stuff Tammy ray si lo Steve she doesn’t want to go to Alaska cruise is
key part hi Bruce sorry I’m late in its askew Thunder Bay Ontario it’s plus six
Celsius sunny what did I miss sunny plus six that’s awesome you no
wonder you’re late you’re watching everything melt vent that’s thick we’re
just talking about a couple things talking about talking about buffets
different buffets on cruise ships how they differ between lines and how things
have changed over the years with respect to the quality of the food it’s gone
down on cruise ships over the last 10 15 20 years for sure from what it used to
be yeah Melissa laughing I love Scott batchly ha ha Randy
Debbie Manuel good luck silo and may be saying you’re just investigating the
ship prior to your Mexican cruise so you’ll be a
crews maybe and maybe that’ll work probably not it could be worth a try though
I mean what you know you gotta come up with a story to convince her let you go
well I K is laughing Scott Bertie looked at videos on the celebrity ships
and they look basically the same on the celebrity ships well they come out with
you know three or four or five versions of the same style of ship lately with
the with the with the silhouette and the Eclipse I believe but they’re you know
they get good reviews so nice line Debbie Manuel hi Randy a better pace
yourself got a few more weeks to go that’s right Randy is in the Cozumel
today on the princess a regal princess and then he they head to Florida back to
Miami probably a day at sea and then back to Miami and then he stays on the
ship for his third consecutive cruise on that ship headin over to I believe it’s
Copenhagen for I think it’s a two week or fifteen day cruise at least had an
overseas fantastic talk about relaxing and enjoying silo for your information
about a Norwegian buffet at the Alma station the guy cooking may just be
tapping on a tap and yaki chef extra good yeah I like I enjoyed the Norwegian
Jade and the Norwegian Epic for the omelet station because you can stand
there with your plate watch them make it you point at the ingredients you want
they just make it right on the spot for you you’ve already got another plate
with everything else on it you want this plates got the omelet on it and you’re
heading to the table and it’s fresh and it’s warm and just the way you like it I
love that Paul okay laughing out loud Randy Randy Lucas not me Debbie I’m
tough as nails yeah wasn’t does anyone know if any ships use the pink
yum yum sauce with the teppanyaki i do not know the answer to that question as
anyone got that one that’s a good question we’ll see if anyone’s could
pick that one up see keeper the most beautiful fancy best presentation and
varied food buffets I have ever seen were on celebrity butt
of course they are a member of is that Shannon de arroz root roots easier is
that how I’m gonna pronounce that she and their roots is here yeah and and of
course celebrity is not known as a discount cruise line five five and a
half stars kind of like all in America but hey you paid a lecture you get a
little extra and nothing wrong with that kind of a Buffy I’ll tell you that silo
considering we’re on the Bliss in October not sure if it’ll fly
she’s probably I’m do it we we will see kind of easing the idea in oh look at
the those needs solo cabins with color changing lights and did that last night
she’s working her is he starting it up the thing I’m thinking about for silo
he’s gonna be careful that that you know missus silo doesn’t watch traveling with
Bruce on the side keep an eye on him what he’s saying I be careful silo you
know don’t get caught now Scott Brody I see see see keeper good to know as I’m
on the Solstice going to Alaska in July thanks for the intro I am sure you are
going to love the Alaska cruise on that ship I think you’re gonna really love
the solstice I’m dying to hear about it when you get back that should be pretty
cool Tracey download hi all hot hot hot in Naples Florida today a little
overcast now but but still hot and humid I bet you it would be Tracy that that
humidity is locked in if you got cloud cover overhead it’s not going anywhere
you’re gonna be you’re gonna be in it for a while camels and you’re right
Bruce they’re getting us yeah on the food they’re getting us there you know
they’re figuring out our pattern if you’ve noticed do on like oh I was on
the princess cruise line the last cruise I took they had the ice cream station
and you can get a cone or you can get a you know ice cream in a cup with some
like a Sun Sunday no charge it’s just your soft-serve ice cream you can have
as many as you want well if you have one of those a lot of
sugar in there that’s gonna hold you back from eating big so you got a really
pace yourself and that’s what I found I had to do
on the cruise with my wife I was sort of say to myself I’ll have breakfast at the
buffet and then I’m gonna head over to the spa and I’m gonna spend my hour hour
and a half there and just get totally relaxed and when I’m done that I’ll have
my shaming done I’ll be all washed up and then I’ll be all dressed up for
lunch which will be the buffet after I walk the deck a little bit but I made
sure to avoid the hotdog stand don’t go to the burger it because he
walking by and go smell so good over there cuz the food it’s just being me
right right they’re fresh and you just kind of want to pop over there you know
but I kept saying to myself don’t do it because if you you have a dog you’re not
gonna do the buffet for like another hour you’re gonna hold off and I didn’t
want to miss my regular you know meal time sort of thing so I would sort of
pace myself but boy mid-afternoon near Canada gonna I could I could squeeze in
abroad first I could squeeze it up right I mean what’s abroad so you know you go
over there and grab one and you nibble on it and you walk the deck to walk it
off it doesn’t work but you tried you drank all Tammy raised saying burger on
a bun reminds me of the flame clones the
Flintstone song from Wilma yeah murder on a bun how do you like it I can’t
remember the wording for that but yeah that was a hilarious episode used to
watch that as a kid all the time I loved it Tammy ray Wilma well that’s right
see keeper I would rather die a slow painful death then eat hot dogs french
fries or burgers on a cruise I don’t eat those at home I remember one guy who
grilled colossal shrimp kebabs on Celebrity century nice yeah pretty cool
I mean I would I I can understand why they are doing it but I would I really
would love to be on a cruise where you’re you know at the pool deck and
they got the grill going and they’re doing those chicken kebabs with the
teriyaki sauce you know I would love a stick of that that’d be great but it’s
preparation time and it’s prep time in the kitchen and it’s the cost if they
can get you into a sodium-rich hotdog you know they’re buying the the hotdogs
in mega bulk from the supplier and they’re running on what
25 cents 35 cents a hot dog and I gotta just put them on the roller or just fry
and we real quick for you on the on the skin and the thing toast a bun for you
and then you put all those cheap toppings on it they’re sitting there
laughing 85 90 cents is their cost to get you into that and give you a 30
cents worth of fries buck 20 and this guy’s paying a hundred thirty a
night for that balcony up there plus the tipping and the four charges when the
cruise line is winning and you know if you got two kids mom and dad and two
kids and you’re on the pool deck kids are hungry around 2:00 in the afternoon
I’m a hot dog let the kids have a dog yeah for sure whatever but mom and dad
got to control themselves because you know you’re gonna go to that specialty
restaurant tonight or if you’re gonna go to the main dining room in the back
you may want to order the best they’ve got on the menu and get your money’s
worth after all you can have hot dogs at Costco you know like like Jen and I go
to go to Coeur d’Alene and have our hot dogs for a buck and a half there I put
on a cruise don’t need a hot dog don’t call it a cruise just to eat dogs you’re
blowing it but the cruise lines love you for it let me tell you they love you
Wendy Thompson I would be eating salad and yogurt before we board the ship
after we’re on board bring a bring good food no burgers or hot dogs there ya go
the Francis Williams C Heber my husband don’t we don’t eat burgers at home but
when we get on the ship he starts eating burgers and doesn’t stop until we get
off laughs out loud he goes with a junk food as soon as he’s on the cruise ship
go go figure hey you know me what’s the good stuff
what are you gonna do I don’t know I did see I was watching one of Jim
Zim’s videos Jim’s in Berlin he was doing that
review it was about the msec side one of our favorite topics here and he was
talking about the cruise he went on that he didn’t like and he had been into the
steakhouse at the on the seaside and he and his wife what what they ate
he ordered a big steak if I recall and he was less than than impressed and it
ran him a hundred and six dollars for the charge for he and his wife in the in
that restaurant on board the ship and I guess two days later they were in the
Cayman Islands yeah neither Grand Cayman in Georgetown and he went into the
restaurant right at the pier there’s Margaritaville and then there’s also the
the rock and roll place Oh Brucie boy you’re forgettin but I think he went
into Margaritaville it’s not the house not the House of Blues it’ll come to me
anyway went into Margaritaville and he ended up ordering a steak there and the
wife had you know a lovely dish I don’t think she had steak but she had what she
wanted she was happy they loved it and they walked out of there and he said was
thirty six bucks more expensive on the ship and he was not happy and it was
cheaper on land and he was happy and I found that to be most interesting uh
what’s the name of the restaurant folks that’s after the you know they have the
guitars in there and all the rock and roll memorabilia what am I missing is it just right I don’t mind someone won’t
tell me cam Wilson laughs a lot are the guys burgers are the guys burgers good
Francis I am had one yet the guy’s burgers on the Carnival ship I’ve heard
her very good guy of fair readies I’ve heard good things about that
Francis Williams Cam Wilson my husband think they are the best yes it’s guys
burgers there you go Randy Lucas gotta go all beer in my hand
is empty Randy I can’t believe you listen to us with a empty beer in your
hand what’s the matter with you get out there preserve yourself save yourself
man saddle Steve Bruce tell my wife about it
don’t let her onto the fact between us oh my goodness BH is here seems odd to
me to order hot dogs and hamburgers on a cruise ship you can get those anywhere I
mean yeah and they’re cheap that’s right Lucas all day Cozumel island tour today
oh the older guac and salsa and Mexico continues to have my heart Alma shell
yell of that that was a good day today out there fantastic Wendy Thompson hubby
has a game of having a drink in every bar on board he is not is not one yet
yeah some of these cruise ships have got too many bars for you to make it sila
when I’m on the cruise I cannot sit still I walk it I walk da de well ever
gain weight on the cruise wish I could just lay on a lounger by the pool I wish
I could do that I love to walk the the promenade deck around the outside I love
it daytime nighttime if it’s warm enough oh man I just love it the water going by
the watching the foam get created when their waves are made and going all the
way down the length of the ship gosh I just love that yep
dad I be on a cruise ship with a promenade deck Paula Kate I’m a
cheeseburger fan and Princess regal had tasty burgers on the deck go Hard Rock
Cafe Jim Thomas you’re a savior you think I can remember it’s on the tip of
my tongue can remember hard rock Thank You silo you betcha
jinx silo saying jinx uh very hard rock cafe you got it folks not even a trivia
question I’m just desperate for the name Jim Thomas laughs what luck
Tracy Dunlop hard rock C keeper hard rock Chris bomb hard rock everybody
knows Mary Planet Hollywood no hard rock Wendy Thompson hard rock yes hard rock
it was the hard rock oh my goodness pardon me one second folks I’ve just got
to correct my get my thing to work properly my goodness okay what do we got
here what is your next cruise a silo is asking me when is your next cruise just
wondering I haven’t booked one yet I haven’t got
anything nailed down yet thinking about something October November I will be
perusing shortly probably next month or so and when I know you’ll know but at
the moment right now all energies are focused on this channel for at least the
next or or five months August will be one year I’ll still be here doing it
and then it’ll be a couple months after that that I’ll probably know where we’re
headed I’ll let you know you guys will find out and if we can get together
that’ll be great that’ll be really fun news only news I’ve got today was an
article I picked up talking about a new adventure park in st. Martin carnival
and an outfit known as the rainforest adventures or rainforest adventures Inc
they have partnered up to build a new park in Saint Martin
they’ve calling it Rockland estate I think Carnival put up the cash rain
forest is putting up the expertise to get it you know to supervise it and
manage it and then they’re working a financial arrangement on it carnival
will bring the passengers to the to the park and rain forests will take care of
when they get there there’s a they call it a mountain there’s a point on st.
Martin that’s 1125 feet above of the above sea level where this this whole
entity goes up to they’ve got a quite a number of acres involved in this part
and they’re they’re big feature is that they have a 2,800 foot long zipline that
has a vertical drop of 1,050 feet now that’s kind of like that’s like a 100
story building in drop in 2,800 feet so that is known they call that the
steepest zipline in the Caribbean that’s not maybe the longest ever built in the
Caribbean but it is steep and it’ll be quick
they also have a what they’re calling a schooner ride which is an inner-tube
deal 657 feet long with curves and straightaways and apparently it’s quite
thrilling don’t know if it’s got my name on it then they have something called
sentry Hill sentry Hill which is also a zipline they say it’s 500 meters long
about 1,600 feet that traverses the mountains Ridge
up there 1,100 feet up off the ground cost to get in for an adult hundred and
thirty nine bucks child hundred and five so not cheap to
do all of these rides but something tells me they’ll have enough passengers
to between the carnival line princess line Holland America Line Kunar when
they come a-calling they’ll be able to feed customers and passengers up there
to that facility to rake in some cash so if you’re in st. Maarten and looking for
a bit of a thrill there’s one right there could be an interesting thing to
enjoy well that was my little tid bit of info in foe that I found today and kind
of enjoyed reading that reading up on that Tommy do you have any videos while
you were on a cruise I’ve done a couple of videos already on my cruises but a
number of them are our photos where I kind of do a voiceover I do have some
video on a couple of them snippets here and there
I took a cruise the cruise that I took with my wife from LA to Mexico on
Princess I used footage there this is with the the Ruby princess we went to a
Cabo and to Mazatlan and to port of Arda and I have some footage on board the
ship and then I have some footage in Mazatlan because the the the day trip we
had there this is the third the second time third time we’ve been to muslin let
me think third time we’ve been to Mozilla and my wife and I have got a
routine down in Mazatlan I have to get off the ship get through that little
shopping center you know that’s right outside the port there will either walk
or grab a shuttle bus usually shuttle bus right into the downtown core which
is usually free provided by the cruise line and then we’ll walk to the Best
Western Hotel which is on the beach side of mazatlán I’ll call it old town
Mozilla this this hotel isn’t what twelve
stories tall it was built in the 30s and it’s really cool it’s very Art Deco and
we just love this place we’d love the look of them never stayed in it we only
visit it when we’re in Mazatlan on cruise ship but the deal is you go
through the lobby and you take the elevator which it can hold for people
maybe maybe six but four is about it and you go right to the top of the elevator
ride gets you to about the 11th floor 10th floor and any of the walk two
flights of stairs and you come up to a bar which is a they call it the rooftop
bar and then you get a drink there and they give you an the code to the Wi-Fi
you know Wi-Fi code and you take that with you take your drink with you go up
to the roof on the top of the hotel wide open there’s a couple cabanas there you
can sit under and there’s a pool up there not that we use the pool it’s just
pretty to look at and you’re on the top remove the 360-degree view of mazatlán
and you’ve got your drink in your hand and you have a Wi-Fi code and we use
that as an opportunity to get in touch with everyone back home and we’re
sending texts and emails and catching up with what’s going on in the world and
spend about an hour hour and a half up there bit of a little breeze up there
which is great just wonderful and get the camera out and just look around and
get the binoculars I bring those along and if you see my channel of course the
header on my channel and the very top of that channel is a picture of the
princess cruise ship from the top of the best western hotel that we frequent that
is the picture looking back at the ship with a bit of a zoom and it’s just
beautiful just so beautiful we love it we just love doing that and it’s free I
mean the drink of course a couple of bucks for the beer whatever I get a Diet
Coke anyway and we just love doing that we will walk the streets back to the
Cathedral and in the old cathedral downtown and then get to the shuttle bus
and head back to the ship and there’s a three-hour for our outing virtually
nothing I mean virtually no cost I’ll buy a diet coke from one of the vendors
in the downtown area for 60 cents or 80 cents and
what a deal if we’re tired if we can’t walk it if we really were talking about
the first time we did it we had been with some friends and been tooling
around we needed to take a cab back to our ship which was the oyster dam the
first time we took a cab back it’s like seven eight bucks so what it was great
love that so I’ve done a video of that cruise did a video of my daughter and I
doing the Jade through the Mediterranean did a video on that I’m trying to
remember what else we’ve done a video of I did a video of the oyster dam with my
friends on the first cruise I’m just trying to remember if I’ve done any
others you know when you’re 8 months into this game and you’re 220 videos
down the road I’m having trouble remembering every video I’ve ever done
for obvious reasons when you do 8 a week you’d forget anyway if you go to my you
have page you can hit the playlists and you’ll see cruises that I’ve done and
then you can watch those check them up but they’re not as good as I they would
be a lot better now if I made them now I’ll tell you that
because I’ve made them early on in this experience of being a youtuber and it’s
a little different let’s see here what is your next cruise just wondering I say
join us on the Bliss for Halloween silo saying Tommy Eaton do you have any
videos while you’re at the cruise silo free at sea just got to pony up for a
bigger suite free at sea just got the pony up for a bigger suite and in the
Haven to breed at sea just got the pony up for a bigger suite ok Sal are you
losing me here have you upgraded your room on the Haven on the Bliss you gotta
help me out here Peter heck of a hard rock yep thank you
Steve partly snowing now winds windy all day in Greenlee Colorado yep the spring
snow squalls still coming Tammy ray yes he does and Tommy Eaton Tom Eaton thanks
Tammy how about some trivia how about it would
you like to do a trivia question today I’ve got one for you guys there’s only
10 correct answers penny I got a special message for Debbie Emanuel Debbie don’t
don’t say Tokyo don’t tell me Toki because it’s not
the Toki is not in the answer today okay so just save yourself don’t don’t give
me Tokyo today but let’s see what we can do
steaming bean is here he’s ready for trivia okay here’s your question you
guys it’s one answer per entry here at a time don’t answer with 16 answers just
throw me one at a time I’m looking for the name of cities so give me one city
four for each answer yes he has trivia they’re saying okay here’s the question
alright here we go tell me the ten largest cities in the
United States that don’t have a sports franchise don’t have an NBA and NFL and
NHL or an MLB no baseball hockey football or basketball the ten largest
cities in the United States that do not have one of the big four curious to see
if you get these sigh oh no it’s just joking you and Jen could come with blitz
with us which says free it’s it’s silent thank you I didn’t get rent rent right
over this bald guys head went right over I missed it sure they’ve got the three
in fourth person free just pay taxes and fees right there you go we’ll just get a
bigger unit yeah right I don’t think Jen’s into that steamy
bean is saying San Diego San Diego is his guest San Diego while San Diego
doesn’t have anything do they they they’re actually now team –less aren’t
they they used to have the Chargers and their team was we’re going with San
Diego I’ll put that on there very good because this this goes I had didn’t have
San Diego it was probably when they had the Chargers but they don’t have the
Chargers anymore so that’s true San Diego would be right up there puppey the
largest on the list to fort lauderdale a sea keeper is thinking and i thought
that too but they didn’t make the cut as far as size goes and I have a feeling
here that the metropolitan area of Fort Lauderdale might be larger than the city
itself and I think on this quiz sighs this is just a hunch see keeper
Portland steaming beam they’ve got the Trailblazers for basketball so they’re
good they’re cam Wilson Orlando they got the Orlando Magic for the NBA Jeana
Wells Hulse is here hi Bruce hi Jeana welcome back it’s good to see you again
we’re doing a quiz here it’s a it’s a trivia quiz the top ten cities in the
United States that don’t have a big for franchise no basketball no baseball no
hockey no NFL football what cities don’t have it that are the ten largest in the
US we got one correct guest San Diego is on the list from the steaming bean Jim
Thomas is saying used to be Las Vegas that’s right he used to be and now
they’ve got the hockey team and they’re getting the they’re getting the raitis
the Raiders have come into town in Vegas things are happening in Vegas silo Steve
well you are Canadian Tommy Tommy Eaton San Jose they got the Sharks for the NHL
yeah Gina wells I everyone Jim Thomas Las Vegas we went through that steaming
bean Padres Tracy Dunlop Fort Lauderdale nope askew Park Manhattan no no no we’re
not going that head Debbie manual good one JD not yet anyway
charlie bomb Padres Padres Padres is out of town the city it’s not on the list
not helped we’re not getting there Debbie Manuel where do the Padres play
of the San Diego Padres playing San Diego uh well as a matter of fact that’s
right oh that’s what you say thank you you guys could tell I’m tired you know
that we a sorry steaming beam San Diego does not count because the San Diego
Padres played baseball in San Diego there we go
there’s Chargers mayor left down Padres are still there very good should have
known that should’ve known that Debbie man where does the Padres play Debbie
saying they don’t play in Tokyo Debbie’s telling me Bruce they’re not
playing a Tokyo the playing somewhere else they’re playing and you know maybe
you get you’re good on that one bring it Steve Bartley Riverside California
what about Riverside California um it didn’t make the top 20 top 10 made
the top 20 but I’m only asking for the top 10 silo Steve Seattle we have teams
but they suck you know you used to have a Super Bowl champion team there are
cities in the United States with NFL franchises that have never won the Super
Bowl what are you complaining about come on
and you’re gonna get hockey now you’re getting hockey it’s gonna be something
gonna be exciting sq Park Honolulu Honolulu and I’m
looking at my list here and it’s not in the top ten I think it’s 11 or 12 it’s
just out of their numbers Steve Bartman Tucson Arizona and yeah number 4 city is
Tucson 540 1004 on the list Oklahoma City you got the thunder NBA basketball
ellonija a loony you Lonnie is here and she also guest Oklahoma welcome back
Kalani steaming beam Sacramento I think Sacramento as a basketball team don’t
they the Kings Sacramento King um Tommy Eaton Austin yes Austin Texas number one
bah seven hundred fifty seven thousand people in Austin no sports franchise
that won’t last much longer that will change kam Wilson also Tammy rave
Washington though they got the Redskins they got the Nationals they got the
Capitals they got the the man one of the they used to be the Washington Bullets
now they call him the Washington they still call him the bullets don’t think
cam wasn’t darn it you beat me by a few seconds Tommy Stevie beam Reno Reno is
not on the list not big enough Tammy ray a new arc about Newark Newark
yet newark does not count they’ve got the New Jersey Devils see me beam
Providence Rhode Island nope cam listen Richmond Virginia nope not
Richmond Virginia we’ve only got two down got eight to go this is great
I was thinking this one might might stop a few you guys a Hartford Connecticut
not in the top 10 from a city population point of view they used to have the
Whalers though Anchorage Alaska nope Anchorage doesn’t make the list st.
Louis still has baseball and they stopped baseball and hockey and hockey a
Boulder Colorado nope not Boulder Colorado Tommy Eaton
Harlem no no no charlie bomb the Wizards that used to be the bullets now the
Wizards that’s right spelt it wrong Tammy ray said that’s right
you guys need hints let’s see I need eight more cities the small city is 380
thousands the biggest city is six hundred thirteen thousand let’s see what
we got here no one’s guessing yet two down eight to
go top ten cities with no sport franchises in the United States let’s
see Coburg Ontario from steaming bean no sorry no go burn under Baton Rouge
Louisiana no does not make the list sorry let’s see okay watching I’m
watching watching maybe hints eventually but I’ll hold off for now
Tallahassee I guess that when I tried this quiz no on the list Tallahassee too
small to make the top 10 Columbia South Carolina
no no Albuquerque New Mexico yeah Albuquerque number 5 at 521 thousand
that’s three down we’ve got Austin Tucson and Albuquerque
nailed down we got seven to go um let’s see here Nashville they got a they got a
football team Augie team Norfolk Virginia didn’t make the cut Richmond no
Tammy ray I’m done spelling for today cam listen Louisville Louisville
Kentucky number three 557 thousand people very good
Stockton from Jim Thomas Stockton didn’t make the list nope didn’t make it
we got Louisville we now have number one Austin
number three is Louisville number four is Tucson number five Albuquerque those
have been done the rest are wide open Stockton Myrtle Beach No Myrtle Beach no
good Stockton no Myrtle Beach Memphis Memphis
has either has somebody or isn’t on the list
no doesn’t make it Columbus Ohio they’ve got the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey
team uh you can’t well sneak out what Gina Wells a Searcy Arkansas no not
seriously Arkansas Boise Idaho good guess but no they’re about a hundred
thousand short of the mark camels in Long Beach Long Beach Long
Beach nope Long Beach didn’t make the cut either San Francisco uh I think they
got a couple of clubs Savannah Georgia I guess that not on the list no not on
the list let’s see how they’re doing they’re coming up with names I need the
number two City the six seven eight nine and ten cities Bakersfield for you Randy
L know Bakersfield didn’t make it no sorry um let’s see who was guessing
no nobody else get me think here st. Paul Minneapolis st. Paul Twin Cities
they didn’t give it the st. Paul unfortunately Haddonfield Illinois
question mark from Gamble’s sorry no I hadn’t feel didn’t make it Fort Worth
the steam II mean wants to know nope the Fort Worth did not make it either a
Dayton Ohio from Peter hekima nope Dayton Ohio was not on the list
Gina Wells is thinking about Hattiesburg Mississippi Hattiesburg beautiful name
but no didn’t didn’t make the cut of the top ten cities oh you got a good one
going here we’ve got a good one let’s see what we come up with San Antonio San
Antonio has a basketball team and didn’t make they didn’t make the
list Syracuse New York no no sir Houston no Omaha what about Omaha number seven
on the list is Omaha Nebraska four hundred thirty thousand people
no franchises Dover Delaware from askew part no dover did not make the cut sorry
we’re down to five to go we need five to go
Dallas hate it you know man getting going Dallas you know there’s no sports
in Dallas Rochester New York no Rochester did not make the cut either
Bismarck North Dakota I believe you’re guessing no Bismarck did not make the
cut Des Moines Iowa no does Des Moines didn’t make sits
though no Portland Maine maybe no and Portland our Portland has a team
basketball team in Oregon Lexington Kentucky no Lexington was not large
enough to make the cut on this list Atlantic City New Jersey not big enough
to make the list either I’ve got some really good guesses here really good
guesses very well done five to go Cape Fear the cakes we’ll
call them the cakes whatever the team’s gonna be they’re gonna call the capes
Montgomery Alabama no Birmingham Alabama nope
no neither of those cities made the cut either I think they’re just outside not
by much but they’re outside uh let’s see how we’re doing here people are going
through there they’re going through their memory where what’s what cities
Mike oh my goodness what states don’t have franchises capitals two state
capitals that type of thing camel sand wait Dallas didn’t make it yeah Dallas
didn’t make it sorry they were just too many teams in town
Charleston South Carolina no Charleston did not cut it either Jackson
Mississippi no Hartford we had already nope Debbie
can’t Emmanuel cam Cowboys the cam Cowboys nope Washington DC no sorry
though oh my goodness we’re looking for one I’ll give you a hint I’m looking for a city in California and
I’m looking for a city in Texas to give you a couple Burlington no Nashville
they got a hockey team Nashville I think also has no national I do they have the
football they got the hockey team I know that oh darn I forgot about them Camus
and let’s see we got one in Texas we got one in California still let’s see here
San Bernardino no not San Bernardino Fresno yes cam you got it
Fresno it’s number six on the list four hundred seventy six thousand people
Fresno El Paso is being guest number two el paso yes
six hundred thirteen thousand people al Paso very good folks that’s California
that’s Texas now we got three left we’ve got three left and I can’t really give
you it well I can I can help you but let’s see Tex Arkana no Fairbanks no
where do the Simpsons live a Springfield no not Springfield Grand Rapids Michigan
no not Grand Rapids Michigan let’s see I’ve got one city oh I’m gonna guess
it’s in the Mountain Time Zone but I could be wrong but I think it is in the
Mountain Time Zone we’ve got another city that might be in central and we
have a third city that’s an Eastern time zone though those are my guess is one in
each time zone Lansing Michigan no not Lansing Michigan the small cities
380,000 the next one is 385 and the next one is 433 Lansing no Dayton Ohio no no let’s see
Elroy I’m gonna read off the winners so far the correct answers Austin Texas El
Paso Louisville Tucson Albuquerque Fresno Omaha those are the cities have
been guessed correctly we have three left
Chea me bad spelling yeah Albany New York Des Moines no Colorado
Springs I think we got a winner in Colorado Springs number 10 on the list
Grand Rapids no again not Grand Rapids we have two left to go one in the
central time zone I believe one in eastern time zone Fort Worth no not not
there one city has two words one has one word
let’s see here any more guesses over you lose Fort Wayne Indiana
nope not Fort Wayne Indiana Key West no not to you it has that key us let’s see
here any more coming through any more coming through let’s keep an eye on the
guest people are stumped I got you guys stumped tonight I’ve got you guys to
left let’s see if I can give you a hint oh here we go Tulsa Oklahoma Wes you did
it you got one tell says number nine yeah there’s one left folks
where’s Iggy Pop from where’s Iggy Pop from Denver is another guest Denver as a
franchisor do we have one city left at four thirty three thousand people in the
Eastern time zone and let’s say I’m gonna gonna say based on the name of the
city I think they’re on the coast I think on the East Coast
uh let’s see if you can figure out the e Scott Leslie’s is here how you doing
Leslie uh Debbie Manuel dang another great question
cameras like Great Falls no we’re looking for a city on the east coast of
the United States I believe I’m going to I’m going with that Great Falls Leslie
is saying I can’t Eastern time zone the top ten cities without a franchise
without a sports franchise a big four franchise we need one left with one left
400 33,000 feet on the East Coast it’s not Harrisburg
not Atlantic City Lesley’s is telling me it’s 80 degrees
nice Colorado Springs we got that beat in Ohio that was just brought in Norfolk
is not the answer uh Panama City Beach no not Panama City Beach Tracy Dunlop
Daytona no steaming bean rally no Charleston South Carolina
no no Allentown no not Allentown the guesses are coming in now East Coast
City four hundred thirty three thousand people no sports franchise what is it oh
my gosh let’s see if any more guesses are coming in here for the last one the
last one for the top ten cities without a franchise so much fun New Jersey New
Jersey that City of New Jersey Fort Lauderdale no no Virginia Beach Virginia
we were in there we got it Virginia Beach it is 433,000 that’s the less
folks you got at Myrtle Beach Washington Richmond Norfolk it was Virginia Beach
here the winners the there was the cities are Austin Texas El Paso Texas
Louisville Kentucky Tucson Arizona or I like to call a tux in Arizona alibi
quirk we in New Mexico Fresno California Omaha Nebraska a Virginia Beach Virginia
I’m assuming uh Tulsa Oklahoma and Colorado Springs Colorado
those were the answers to the top ten most populated cities without a sports
franchise very interesting guys came up some great guesses Wilmington and Elvis
and Memphis and hominy so there you go that was our that was our little tribute
for the day I thought I’d throw that one in today and have some fun with that
tomorrow two o’clock I’ll bring some more tribute to the
table unless I find a whole bunch of cruisers we’ll see what’s going on keep
an eye on everything see what’s happening I know that we got some of you
folks getting ready to go on cruises this is fantastic for you folks who are
just joining now or move in joining last ten minutes I released a new logo today
on my on my store on my store for my swag you can take a look now at a third
logo for the t-shirts coffee mugs and everything else that’s available on the
store that I have the store through red bubble just go to the upper right hand
corner of your screen and see the logo there if you’re on a laptop you’re on a
phone just scroll along the top until you see the About section of my channel
it the About section you’ll get a list of different links that I have from
Instagram to Twitter and red bubble is in there just hit the red bubble link
it’ll take you right to the store and you’ll see my latest logo it’s got a
dolphin it’s got a dolphin hopefully you’ll like it we had a coffee mug order
last night we had a t-shirt order the day before that and that’s fantastic so
the channel has started the store has started to offer goods out there Timmy
means this thing I hope that Halifax Nova Scotia will get a football team for
a CFL Leslie is saying the Allentown has two minor league teams one is triple-a
can you guess Bruce Allentown what I don’t know that’s a good question I
don’t know Pete no hi Wilmington North Carolina
Debbie Manuel I am so exhausted can’t wait till tomorrow show I’m off to check
out all of the new swag fantastic Debbie check it out have a great night all
Thank You Debbie Tammy ray is here have a great day Jim
Thomas good show goodbye Delamar oh I’m gonna say my goodbyes too let’s see how
many thumbs ups did we get today did we do any good there 27 thumbs ups thank
you everybody we’ll take those and anyone who can spare one please throw us
a thumbs up that would be fantastic we’re doing great I did a I released a
video last night about the update on the Norwegian Sun if you get a chance check
it out that seems to be going over fairly well it’s about 1213 minutes long
you can check that out at your leisure and we’ll do that show tomorrow
steamy bean when Bruce said about he didn’t sound very Canadian a boot askew
partly show brew see you later bye Peter hekima Salt Lake City they’ve got the
Jazz they’ve got the basketball team with Jeff Provo Utah has got nothing but
I don’t think I have enough population to matter
so anyway thanks for joining me today folks on the show lesbian nights from
Leslie’s I think about show all day long and still missed it
just watch the rerun get you up on it there I’ll see you guys tomorrow two
o’clock in the afternoon two o’clock Eastern and check out the swag on the
stores if you like anything there in the meantime this is Bruce saying thank you
for joining me we have 1747 subscribers fantastic thank you for joining me on
April the 13th Friday I’ll be on tomorrow the 14th of April two o’clock
in the afternoon everyone’s saying their goodbyes I’m saying my goodbyes catch
you guys tomorrow afternoon and we’ll see you bye for now

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  1. I think these ports that the cruise ships go to are getting nervous. Because they are building more stuff on there own private islands. So the ports now are going to start building rides and thing to keep the ships coming into there port.

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