Importance of Natural Resources

Can Technology Really Save The Environment? – Expo 2017 Astana

True or false. Human kind innovates builds and advances but
always at the expense of our planet. Many people would say true. They see a relationship with Earth as a battle
between nature and technology that can only have one winner. But this view of technology is like the technology
itself- outdated. In reality, technologies of tomorrow won’t
be in opposition to our planet. They’ll be working for nature as much as they’re
used to making life better for people everywhere. They will turn sky scrapers into incredible
O2 producing vertical farms. They’ll transform energy sucking buildings
into greener and more efficient smart buildings. They’ll make gas guzzling and CO2 producing
transportation go the way of the Dodo. Sorry Dodo. Join us at Astana Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan,
a three month long event to highlight, discover and prepare for the future technologies that
will shape a better world. Join in celebration from June 10 to September
10 and help us to find solutions for our people and our planet.

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