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Can Cuttlefish camouflage in a living room? | Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature – BBC

The cuttlefish has taken camouflage to the next level they can change their color shape and texture to blend in with the background It’s hard to believe looking at these pictures, but all these cuttlefish are exactly the [same] species They’re simply changing their appearance depending on what’s around them It’s called adaptive camouflage, and it’s perfect for hiding from both Predators and prey But can the cuttlefish adapt to anything Really you must applaud the cuttlefish for its amazing ability to blend into its surroundings But how clever is [that] really I mean? Vanishing amongst things that are around it all the time It’s one thing for a cuttlefish to camouflage itself against seaweed sand pebbles and stuff like that But how would they fare camouflaging themselves against something a bit more complicated something a bit like this Yeah, I know it’s hardly grand designs, but I’ve gone for this rather [new] [Radec] or for good reason I? Want to see how the cuttlefish tackles something a bit more challenging so I chosen stripes chess board and some [old-style] [chin’s] Okay, time to see how they cope Let’s get our cuttlefish settled in and Dim down the lights He’s having a look at it Andy’s gone straight for the big one the checkerboard floor And amazingly. I think he’s having a crack at it There’s definitely the beginnings of a checkerboard there He’s not quite lined up right, but you know still impressive right one next Zebra-skin rug now is improvising. Let’s get him back to the task in hand Now that’s more [like] it He’s blending into the chaise longue a treat The note is one thing. He’s not camouflaged with what he can see in front of him He’s camouflaged with what’s underneath him you

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  1. Who knows, they might even walk the earth and can breathe out of water. They might be everywhere. One may be sitting on donald trump's head.

  2. Cuttlefish could do with protection in UK Seas from unchecked fishing

  3. HOW! Could they make you into a Galatia’s!! :O it’s just perfect with choice scarf!!! Like frennickk !

  4. Even though he didn’t camouflage with the checkerboard floor, it’s absolutely AMAZING how it can make a simple square on its back O.o

  5. Meanwhile in an unnatural universe, a famous cuttlefish from SeaTube uploaded a vid titled: " Crazy Fish camouflages in ugly interior designs! "

  6. it probably can do those patterns… just not used to it and has to learn. the problem with this experiment is that out in nature from an early age it has time to learn how to mimic various things effectively. practice to get good at it. it doesn't become a pro right away.

  7. Squid, octopus and cuttlefish populations are exploding in the thousands!!! So you will be seeing these beautiful Creatures More Often Now!

  8. Cuttlefishes are normally on the rocks of the water, which looks very colorful and mixed. I think cuttlefishes can camouflage better if there was no pattern.

  9. Okay… it was adorable when he pulled off that single square. Of course nature doesn't have a lot of perfect squares laying around but that was the point, to see if the cuttlefish would "think" to adapt to new and strange surrounding and he did. You did a fine job, Mr.Cuttlefish.

  10. Just beautiful n amazing, guys i was wondering the alone most high n merciful creator have creat them in such a indescribable way, but how beautiful is creator himself?

  11. I expected the Cuttlefish became blue.

    Error 0010001×001
    Camouflage.exe has stopped working. 😂
    Bsod :
    Blue Skin of Death 😂

  12. Alien Must exist in the world , and they have camouflaging Abilities , they are not 3 Dimensional And they are More Dimensional like 5, 6. or 7D with camouflaging Abilities

  13. I love the ending video when cuttle fish sit in the little bed. Its like Im taking a nap now with camouflage khukhukhu

  14. you every see the black and white pattern on tv personalities so called glich this is the source of the reptilian among us they us this either they are born with it or the us it in technology

  15. He was killing it in nature. Now he feels like a failure. Don't send him back to the sea. He will tell the others and they will die of anxiety.

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