Importance of Natural Resources

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  1. All my animals have been saying the new world order is coming and we need to stop it. I think we should have fucking listened long ago. It's not to late for a peaceful revolution that our pets can be part of. Within a few years, maybe months, with no change they will be running for the government built bunkers. Lol no seriously we are fucked with all the sheeple we have now. Only those prepared will survive with freedom but will have to fight

  2. Yeah, my cat started meowing in a different way and jumped on top of my shoulders and meowed right in my ear. About 10 seconds later a 5.0 hit my town. Animals deff do have better senses than us. It's that simple

  3. Is it just me, or were those two slight nudges at "Stuff They Don't Want You To Know"

    "Here's Where It Get's Crazy"

    "Digging Deeper"

    #illuminati   #halflife3confirmed  

  4. My dogs flip out any time they hear someone outside… I don't think they'd be very useful in predicting natural disasters. 

  5. I remembered when the tsunami hit my country and stray dogs that used to roam the streets where nowhere to be found. Even our dog was barking before tsunami hit. We also had birds and chicken that all huddled to a corners of the cages. Animals do have a sense of natural disaster.

  6. My dog has panic fear of thunder storms. She starts being nervous up to 3 hours before the storm starts. Every single time. She wants everybody to go inside our house, showing this by pushing us towards the front door and after we are inside not letting us out. I am serious.

  7. Do animals have a sixth sense that can detect earthquakes and tsunamis? Or do they just make better use of their other senses than humans?

  8. Last time an earthquake happened that was about 2.8 or something in California, my cat started to scratch me a lot more and afterwards stopped.

  9. My Staffy x Kelpie all black, more kelpie, is able to spot every seizure my mums friend has when he is over, approximately 5-6 seconds before the actual seizure.

  10. I remember in California when an earthquake hit my town
    My dogs where barking a kept starching at the door trying to get out my cat snickers was scratching at my leg a meowing and like 10 min. After all that none sense an earthquake had happened a few miles from us but it didn't hit us

  11. Before the recent Napa Earthquake in California our cat that sleeps on my father's chest suddenly jumped off the bed and hid. This is a giant, lazy cat. He doesn't wake up or even move for just anything.

    Less than two minutes later the biggest Earthquake in Northern California since 1989 hit.

  12. Animals may as well have a deeper connection with their senses but I could always predict storms when I broke my collarbone for about 2 whole months and even 6 months after that I could sometimes get a glimpse of future thunderstorms.

  13. A deep rumbling sound coming from a wide angle wouldn't necessarily indicate which direction to flee in, or how far away to travel in order to achieve safety. It's not perceptive — it's something different…

  14. my were animals behaving crazy then I noticed they were senseing somthing far far away after a caouple of days i found out that they were senseing your MAMA!


  15. My cat woke me up as the loudest sound i ever heard sounded right outside my window. nobody in the house or neighborhood heard a thing. we were scared for our lives. i just cant explain that.

  16. If my weatherman has gone loco in the coco when he is telling about a hurricane, does that mean hes… A animal???

  17. > Sir I told you know 1 to 4.9 M T for65 hours and 5 to 8 M Tand 9 to 2.5hours time coming earthquake are big earthquake coming 2.5 hours and small 65 hours before come sir boomerang sanser's use in earthquake elctronik warning system please sir I help you make a system. Catch the before earthquake E M F

  18. Damn straight! If dogs and cats can use their senses to detect cancer (among other things), then its pretty obvious why they get uncomfortable in bad weather (or worse weather).

  19. I'm sure they do! I know I did when an ef3 tornado hit r town . I wasn't even that close to the area but I instantly and unexpectedly had intents pain in my guts to witch I instantly fell to my knees in pain.

  20. I lived in Mexico when a big earthquake happened my dog went crazy a few minutes before it happened.. crying and bidding….

  21. Came across your channel. I breed Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers here in Southern Ontario Canada. I put my dogs out in the backyard around 5 a.m. Feb 1, 2019. The strangest thing was all 8 of them ran out and stopped and looked up and never moved for almost 2 to 3 minutes. I could not see anything. I've never seen all of them do this all at the same time. Weird.

  22. Before Hurricane Harvey my cat and rabbit were alert and scared in the days before the storm hit Texas. They were not social and my rabbit would not come out of her cage. This was also the same week of the eclipse.

  23. I always get a weird feeling in my blood and chest when it's about to storm most the time I can predict when it's about to hell one time it felt so off I almost had a panic attack and before I knew it we got a tornado warning a few hours later does anyone else have this problem

  24. two weeks before a supertyphoon hit us two of my dogs died a week apart. i didnt think much of the first dog that looked like it 'committed suicide' by falling in an awkward position until the second also dropped dead suddenly (both dogs were healthy). Days before they looked so spooked and restless constantly looking at the door and a week after grieving from one death after another the supertyphoon hit. The night of the supertyphoon my other dog (i had 5 dogs) started barking after staying quiet for hours hiding. Around midnight just before the strong winds peeled off my wall (because it wasnt full wood or concrete) my dog started barking as if to say "take cover, take cover its gonna fly off" because we were holding the wall to keep it from being sucked off, by midnight we decided to let go off the wall and run under our metal bunk bed and took shelter from there as the eyewall of the storm passed over us (agonizingly too long because it lasted until morning). I truly believe animals can sense natural disasters

  25. My dogs always act weird but one of them I swear just stares out my backdoor (its glass) and watches the storm. The other one just lays down and pretends nothing ever happened.

  26. My animals never really freak out before storms but my dogs have been just randomly barking all night and it's been thundering and stuff as usual in spring but my cats have been on edge all night and keep pinning their ears back and jumping everywhere and I'm scared

  27. My dog has been acting very strange today . He has been getting up high on the furniture. Like the arm of the couch. He is a big husky and has never acted this way before. My husband and I are very concerned. So much so we are letting him sleep with us tonight. And that something we don’t do. He just seems worried. I guess we will know soon. We are on the new Madrid fault line. This is the day after California had the 7.1. LA

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