Importance of Natural Resources

Camille Sims, I am Human Ecology

I’m Camille Sims, an alum of Human Development and I’m from Chattanooga Tennessee. I’m a Cornell Cooperative Extension employee and I work for the Multicultural Resource Center. And the Multicultural Resource Center has two projects that I work with: The Youth Organizing Fellowship where we work with young people from 15 to 18 years old LGBTQ, as well as racial and ethnic minorities, to develop social justice campaigns. The two campaigns they chose this year were Participatory Budgeting and Raise the Age of Incarceration. And then the other project is the Ultimate Re-entry Opportunity Initiative, where we’re working to understand the gaps and barriers that people face when they’re coming home from jail or prison. And we have working groups and a mentoring program that helps people come home. So I took every class that Anthony Burrow offered, from the seminar to the intro classes to any kind of course that he offered. And then I would have the opportunity to work in his Emerging Adulthood Lab, where I was looking at the impact of mass incarceration on emerging adulthood and adolescence, and the sense of purpose and identity, and trying to see if there was a way to show what effect diversity in a community has on the predictability or the arrest rates in a community. I wouldn’t be doing the work that I’m doing now had it not been for the conversations of the experiences. And I’m interested in continuing my work in Human Development, seeking a PhD, to look at that, to look at what what has happened with people’s sense of purpose within mass incarceration. I am Camille sims and I am Human Ecology!

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