Importance of Natural Resources

California’s Biodiversity Day – September 7

California has the highest biodiversity
in the country. That is this tremendous diversity of plants
and animals, but we’re also losing our biodiversity faster than any state.
Scientists talk about two crises facing our planet. The first is climate change
which is widely discussed. The second is a mass extinction crisis where we’re
seeing the loss of species plants and animals across our planet at an
unprecedented scale. In California were committed to changing this trajectory.
It’s also about building public awareness and inviting all Californians
to join the effort to continue to protect our biodiversity. On Saturday
September 7th and Sunday September 8th we’ll hold a biodiversity open house
where we’ll invite Californians to come to several state parks and natural areas,
or really any place in nature, and document this tremendous diversity of
plants and animals that we have using the iNaturalist app. We’re hoping this
helps to build the buzz around just how special our biodiversity is and the
importance of protecting it. I hope you’ll join us.

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